Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 52

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"Please wait for a short while!" Juanzi said quickly as she put on white gloves before taking a box down from a shelf. She put it in front of Guo Huai, saying, "You may take a look at these ginsengs. They just reached the store a few days ago."

"I want this, this, this… You may keep the others," Guo Huai said after picking eighteen roots of ginseng out. "Do you have the things that I mentioned earlier? You may package these with them together. I\'ll pay altogether afterwards."

When Juanzi was busy picking the medicines Guo Huai asked for, an old man in his fifties walked out from behind. "Little friend, please wait," he said.

"Hi, Store Manager," every server greeted the old man.

"You guys may proceed to what you are doing," the old man said with a smile. "Little friend, do you have some time to spare? Let\'s have a seat inside. I have a few wild ginsengs to show you."

"Hahah, I hope you don\'t disappoint," Guo Huai said before walking into a room.

"Juanzi, please get a pot of good tea here," the old man said.

"I\'m Shi Yaomian!" the old man said as he passed Guo Huai a name card. "This store is my family business. We have a total of 137 branches in the country."

"I\'m Guo Huai, a student from Wucheng Subhigh. Didn\'t you say you were going to show me something? I\'m waiting to be impressed," Guo Huai said, squinting.

"Alright, please give me a minute," Shi Yaomian said before taking out a huge, wooden box from a shelf. There were seven small wooden boxes neatly arranged within.

"Mr Shi, if these are what you are talking about, please keep them to yourself. I don\'t think these could even rival the ones I picked earlier in terms of medicinal effect," Guo Huai said expressionlessly.

"Hahah, may I know where you\'re from? Your eyes are really impressive. I like it. Please wait," Shi Yaomian said before taking yet another similar wooden box in front of Guo Huai.

Guo Huai noticed that there was one 120-year-old ginseng inside the box just by taking a deep breath. He said, "Name your selling price. These are the stuff that a huge pharmacy chain should have!"

"Can I know what you need these medicines for? I\'m really curious. If you\'re using them to save lives and you really need them, I don\'t mind giving them to you for free," Shi Yaomian said with a smile.

"Mr. Shi, this is a toy that I got from my seniors not long ago. It doesn\'t have too impressive effects, but it can make spots to go away for women. The medicinal effect is not bad," Guo Huai said as he handed Shi Yaomian a wooden casing. "I\'ll just have this ginseng together with the other medicines outside for free. Hahah, I\'ll come again on the first day of next month. If you can give me something I want, I will make sure that you\'re satisfied as well."

Shi Yaomian slowly opened the wooden casing, only to fill the room with a strong, medicinal smell. He felt like he was poured cold water. The wound on the edge of his lip instantly healed and disappeared.

Juanzi walked to Shi Yaomian and wanted to say something. He stopped her from saying immediately and said excitedly, "This youngster is from a clan with martial arts background. This must be it! He wouldn\'t be able to take something like this out otherwise. I have to contact my family master immediately!"

"Let him take whatever he wants from our shop. Give him everything! Get a cab outside and send him to wherever he wants to go. Remember, you must properly serve this young master!" Shi Yaomian said loudly.

"Thanks for the help, fellow beauties. You may want to check your lungs. The beauty over there, you have a one-sided headache. Oh, and the sister over there, if you still get angry regularly after a while, you need to have your spleen checked. I didn\'t bring any medicine with me, I\'ll help you make some adjustments the next time I come. Hahah," Guo HUai said before heading to the exit.

The lady who joked with Guo Huai earlier asked, "T-then how about me?"

"There\'s nothing wrong with you. But you need to pay more attention to your nighttime activities. Though you\'re still young, you can\'t be working hard every night right?" Guo Huai asked before entering a cab, leaving the ladies in the shop to laugh out loud and the main character to blush.

"Master, don\'t you worry about it. I will send it to you immediately," Shi Yaomian said on phone politely.

Guo Huai had the cab stop him outside an old but luxurious house. The driver helped him to get the items he bought down from the car. Once the driver left, everything on the ground disappeared. Although he did not manage to open Laojun Gourd, the one he was holding was still rather usable.

"My dear Guo Huai, your dad bought this house when he was still alive. He only told you about it, even Grandpa doesn\'t know its presence. Hahah, I\'m so lucky," Guo Huai said to himself as he unlocked the door using his fingerprint. "This place will be mine from now on!"

"After I\'m done dealing with Sun Lingling\'s condition, I\'ll have to pay Murong Weiwei\'s brother a visit some time later." In the basement of the house, Guo Huai took out a moderately sized cauldron from his gourd and threw the various medicines he bought earlier into it. After a day\'s time, he managed to refine ten or so medicinal pills which he kept in each in one jade casing.

Sigh, the life here isn\'t what I thought it would be. The life during the Tang Dynasty was much better. I could pick up chicks randomly being a cultivator, Guo Huai thought.

Boom! The sound of thunder resounded.

"Amitabha, damn it! I\'m not even an immortal anymore. Why are you still frightening me?" Guo Huai asked softly. "One can only live hundreds of years in the human world and you\'re not allowing me to have some love with girls. Even the old man Jade Emperor can\'t do something like this right?"

Not sleeping for the night, Guo Huai swallowed the 120-year-old ginseng. Although it tasted mediocre, the effect of the root was definitely on-point. After the night, his divine power had recovered for a considerable amount. He kept the unabsorbed medicinal effect of the ginseng into his dantian.

[Dantian (丹田 dāntián) - literally translates as "Cinnabar Field" or "Elixir Field". Refers to the region in the body where a person\'s Qi is concentrated. It\'s located three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.]

"I have to go back now. Sun Lingling, wait for me! After I fully treat your condition, will you thank me using your body? Hahah," Guo Huai said to himself before walking out of the house.

"Young Master, Guo Huai has walked out of Old Town Street. Do you want us to continue stalking him?" a guy dressed in black said softly on phone.

"I\'ll go approach him. Before he dies, I want to know just what this guy is like," Qin Yulong said fiercely.

"Guo Huai!" After around ten minutes, Guo Huai suddenly heard someone calling his name on the street.

A youngster dressed in Armani approached him and offered to shake Guo Huai\'s hand. "My name is Liu Chuang. You may not know me, but I know you. You\'re a student from Wucheng Subhigh. I earned quite a lot of money as a result of your victory on the qualifiers. Nice to meet you," he said.

"Why are you out of the school before the holiday started?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

Liu Chuang did not answer him but struck back with a question. "Aren\'t you outside the school compound as well?" he asked. Then, the two of them started laughing together.

"I heard that you went out of the school, so I came out to look for you. I want to give you a kind reminder. Qin Yulong is very likely to do you harm. He won\'t be able to pay you 100 billion for your bet on yourself even if every asset of Qin clan is sold. You have to be careful," Liu Chuang said softly.

"No wonder my eyelid has been twitching nowadays. Hahah, thank you very much," Guo Huai said.

As they were still chatting, a voice resounded. "Guo Huai, Liu Chuang, I\'m glad to meet you all!" Qin Yulong said as he walked towards them.