Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 50

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Guo Huai stayed at Ren Xuance\'s restaurant for a while before Tang Xi and the others came, with a few unexpected guests— Nangong Lingmo and Lin Shuang. "Naughty Boy, you must tell me now! What\'s your superpower?" Nangong Lingmo asked.

"What superpower? What are you guys talking about?" Lin Shuang asked as she looked at Guo Huai and Nangong Lingmo.

"Naughty Boy, I\'ll report you to the organizing committee of Knowledge Championship if you don\'t give me a proper explanation!" Nangong Lingmo said loudly.

"Let\'s sit down first. Filling your stomach up should be your priority," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"I\'ll treat you all for lunch this time. The three of you representing Class One have performed exceptionally well. Being the class lecturer, I have never been more proud," Lin Shuang said as she looked around at Murong Weiwei, Qian Duoduo and Guo Huai.

"Teacher Lin, we don\'t have to pay to eat at Sixth Grandpa\'s place," Su Ye said, smiling. "You guys from Class One are really impressive! Weiwei and the other two managed to enter the official competition."

"The three of you are really commendable to represent the school as well!" Lin Shuang said and smiled.

Ren Xuance personally sent the dishes to the table, with a balanced meat and vegetable menu. Of course, Guo Huai did not forget to serve him a cup of wine. The old man then received the cup happily before leaving with a smile, looking like a child.

"Naughty Boy! Err, no. Brother Huai, I want to drink as well. Give me some!" Nangong Lingmo said nicely. It was her first time trying the wine. Only when it flowed down in her stomach did she realize what a good wine truly was.

Lin Shuang received a call from Sun Lingling. She asked, "Hello, Lingling, did anything happen?"

"Yes, everyone is here except Zhao Xuan. Okay, understood. You haven\'t eaten yet, right? Come to Sixth Grandpa Ren\'s restaurant to eat together," Lin Shuang said before ending the call.

In just a few minutes, Sun Lingling appeared in the restaurant. "Wow, it\'s so lively here! I have seen on the forum that Guo Huai has monopolized four beauties alone. I guess it\'s really true," she said.

"Ahem, ahem. Sister Lingling, do you happen to like Brother Huai as well? He has too many girls on his side. You may take me into consideration!" Qian Duoduo said with a smile.

"Qian Duoduo, I heard you were really close with Hu Xi from year eleven. Do you happen to have changed your heart as you dropped a grade into year ten?" Sun Lingling asked, smiling.

"Gossips! What you heard is definitely a gossip!" Qian Duoduo said with a serious expression. "Well, I guess famous people will all be talked about at the end of the day… However, Sister Lingling is surprisingly an exception. You haven\'t had a single boyfriend throughout your years in high school. Do you possibly have a weird fetish?"

"Oh, you\'re a student as well?" Guo Huai asked curiously as he delivered a cup of wine to Sun Lingling.

"I\'m Sun Lingling from Class One of year twelve. Nice to meet you, Number One in Wucheng Subhigh," Sun Lingling said as she received the wine cup before extending her arm out. Guo Huai daringly held her hand.

Su Ye looked at the two who had been holding hands for the past few seconds and did not seem like they were stopping anytime soon; she said loudly, "Ahem, ahem. Naughty Boy, can you let go of her hand now? Can\'t you see that Xi got angry already?"

"Ye, you mustn\'t know about this. The \'Naughty Boy\' you were referring to is definitely not taking advantage of Lingling. He\'s checking her pulse to make sure she\'s fine," Lin Shuang said jokingly.

Murong Weiwei\'s face immediately blushed when she heard that. Qian Duoduo could not hold himself from laughing out loud, causing the others to also laugh. Sun Lingling recalled reading through the forum thread talking about Guo Huai holding Murong Weiwei\'s hand in class, causing her to blush as well.

"Teacher Lin, I didn\'t expect you to know what I\'m doing. I\'ll check your pulse afterwards," Guo Huai said, ignoring the others who were looking at him. He was still holding Sun Lingling\'s hand at this moment. "Sister Beauty, you\'re indeed sick. I\'ll help you make some adjustments after the meal."

"You\'re free to tell me what condition I have. I don\'t mind getting you as my temporary boyfriend during graduation prom if you get it right," Sun Lingling said with a smile.

"Beauty Sister, do you really want me to say it out now?" Guo Huai asked, smiling. Although her look could not rival Murong Weiwei\'s, she was definitely on the level of Tang Xi and Su Ye. Most importantly, her body was much hotter than Su Ye.

"Old people often say that we mustn\'t hide it when we\'re sick and should seek immediate treatment. You may say whatever you know," Sun Lingling said. Although that was what she said, she was rather concerned in her heart. Is Naughty Boy really able to tell? she thought.

"Don\'t you need to take a sick leave in a few days?" Guo Huai asked with a perverted smile. "No, actually, you don\'t have to do that after having this wine."

"What? Can you really—" Sun Lingling did not finish her sentence and stood up quickly. Six years had passed already since she experienced her unfortunate condition at the age of twelve. The few days in every month would force her to take a sick leave due to the pain. Only her family members and her private doctor knew about it. It was impossible that Guo Huai could tell.

"Have a taste of this wine," Guo Huai said as he pointed at the cup. "You don\'t need to worry about your body. This wine is cold in nature, coincidentally good for your condition."

"Guo Huai, I hope what you said is true. Should anything happen, I won\'t hesitate to blame it on you," Sun Lingling said before downing the wine in one go. She could not remember when the last time she drank something this cooling. The moment the wine entered her stomach, some hot air rose up. She had not experienced such comfort in the past six years.

"Sister Lingling, what do you think?" Guo Huai asked with a horny expression while looking at Sun Lingling who looked incredibly relaxed.

"Xi, Youyou, Weiwei, you should make him behave! Look at his stupid look!" Su Ye exclaimed as she pulled Tang Xi\'s sleeve.

"You can do that as well! Didn\'t you agree on that day? You\'re his fourth wife now," Tang Xi said joyfully.

"Xi, what are you talking about? Fine! I won\'t care anymore," Su Ye said as she lowered her head before quickly peeking at Guo Huai with guilt. Guo Huai was looking at her at this moment.

"Lingling, are you okay?" Lin Shuang asked nervously. She knew that Sun Lingling\'s body had some issues after a few years of interaction.

"Teacher Lin, I\'m fine," Sun Lingling said after taking a deep breath. "I have the name list for the students representing the school already. Qian Duoduo, Weiwei, Tang Xi, Lingmo, Youyou and Guo Huai, the six of you will be entering the official competition."

"Sister Lingling, how about me? Did I not make it?" Su Ye asked as she looked at Sun Lingling with expectation.

"The seventh candidate is Zhao Xuan. Ye, you were this close into representing the school," Sun Lingling said with a smile.

"Wah!" Su Ye started crying out loud. "You all managed to enter the official competition, why can\'t I be one of you? I have revised and prepared for so long! Why did I still fail at last? Naughty Boy, it\'s all your fault! If you didn\'t come here, I would\'ve gotten a place in top seven. Why did you choose to enter the qualifiers? I bet you\'re very happy after getting so much attention. I don\'t care, you have to compensate for it!"

"Yes, it\'s all my fault. I\'ll give you a compensation you deserve. Do you want a kiss on the left or right?" Guo Huai asked while smiling like a pervert. "Ye, have some wine. You\'ll feel better after that." He then filled Su Ye\'s cup once again.

Su Ye suddenly stopped crying and a smile bloomed on her face. She immediately picked up the cup and started sipping, afraid that people would snatch it away.