Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 5

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"This is so unfortunate. I\'ll be changing my ways tomorrow and you guys aren\'t letting me rest for the last day?" Guo Huai said loudly. "Brother Yao, go deal with your car issue yourself, the magnificent me will talk to Brother Tu Ba."

"Damn, what is there for you to talk about after grabbing his girl?"Jia Yuan laughed before saying, "But this chick is indeed gorgeous. If I were you, I would\'ve done the same thing. It\'s not like he can do anything, hahah! Third Brother, do you know who this huge guy is?" Jia Yuan said loudly without fear.

"Second Brother, I told you many times. I only know people who are relevant. I have no idea who Tu Ba is. If he\'s from Tu family, I guess he\'s related to Tu Beixing," Wang Shen drank some Lafite wine before saying.

"Drink up, drink up. Fourth Brother caused this problem, let him solve it himself," Jia Yuan said before looking at Tu Ba. Tu family? I\'ll have some fun with you.

"Guo Huai, I have heard of your name before. You didn\'t even say a word before grabbing my girl, do you want to explain yourself?" Tu Ba said as he squinted at this man who was younger than him for a few years. "Your pubic hair isn\'t even fully grown yet and you\'re challenging me? You will pay for it!"

Crack! the sound of glass shattering could be heard. Everyone, including Jia Yuan and Wang Shen, got shocked by Guo Huai\'s response.

"Damn it, are you threatening me? The four of you, get this idiot out of here! Though his pubic hair is fully developed, his brain still needs to grow," Guo Huai said before dropping a broken wine bottle on the ground. "You made me waste a good bottle of Lafite."

"Third Brother, please slap me. I\'m dreaming, aren\'t I? When did Fourth Brother become so savage?" Jia Yuan asked Wang Shen.

"Second Brother, slap me as well. I don\'t know if I\'m drea-" Wang Shen stared at Jia Yuan and said.

Slap! Wang Shen got hit. "Third Brother, does it hurt?" Jia Yuan asked. Before even finishing his sentence, Jia Yuan\'s fat, giant palms landed on Wang Shen\'s face.

"Damn it, Jia Yuan. You slapped me real hard!" Wang Shen shouted loudly before slamming Jia Yuan on the ground.

"You yourself asked me to slap you, you can\'t blame me!" Jia Yuan said before fighting back. When it came to combat skills, Wang Shen had no chance of defeating Jia Yuan, since they were in a totally different weight class.

"Second Brother, Third Brother, pause your fight for a while. Let\'s go and check Brother Yao out," Guo Huai told the two people who had been fighting for the past five minutes. A few bottles of Lafite wine fell from the table and broke.

"Third Brother, stop it. I did slap you a bit too hard just now. Let\'s get up and look for Brother Yao," Jia Yuan pulled Wang Shen up and said.

"Second Brother, I don\'t blame you. I shouldn\'t have asked for it myself." Wang Shen said. You Youyou got shocked by the scene. Are these people really the legendary Wucheng Vile Tetrad? This is too embarrassing, You Youyou thought.

"Pretty lady, what are you looking at? Are you free tonight? As you can see, my Fourth Brother is too savage. Jia Yuan and I are more civilized and cultured. The three of us can talk our hearts out later and talk about the future," Wang Shen smirked and said to You Youyou.

"Ahem, ahem, two brothers. You have misunderstood, I\'m only a student," You Youyou said fiercely.

"So what if you\'re a student? It would still be fine if you were a nurse, a stewardess or even an office worker. We know what the world is like, you don\'t have to explain. We\'ll deal with our Fourth Brother for you," Jia Yuan looked at You Youyou as he said.

"Second Brother, Third Brother, go out quickly. I feel like Brother Yao is in trouble," Guo Huai said. He got speechless of what the two brothers were telling You Youyou. They were just like starved wolves staring at a sheep.They were desperate, so desperate...

"Don\'t worry, if Brother Yao can\'t get it settled, we won\'t be able to do anything either," Jia Yuan did not even look at Guo Huai and said.

"Damn, are two you teasing your sister-in-law? According to the rules in the martial world, I should stab the two of you three times and make six holes on your bodies!" Guo Huai got mad and shouted loudly. "Let me introduce to you guys officially. She is You Youyou, my girl, your sister-in-law."

"Shit, Fourth Brother. Stop fooling around, you only used a few minutes outside to bring us a sister-in-law?" Jia Yuan got shocked and said. "Your girl? If I find out you\'re lying, I\'ll make you impotent!"

"Jia Yuan, Wang Shen, Guo Huai! If you guys do not appear in front of me within ten seconds, we\'ll not be brothers anymore!" Li Yao suddenly shouted from outside.

"Damn it! Get out of my way if you don\'t want to die!" Jia Yuan shouted loudly and sprinted towards the exit of Wucheng Paradise. Those who were present had their eyes fixed on him, nobody would expect a fat guy like Jia Yuan to be able to run this fast.

"Brother Yao, are you being taken advantage now?" Jia Yuan asked softly as he and the other two brothers arrived at the scene.

"Advantage your ass, they want to properly negotiate. Since it\'s not about fighting, it would be better if you guys were to handle this. That\'s why I summoned the three of you," Li Yao smiled and said as he looked at the three who dashed here.

"Third Brother, should you or should I handle this?" Jia Yuan asked Wang Shen.

"I don\'t know, I think you should do it," Wang Shen said.

"You guys, go in and continue drinking. This is my domain, I\'ll deal with it," Guo Huai stepped forward and told the three brothers.

"Sure, we\'ll go back in. Let\'s leave this matter to Fourth Brother," Li Yao got shocked before saying. He then stopped Jia Yuan and Wang Shen from speaking, who walked into Wucheng Paradise afterwards.

"Big Brother, Fourth Brother should be fine right? I have seen the guy nicknamed Ghost before. He\'s not an easy person…" Wang Shen said softly after entering the building.

"Have you guys noticed that Fourth Brother has changed since the accident?" Li Yao poured some wine into his mouth and said. "I think in the future, Wucheng County will be under his control."

"Big Brother, I know that Fourth Brother has saved your life once. Otherwise our relationship with a man of five vices wouldn\'t be this good. Although we all feel that Fourth Brother has changed rather significantly, we can\'t say that Wucheng County will belong to him in the future right?" Wang Shen said.

"Second Brother and Third Brother, how much do you two expect to get if you were to negotiate with the guy called Ghost?" Li Yao smiled and asked.

"Brother Yao, excluding the repair fee for your car, around thirty million yuan. Though the fire just now burned the interiors up completely, the outside is still generally fine. Without leveraging my family\'s influence, I guess I can easily make them repay twenty million yuan," Wang Shen said.

"Thirty million yuan," Jia Yuan said with no explanation.

"We\'ll see how it goes. Let\'s ask Fourth Brother when he\'s back. Hahah," Li Yao said and laughed.

"Guo Huai, your Big Brother banged into my car first. If you promise to fix my car, I\'ll return your brother\'s car into its original condition. What do you think?" a man wearing a singlet said. He had the a few skulls tattooed on his back. "This Jeep isn\'t worth anything. At most, I\'ll pay you guys fifty thousand yuan. However, without at least five hundred thousand, it\'s impossible for me to get my 911 fixed," the guy speaking was the one everyone called Ghost. He was considered to be rather famous and influential.

"Continue speaking," Guo Huai said as he looked for a clean place before sitting down.

"That\'s all I want to say. We don\'t want to have beef with you guys, but this matter cannot just be overlooked," Ghost said loudly.

"A hundred million, I\'ll give you guys some time. Prepare a hundred million yuan and meet my Big Brother here three days later," Guo Huai stared at Ghost as he said.

"Little kid, have you gone nuts after the car accident? Hahah" Ghost laughed as he said. "Ask Li Yao to get here, it\'s fine if he doesn\'t pay up. I\'ll just get him to fight at my underground boxing ring and I\'ll consider this problem solved."

"Hey, dumbass. Were you actually being serious?" Guo Huai stood up slowly and said. "Mr Song Yin, I\'ll not talk about your underground boxing ring for now. What do you think will happen if I phone the representative of the Public Security Bureau and tell him that his son is currently in your freezer at home? Or do you want me to tell your brother Song Wei that there\'s a very interesting video of you and his wife in your laptop? What do you say?"

"Y-you… What are you talking about? I don\'t understand," Song Yin, nicknamed Ghost, said as his expression turned drastically. Why does this kid know these things? He can\'t be left alive!

"Don\'t even try to kill me. I didn\'t die last time and a tragedy like that won\'t happen anymore," Guo Huai shut his eyes and said.