Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 49

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Ceasewind Grandmaster looked at Guo Huai\'s work and felt that it was very different to what Guo Huai wrote at his house earlier. "Kunlong, Yu, what do you think of this writing?" he asked.

Lin Yu looked at the writing for two minutes without blinking and said softly, "Teacher, I can\'t grasp the depth of the writing."

"Xunyu, you may let the students leave now. The qualifiers have ended," Ceasewind Grandmaster said to Li Xunyu with a smile.

Li Xunyu nodded lightly as he summoned Sun Lingling before saying something to her.

Sun Lingling got shocked for a moment and asked, "Headmaster, when are we going to announce the winners of the qualifiers?"

"We\'ll announce the results on the online forum tomorrow. Everyone will just have to wait until then," Li Xunyu said before going back to Guo Huai\'s table to look at the writing.

"Students, the third and final round of the qualifiers has ended. Please leave the hall in order. The winners who will be representing the school will be posted on the online forum of the school. Let\'s give our contestants and judges a round of applause to celebrate the wonderful end of this event!" Sun Lingling announced.

"Sister Lingling, shouldn\'t you announce the seven winners now that the final round has ended? I have a bet with an ignorant kid. Or can I just know if Guo Huai made it or not?" Qin Yulong asked loudly.

"Guo Huai will surely be representing the school. We\'ll announce the other six tomorrow. We still want to look at these words for a while more. You may leave now," Li Xunyu said to the crowd loudly.

"Brilliant! The qualifiers this time are too overwhelming!" a few students exclaimed happily.

"So, Guo Huai made it into the official competition," the youngster said as he stared at Qin Yulong. "Qin, let\'s show everyone how much of a beast you are since there are not many people left here already. Hahah!"

"Kid, I\'ll pay you a million yuan. You shall oversee this matter. What do you think?" Qin Yulong asked softly as he was shaking in fear. "People say that enemies can be easily formed but not easily worked out. I\'ll let this matter slide for you today. If there\'s anything you need help with in the future, feel free to look for me in school."

"Qin, are you threatening me? Hahah, I won\'t overlook this matter just like that. You made a deadly swear earlier that you\'ll struck by lightning if you break the promise. Other than that, this one isn\'t short on cash. Hahah!" the youngster said as he squinted at Qin Yulong.

Qin Yulong clenched his teeth and said, "You\'ll regret this!"

When the two were arguing, a 190-centimeter giant walked towards them and asked, "Brother Chuang, what\'s happening? Do you know Qin Yulong?"

The youngster stood up and said relentlessly, "Hu, this guy wants to pay me one million yuan to shut my mouth up. Do you think that I need the money?" He looked much different from the seemingly polite self earlier.

"Heheh, a million yuan? Qin, firstly, Brother Chuang doesn\'t need the money. Secondly, I don\'t think you can still fork out that much money even if you want to, right? Excluding Guo Huai\'s one-million bet on himself, you have to pay out hundreds of millions this time for the others," Liu Hu said as he squinted.

"Liu Hu, are you going against me in public? You\'re merely a servant of Liu family. Have you thought of the consequences yet?" Qin Yulong asked loudly.

"Yes, I am indeed the servant of Liu family, but Brother Chuang isn\'t. The master of Liu family is here as well. Why do I have to be afraid of you?" Liu Hu asked with contempt.

"Let\'s not waste each other\'s time. If you don\'t want to do it yourself, I\'ll let Hu do it for you," Liu Chuang said with a smile. "Since you\'re from Qin family, I\'ll allow you to have your underwear on. Quickly, remove your clothing now."

Just as Qin Yulong looked at his three sworn brothers, Jia Benben and the other two turned around and left like they did not know him. At this moment, Qin Yulong truly felt how helpless and alone he was.

"I\'ll do it!" Qin Yulong shouted before taking out his clothes and pants. In just a few seconds, he was only left with his underwear.

"Qin, what are you waiting for? Run out now! Do you really think that we like to stare at your nipples? Hahah!" Liu Chuang said and laughed. "Hu, the guy Guo Huai is capable. I could finally teach Qin Yulong a lesson because of him. I feel so good now, let\'s go for a big meal," he said before leaving the hall together with Liu Hu.

After waiting for the students to leave the hall, Sun Lingling walked towards Li Xunyu and said softly, "Headmaster, the qualifiers this year have ended already. You have to rush the name list out as soon as possible. We need to publish it out on the online forum."

Li Xunyu thought for a while and said, "Nangong Lingmo, Murong Weiwei, You Youyou, Tang Xi, Zhao Xuan, Qian Duoduo and Guo Huai will be representing our school. Contact them tonight for a photoshoot session before announcing the name list on the forum together with their pictures. Looking at their performance today, it shouldn\'t be too hard to win Knowledge Championship. Hahah!"

Cao Xinglong had been staring at Guo Huai\'s work for the past ten minutes before finally understanding the writing slightly. Feeling helpless, he said, "Old Man Li, your Wucheng Subhigh has indeed a lot of talented people. The first place will undoubtedly go to you this time."

"Hahah, Cao, you guys may start preparing for the next competition now," Li Xunyu said joyfully as he looked at the expressions of these headmasters from different schools. "Let\'s have lunch together at the canteen, my treat!"

Before leaving with the other old men, Li Xunyu specially informed Sun Lingling to keep the writing at a safe place.

"Li, why is the kid from Nangong family in your school? Following the rules, she should be required to join the martial arts competition next year, right?" an old man asked.

"It\'s all the intention of Li family\'s master. Since the competition will take place in a year\'s time, he wanted to let her stay here to avoid distractions," Li Xunyu said without trying to hide anything.

Having had a considerable amount of alcohol, Cao Xinglong walked towards Li Xunyu and asked loudly, "Li, since your contestants this year are this strong, do you dare to go against the alliance of the seven of our schools?"

"An alliance of seven schools? Are you all planning on a union? Who\'s going to claim the credit if you all won?" Li Xunyu asked with a smile.

"You don\'t have to worry about that. We\'re just waiting for your approval," Cao Xinglong said loudly. "I admit that I, Cao Xinglong, am inferior to you in some ways. For example, it\'s really impressive that you managed to change Guo Huai into the person he is today. However, if you want me to be totally convinced, you have to go against the alliance of seven schools. Do you dare to accept the challenge?"

"Cunning Cao, you\'re trying to trick me into accepting your request, aren\'t you? Alright, I will do as you ask. I will make all of you speechless during this year\'s Knowledge Championship," Li Xunyu said loudly. He only said it because he had too much alcohol.

"Okay, we won\'t be drinking anymore. We\'ll meet again in ten days\' time after getting it done with the organizers of Knowledge Championship. You shall wait," Cao Xinglong said before standing up and leaving. Xu Wuyi and the others eventually followed him out.

"Alliance of seven schools? I\'ll make this gamble just for once. If Wucheng Subhigh can win against the seven schools for once before I die, I bet I would still be smiling the moment I lie down in my coffin. Hahah!" Li Xunyu said and laughed before drinking the last cup of wine and leaving the school canteen.