Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 45

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Extra chapter!

Qin Yulong stood up fiercely and shouted, "Teacher Jia, is the backdoor of Wucheng Subhigh this severe already?!"

Nobody believed that Guo Huai got the first place since everyone in Wucheng County knew who he was. He was Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad who did not bother to learn anything except the five vices. Furthermore, 1.3 billion of the gambling entry would drop to only 300 million left if Guo Huai really managed to proceed to the second round.

"It\'s impossible that he completed a hundred questions within ten minutes. That\'s an average time of six seconds per question. In addition, not every question is an objective question," Qiao Mu said loudly under the stage.

"Hahah, Li Xunyu, aren\'t you supposed to give an explanation? Is Guo Huai your illegitimate son that you want to help him so much? Hahah!" the headmaster of First High said and laughed.

"Jia Yuntao, are you done now?" Li Xunyu asked loudly.

"Leader Jia, I\'ll give them an explanation," Lin Shuang said to the panicking Jia Yuntao as the crowd under the stage could not stop making noises. She then connected Guo Huai\'s laptop to the projector of the hall.

"Please quiet down everyone. I\'ll explain why his result ended up to be 9m 48s," Lin Shuang said with a smile.

"Beautiful teacher, we all know that Guo Huai is a student from your class. You\'re not supposed to protect him like this, right?" Jia Benben asked loudly.

"After I finish explaining, you can voice out whatever questions you have by then," Lin Shuang said. "Please look at the screen behind me. In just under half an hour, Guo Huai completed a total of 3128 questions. The software shows that 3124 of them are answered correctly, meaning he got four questions wrong. Using the average, Guo Huai used 9m 48s to complete a hundred questions."

"Teacher Lin, it\'s inappropriate that you take his average. The result of the first round must depend on the time used to complete the first hundred questions," Jia Benben said. He did not give up arguing since the 1.3 billion expected profits would decrease to only 300 million left, meaning each of the four brothers would get 250 million less. It was only natural that he did not want the case to turn out this way.

"If you insist on looking at Guo Huai\'s speed to complete the first hundred questions, you can refer to the data here. It\'s 8m 32s, all correct. Do you have any other objections?" Lin Shuang asked, smiling. She then looked at the carefree Guo Huai. He was flirting with a female volunteer of the event, making Lin Shuang extremely pissed.

"How about his questions? The questions of the other people are really difficult. It must be that Guo Huai\'s questions are overly easy. Yes, this must be the case!" Jia Benben said loudly. To him, he could only get a quarter of the questions shown on screen earlier right. He did not believe that a prodigal kid like Guo Huai could get all the hundred questions right in such a short time.

"These are Guo Huai\'s questions. Everyone including the students, teachers and headmasters from each school are welcomed to check them. Please check the difficulty of his questions compared to the ones answered by the other twenty-eight candidates," Lin Shuang said. The three thousand questions answered by Guo Huai were randomly shown on screen.

"Old Man Li, the questions of this student have no issues. You guys may continue the qualifiers. Congratulations on the birth of such a participant in Wucheng Subhigh. Li Xunyu, I\'m really impressed," Cao Xinglong said loudly.

Li Xunyu was really pleased looking at the expressions of the headmasters from each school. "Teacher Lin, you may come down now. Let them get ready for the second round," he said. Hahah, perfect! No schools would accept Wucheng Vile Tetrad. Hahah! Look, he\'s at Wucheng Subhigh now. How lucky, he thought.

"There will be two hundred quick response questions in the second round. The questions will be displayed on screen. Whoever presses the button first gets to answer. Everyone starts with a hundred marks, each correct answer awards three marks, while each wrong answer penalizes three marks. After this round ends, the ten contestants with the most marks will proceed to the next," the host said.

"How far is one light year?"

"9460 billion kilometers!"

"If a person steps on a rusted nail, an injection will be given to prevent tetanus. What is this type of immunity considered to be?"

"Artificial immunity!"

"Why can\'t a live ribbonfish be found on the market?"

"Ribbonfish die immediately as a result of a drastic change in pressure when they exit the water surface!"

"What\'s the first sensory organ that deteriorates for birds?"


"Who\'s the author of the book of modern political theories \'The Prince\'?"

"Niccolò Machiavelli from Italy!"

"What is \'Sanyan and Erpai\' referring to?"

"Sanyan: \'Illustrious Words to Instruct the World\', \'Stories to Awaken the World\', \'Stories to Caution the World\'; Erpai: \'Slapping the Table in Amazement\'"

In the first hundred questions, Murong Weiwei managed to answer three questions, three for Nangong Lingmo, one for Tang Xi and one for Su Ye. The remaining 92 questions were all answered by Guo Huai. It seemed like Guo Huai and the host were reading from a script. The first half of the second round ended as a hundred questions were asked.

"Ahem, ahem. Let me say something for the second half. Guo Huai, don\'t answer the remaining hundred questions anymore. I\'ll now announce that you passed the second round," the host said. Guo Huai had 376 marks; 109 for Nangong Lingmo and Murong Weiwei; and 103 for Su Ye and Tang Xi. All the other people were stuck at 100 marks. At this rate, there would not be enough people in the third round.

Everyone in the hall was astonished. In the century-old history of Wucheng Subhigh, it was the first time that an incident like this took place.

"Since I can enter the third round now, I won\'t be participating for the remaining questions," Guo Huai said with a smile before sitting down on his seat. Under the sight of everyone present, he slowly shut his eyes.

"Humph! Naughty Boy must\'ve used his superpower," Nangong Lingmo muttered to herself while staring at Guo Huai. Before she even finished her sentence, Guo Huai opened his eyes and looked at her. "Do you despise me that much? I don\'t need to use a superpower in a competition like this," a clear voice resounded in Nangong Lingmo\'s mind. Nangong Lingmo got shocked as Guo Huai evidently did not open his mouth when he said it.

"Hahah, good luck Brother Huai! No matter what happens next, you will forever be my idol. I won\'t be playing League of Legends anymore. I will do whatever you ask me to from now on!" Four Eyes shouted at the stage, ignoring the people around him.

"Third Brother, get your ass to the hall of Wucheng Subhigh now! You won\'t be able to witness this if you\'re late," Jia Yuan said on phone excitedly. "Screw your meeting! Fourth Brother\'s performance is so godly. I want to get into a car accident like him as well!"

"Fourth Brother, if this fellow really gets into top seven to represent the school, how much are we going to lose?" Jia Benben said. Qin Yulong\'s face was completely pale at this moment.

"100 billion. We will lose 100 billion yuan at least. I don\'t think it\'s enough if we combine the wealth of our all four families…" Qin Yulong said as he shook his head.