Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 43

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Third and last regular chapter of the week!

"Teacher Lin, can you give me a kiss as well if I can qualify for the real competition? I need some motivation," Qian Duoduo said with a perverted expression.

"Asshole, let me tell you, Qian Duodou. If you can\'t qualify this time, you should never enter my class anymore! I don\'t want a pervert like you in my class!" Lin Shuang shouted loudly. Qian Duoduo immediately ran away like his life was in danger.

"Heheh, Teacher Lin, if you follow my Lord Huai, you\'d be his first wife. It\'s actually not bad at all! At least you get to fall into top ten," Xue Dazhu said with a smile.

"Piss off! Xue Dazhu, if Guo Huai can\'t qualify, you\'ll have to go back to your kitchen!" Lin Shuang shouted at the originally obedient Xue Dazhu.

"Lord Huai, wait for me! Teacher Lin said that if you qualify this time, she\'s willing to be your first wife!" Xue Dazhu shouted and ran up to Guo Huai.

At nine o\'clock sharp, every seat in the hall was occupied, even the walkway was crowded.

Within the crowd, a perverted guy pointed at different directions and said loudly, "Look! The few of them in school uniforms are from First High. The three handsome guys and four beauties over there are from Seventh High. The long-haired girl is from Ninth High, I believe her name is Lin Xiao. Woah, she\'s so stunning! She can totally match the beauty of Tang Xi and Su Ye."

"Sister Xiaoxiao, the people from Wucheng Subhigh are so uncultured. I don\'t understand why our teacher asked us to watch their qualifiers. Does it really matter who qualifies for the competition? Murong Weiwei had Kong Xuan\'s help to win Combat Championship. It\'s impossible for her alone to take Knowledge Championship down," a guy beside Lin Xiao said softly.

"Yunshang, Wucheng Subhigh is not as simple as you think. Think about it, your Sister Youyou is here. Not long ago, Youyou said that two girls called Tang Xi and Su Ye are about as knowledgeable as her. I think there\'s another student who dropped a grade to year ten called Qian Duoduo, a legendary character known for his intelligence. Our ultimate opponent is still Wucheng Subhigh at last," Lin Xiao said softly.

"Lin Xiao, isn\'t anyone from your school Ninth High a member of the Wucheng Subhigh online forum? They even allowed Guo Huai from Ninth School to take part in the qualifiers. Do you still think that Wucheng Subhigh is as strong as before? The champion this time will only belong to your school Ninth High and our school Sunshine High," a youngster said loudly, ignoring the presence of other students from Wucheng Subhigh.

A fatty with the height of 160 cm and weight of 160 kg looked at Qiao Mu from Sunshine High and said loudly, "Hahah, Qiao Mu, don\'t even think that your school Sunshine High can win just because there came one genius. The championship will belong to us First High no matter what!"

"Ah Q, you\'ll know how much difference there is between your First High and our Sunshine High at that time. Just like the difference between our heights, anyone who isn\'t blind could tell the difference," Qiao Mu said, smiling.

[TL note: Ah Q is a person\'s name.]

Not far away, a guy called Qiao Mu wearing a baseball cap stood up and said loudly, "Oh really? Qiao Mu, I think your height is a lot different than mine, isn\'t it?"

After the qualifiers of Seventh High ended, the newspaper reported: Seventh High Li Ao, nicknamed Computer. In terms of capabilities, Li Ao could totally be taller than Qiao Mu by a head.

"Li Ao, if I recall correctly, you sat for the entrance test at Wucheng Subhigh, right? Well, lucky for me that you weren\'t accepted into this school, otherwise, we wouldn\'t stand a chance in competing if you were to lead Wucheng Subhigh, hahah," the guy called Ah Q said and laughed.

After listening to what Ah Q said, the people around all turned their attention to Li Ao. Sometimes, smart people did dumb things too. After sitting for his entrance exam, Li Ao hacked into the server of the school to change his results from 990 marks to 999, surpassing Nangong Lingmo and becoming the first. It was why he was nicknamed Computer. However, he was reported before getting the invitation later, causing him to fail to enter Wucheng Subhigh.

Li Yao kept quiet. The guy beside him wearing army\'s clothing stepped forward and stared at Ah Q, saying, "Fatty, I don\'t mind to send you a ride if you\'re courting death."

"Black Dog from Seventh High!" The crowd started making noise. Ah Q looked at Black Dog who had a murderous look and decided to keep quiet and sit on his place obediently. His back was completely soaked in sweat.

"Don\'t cause any more trouble, the qualifiers are starting soon," Li Xiao said with a smile.

Li Xunyu, who wore a Chinese tunic suit, walked up the stage and said loudly, "The qualifiers of Knowledge Championship in Wucheng Subhigh is starting immediately. I don\'t have many requests but please switch your phones off while you\'re here, especially if you\'re from other schools. If anyone doesn\'t feel like following our rules, get out now, the exit is right there. Your schools did not dare to implement this, but at Wucheng Subhigh, we do."

The students sitting at the front row got speechless. They could smell a really strong scent of wine on Li Xunyu. "Ahem, ahem. The headmaster had a drink before coming…" they said.

"Let\'s start, the participants may come up now," Li Xunyu said. "What are you waiting for? Where\'s the applause?"

The head of the logistics department Jia Yuntao suddenly got nervous. "Oh shit, there are only twenty-eight seats on stage. There are twenty-nine contestants today. I completely forgot about the kid who joined the latest," Head Jia muttered to himself.

"If I\'m not mistaken, you\'re Guo Huai, right? Since the seats are all custom-made, yours couldn\'t make it here in time. Can you sit here for the moment?" Jia Yuntao asked, pointing at an ordinary wooden stool as he spoke to Guo Huai.

"Yeah, sure. I\'m only a backup player after all. I don\'t mind sitting here," Guo Huai said with a smile as he looked at the anxious Jia Yuntao.

"What\'s going on now? Why is my Fourth Brother\'s seat different from others\'?" Jia Yuan said loudly. For such a serious event, Li Yao left for America and Wang Shen had an emergency government meeting, so they could not attend this event, but Jia Yuan came out of boredom. Jia Yuan did not give face to his own uncle Jia Yuntao as he complained about Guo Huai\'s seat. I have had enough of you for very long already, Jia Yuan thought.

"Little fatty, what are you shouting about? He\'s merely a backup player. It\'s fortunate enough that he even gets a seat," Li Xunyu said with his courage from the alcohol.

"Old man, I\'m considered the biggest sponsor for this competition. Why can\'t I make a small complaint?" Jia Yuan said proudly.

"We\'re at Wucheng Subhigh. I\'m the boss here. Everything goes the way I want them to go. Get out if you have objections," Li Xunyu said loudly.

"Old man, you won," Jia Yuan said before sitting back down. Damn it, did I just get shamed at Wucheng Subhigh? he thought.

"Let\'s start, there will be a hundred compulsory questions in the first round," Li Xunyu said. The computers in front of the twenty-eight participants started showing one question after another.

Jia Yuntao called someone to get a small table for Guo Huai. "Guo Huai, you can answer using this laptop. The questions are the same with theirs. You must pass the first round, I bet 100 thousand on you!" Jia Yuntao exclaimed.