Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 42

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Second regular chapter of the week. Enjoy!

Several years later, a new entry was recorded in the history of Wucheng Subsidiary High School—a seemingly good-for-nothing and prodigal boy in people\'s eyes gained everyone\'s respect via a perfect performance; his name must be remembered: Guo Huai.

Starting from the morning, every corner in Wucheng Subhigh had a different aura. The scholars in the revision room, the failures in the engine room, the usual couples at the grove, and even the students with a sick leave came back to school and gathered in the school hall. There were more people than the auction day.

In school, a youngster asked an overly skinny guy, "Four Eyes, aren\'t you supposed to be playing League of Legends?"

The youngster wearing spectacles answered, "I\'m broke now. I put all the money into betting at Qin\'s gambling entry. I hope the rebellious boy from Class One can enter the second round of the competition so that my ten thousand can turn into a million. I\'d have all the time in the world to play at that time."

"Hahah, Four Eyes, I guess your ten thousand will go only to Qin at last," the youngster said.

"He\'s the one who managed to totally convince two stunning beauties from Class Six at the same time. I believe he can create one more miracle," Four Eyes said before quickly proceeding into the hall.

The history teacher of Class One bumped into Ren Xuance and asked, "Sixth Ren, why are you dressed so nicely today?"

"It\'s the qualifiers of Knowledge Championship today. There\'s a kid joining I have high hopes for. I\'ll go support him, hahah," Ren Xuance said and laughed. "Yucai, I believe you teach this student as well. Aren\'t you going to cheer for that kid?"

"Are you referring to Murong Weiwei or Qian Duoduo? They\'re both really strong contestants. I believe they have the potential to be two of the seven required to represent our school," Shi Yucai said.

"Hahah, I\'m referring to neither. Guo Huai should be able to enter, right? That kid is honestly really impressive," Ren Xuance said.

Shi Yucai coughed a few times helplessly and said, "Ahem, ahem. Guo Huai? Oh, he was originally a backup participant in the qualifiers but he managed to enter the list at last. Isn\'t he a bit too arrogant?"

"If three students from Class One are representing the school at last, I guess you\'ll take some credit as their history teacher, hahah," Ren Xuance said and laughed. Shi Yucai then thought of how Guo Huai slept in class during almost every lesson and shook his head.

In the girl\'s dorm, a good-looking girl looked at Su Ye and asked, "Ye, why are you dressed so beautifully today?"

"If I can\'t beat them with my answers, I have to at least win in terms of looks," Su Ye said. Although this was what she said, the way she thought was the same with Tang Xi. They wanted to prove their intelligence on top of their looks.

"Ye, Xi, good luck! If you two get into the competition together, we\'d be really proud as your roommates. Good luck!" the girl said.

Su Ye and Tang Xi looked at each other and nodded before entering the hall.

"Youyou, good luck! We\'d be able to meet if you represent Wucheng Subhigh," a girl from Wucheng Ninth High School called You Youyou and said. You Youyou then encouraged the girl before walking into the hall.

"Zhu, how do I look?" Qian Duoduo asked. He wore a formal, long-sleeve shirt.

"Brother Duoduo, your shirt looks really nice, however, your face looks a bit depressing. Look at Lord Huai, he only spent two hundred bucks at the night market for his clothing, but he still shines like a firefly in the dark," Zhu said and smiled.

"Zhu, you won\'t look up to Brother Huai this much after the competition ends. You\'ll see for yourself later. I respect Brother Huai in other aspects, but I feel like he\'s not one who can study well," Qian Duoduo said. "Brother Huai, did you learn anything after staying in the library for so many days?"

"Of course, I have read more than 300 thousand books and I briefly understand what they\'re talking about. I placed a million on myself, I have to at least represent the school this time," Guo Huai said.

"Lord Huai, you have to win the qualifiers! I placed ten thousand on you at the a-hundred-thousand-to-one entry. If you don\'t, I\'d be doomed," Zhu said.

"Hahah, don\'t worry about anything as long as you follow Brother Huai. Let\'s go, Wucheng Subhigh will see the glory of Brother Huai today," Guo Huai said proudly. I\'ll show the human world the glory of an immortal from heaven! Hahah! he thought.

"Teacher Lin, there are three students from your class in the qualifiers today. Wow! Not to mention there are two really strong participants," a handsome teacher said, smiling.

"Your class is rather nice as well! Su Ye and Tang Xi should be able to get top seven and represent the school," Lin Shuang said. This guy in front of her was Song Bujing, the class lecturer of Class Six. Others may think that he was a smart guy from a rich family, however, Lin Shuang knew that this guy was much more disgusting than Wucheng Vile Tetrad. The worst that Wucheng Vile Tetrad could do was harassment. On the other hand, once you got close to this Song Bujing, it was only a matter of time before something bad happened.

"However, the student called Guo Huai has some problems. I don\'t understand why these students would vote for someone as useless as him to enter the qualifiers. While it\'s the democracy system that made him picked, he\'s a straight-up embarrassment to the school," Song Bujing said loudly.

"Isn\'t it an embarrassment to the school as well for a teacher to backstab a student?" Guo Huai asked loudly, squinting at Song Bujing. Guo Huai, Qian Duoduo and Zhu entered the hall and heard the conversation coincidentally.

"Ahem, ahem. Teacher Lin, I\'ll take my leave now. I have something else to do," Song Bujing said before quickly running away. He saw Guo Huai smiling at him and his face immediately reddened.

"Lord Huai, why didn\'t you let me take care of the problem?!" Zhu exclaimed. "A teacher like him is an insult to Wucheng Subhigh. I saw him making out with a girl student at Crazy Restaurant before. Trash."

"I\'ll take care of him sooner or later, heheh," Guo Huai said. "Teacher Lin, you wouldn\'t think me as a failure like him, would you?"

"You\'re my student. Good luck, I hope you can make me proud," Lin Shuang said with a serious face.

"Teacher, can you give me some motivation? For example, if I can win the qualifiers and represent the school, you promise to give me a kiss or treat me or lunch. Who knows if I really manage to participate in the real competition?" Guo Huai asked shamelessly.

"I\'ll treat you for a meal if you can enter the official competition," Lin Shuang said. "I\'ll treat you a big meal. I have placed all my savings on you." She placed fifty thousand on the entry with the highest rate of return for no reason.

"Hahah, Teacher Lin, you just have to get ready to be paid," Guo Huai said before touching Lin Shuang\'s butt, astonishing Qian Duoduo and Zhu who were beside.

Guo Huai also felt that something went wrong. He quickly ran away and shouted, "Sorry, I didn\'t do it on purpose! It\'s muscle memory! I touched the wrong place!"

"Muscle memory and touched the wrong place?! Just wait for it, jerk! I\'ll kill you if you don\'t win the qualifiers!"