Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 41

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"Thank you, Brother Huai," Murong Weiwei said softly.

Ren Xuance listened to their conversation and got really curious. He asked, "Pill of Youth? What\'s that? Little friend, do you have some extra? I\'d want to try one as well."

"Hahah! Grandpa, it\'s not something you can eat. It\'s for women only, hahah," Guo Huai said loudly after coughing a few times.

Ren Xuance immediately blushed as a result of embarrassment and quickly shouted towards the kitchen, "Serve the dishes! Serve them now!"

After drinking two cups of wonderful wine, Ren Xuance had Guo Huai refill his cup once again before walking out joyfully. "I\'ll stop chatting with you all. If you want to eat anything else, just ask from the kitchen. I\'ll enjoy my wine now," he said.

Tang Xi could not hold her curiosity back anymore and asked, "Brother Huai, where did you get these pills from?"

"You all will know in the future, however, you mustn\'t tell anyone about this. If anyone asks about your changes, just tell them I am the cause," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Please wash yourselves for a bit longer tonight. Don\'t panic if some black stuff comes out from your body."

"Heheh, I know what Brother Huai is talking about. Your pills can clean our bodies from the inside as well," Su Ye said.

Guo Huai got a little shocked and asked, "Ye, you do know a lot, don\'t you?"

They all had a wonderful time together having lunch. Tang Xi, Su Ye and You Youyou went back to their dorms but Murong Weiwei stayed, blushing.

Guo Huai stopped using his telepathy ability and asked, "Kid, what do you want to say?"

"Brother Huai, I bet you know about Murong family," Murong Weiwei said softly. "You\'ve heard about my story, right?"

"Wucheng Beauty, Murong Weiwei?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

"Wucheng Beauty? It\'s how people started calling me these two years. Before that, I was merely the illegitimate daughter of the previous master of Murong family, Murong Gu," Murong Weiwei said as she clenched her fists.

Fifteen years ago, a breathtaking incident happened in Wucheng County. The master of Murong family, Murong Gu, gave way to Murong Wei to become the next master of the family. After a while, it was rumored that Murong Gu cheated on his wife and gave birth to a boy and a girl. Under the pressure of the family, he was forced to resign. His wife, Nangong Qian, similarly from a highly influential family, hired killers to assassinate these two kids.

"Six years ago, I did not even know who my father was. My mom was very sentimental and had been extraordinarily strict on my brother and I. Until one day, the man appeared before me to tell me he was my father," Murong Weiwei said softly.

"Starting from that day, my life completely changed. My brother was sent to Britain to learn etiquettes, and my mom started to finally put a smile on her face. I slowly understood what Murong family was and its status in the country. At that time, I felt like I stepped into heaven, until my brother got a weird disease and my mother got into an accident," Murong Weiwei said as her tone started changing before wiping the tears on her face.

"Murong Gu has always been with me since my brother started feeling sick. He has sought for countless people to treat him, however, my brother still looks like a dead man, lying unconsciously," Murong Weiwei said as she cried.

"The last time I met my brother was a year ago. There came a man who seemed like he was from Chinese Poweruser Organization. He told my father that my brother got poisoned—the only way to recover is to rely on specially refined pills. He had my brother swallow a three-colored pill before he left to allow my brother survive. If a real treatment isn\'t given, he\'s expected to die before the year ends," Murong Weiwei said as her voice was getting softer and softer.

"Since it\'s something to do with my brother-in-law, I\'ll try my best to solve the issue. I\'ll ask my master to refine some poison-removing pills when I have time. Stop crying little kid," Guo Huai said and he patted Murong Weiwei\'s head.

"Really? Brother Huai, are you telling the truth?!" Murong Weiwei exclaimed excitedly. It was one of her happiest days after all these years.

"I want to meet your brother after the Knowledge Championship. I\'ll contact my master really soon, don\'t worry," Guo Huai said. Who are you kidding? If even one from the heaven can\'t solve the problem, I\'d better die, he thought.

"Brother Huai, are you sure you\'ll be fine for the Knowledge Championship?" Murong Weiwei asked while looking at Guo Huai. Although he managed to answer every question she asked, she was still rather worried as the scope covered by this championship was exceptionally huge. It was possible for anyone to fail.

"You\'ll know in a week\'s time," Guo Huai said confidently.

Upon entering the class, Guo Huai bumped into Qian Duoduo. "Boss, you\'ve been skipping class lately. Madam Xue came to look for you a few times already. She informed me to ask you to see her when you\'re back," Qian Duoduo said.

"Alright, is there anything interesting that took place these few days?" Guo Huai asked.

"Nah, nothing major. The most attention-grabbing thing should be the forum. Someone opened a gambling entry. If Brother Huai gets expelled within the first round of the qualifiers, a one-to-one amount will be paid, ten-to-one in the second round, and a-hundred-to-one in the third round. If you can get top seven in the qualifiers and represent the school to the official competition, a rate of a-hundred-thousand-to-one will be given. In addition, the person who opened the gambling entry will run naked in Wucheng County for a week," QIan Duoduo said, smiling.

"Oh? I didn\'t know there was such a genius on the forum. Hahah, I think this person is booming right now. Buy a million forum coins for me later and put them all into the one with the rate of a-hundred-thousand-to-one. I want to see if he can pay back the amount," Guo Huai said.

"Boss, do you really want to gamble with a million?" Qian Duoduo asked, shocked. One token coin can be bought using one yuan. The forum coins were so valuable that they could be used to pay for the school and book fees.

"Yes, just a million. I don\'t think he can repay anything more than that," Guo Huai said. If he could win the competition, this kid would have to pay him a hundred billion yuan. He wanted to see what this kid will use to pay him.

The moment Qian Duoduo placed the one-million bet on the forum, the forum heated up once again. It was even more intense than the time when someone placed a ten-million bet on the one-to-one entry. "Look! An idiot bet a million yuan on a-hundred-thousand-to-one! Hahah!"

In a random dorm of Wucheng Subhigh, four people who did not seem ordinary laughed and said, "Fourth Brother, you\'re picking up free money again? Sigh, how envious…"

"I said it at the start. The few of you are allowed to be shareholders. I\'d still accept if you want to join now," Qin Yulong said with a smile.

"Really?! Fourth Brother, this is such a huge cake. I don\'t mind taking up a slice, hahah. At the rate it\'s growing, I think you\'ll earn at least a hundred million this time," Jia Benben said as he laughed.

"Since you, brothers, did not go against my idea from the start, we\'ll split the share into four. At that time, we\'ll split the profits into a quarter each. However, if we happen to lose money, we\'ll each fork out a quarter of the loss as well. If you guys agree, I can write an agreement letter now. It\'ll be settled after we sign on it," Qin Yulong said happily.

Half an hour later, Qin family, Mu family, Wang family and Jia family joined together for the seemingly guaranteed profitable business.