Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 40

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"Brother Huai, has your divine power been recovering?" You Youyou asked on the phone. She talked using an aggressive tone.

"H-how do you know that… how do you know that I\'m a…" Guo Huai said, astonished. No, it\'s impossible that Youyou knows I got banished from heaven, he thought.

"Know your ass! Are you together with Weiwei? Can you guys behave yourselves in school? Do you know what people have been gossiping about you two? They said that you used your divine power to protect the child in Murong Weiwei! In any case, I have publicly announced you as my boyfriend, can you be more careful next time?!" You Youyou said loudly with a hint of shyness and jealousy, as her face turned pink.

"Yes, Weiwei is with me. I was about to call you and Xi for lunch. I called you instead of her this time, but you still got jealous… Sigh, it\'s so difficult to be a good man. We\'ll wait for you at Sixth Grandpa\'s restaurant. Come quickly, I want to show you all something," Guo Huai said as he shook his head.

"Humph! I\'ll whack you when I see you later," You Youyou said before ending the call.

Guo Huai looked at Murong Weiwei. This pretty wife is much better. She\'d always be this cool no matter what, he thought. He then phoned Tang Xi and heard Su Ye cry for wine before quickly ending the call.

"Sixth Grandpa, there\'ll be five of us today. Get four of the specialties of the house that have a nourishing effect," Guo Huai shouted as he entered the restaurant.

"Little friend, I\'ve been waiting for you since two days ago. You\'re finally here! A few old folks sent me a ginseng from Changbai Mountain a few days ago. I\'ll put it on the goose while it\'s stewed for you. It\'ll definitely be nourishing," Ren Xuance said after walking out from the kitchen.

"Sixth Grandpa, why are you dedicated out of the blue? Are you trying to get some wine today?" Su Ye asked with a smile.

"Girl, as you can see, I\'m this old already… I won\'t drink the wine for free. I\'ll tell your fortune later, what do you think?" Ren Xuance said, blushing in embarrassment.

"Ye, what you said made Sixth Grandpa\'s face red. Since we\'re eating his dishes, it\'s only naturally that we provide him the wine. It\'s an untold rule, do you understand?" Guo Huai asked. "Sixth Grandpa, come and eat with us once the dishes are served."

"Alright, alright! I\'ll take a look in the kitchen. These people are really clumsy, I hope that they don\'t spoil an ingredient this good," Ren Xuance said before leaving the room.

"Naughty Boy, didn\'t you say you had something great to show us? You may take it out now. If we\'re not satisfied, we\'ll have to criticize you and Weiwei. Humph!" You Youyou said, pouting. Murong Weiwei laughed after hearing what she said.

"I made a few pills yesterday night since I was too bored. Do you guys want to try?" Guo Huai asked as he took out a really ugly jade case. It was obvious that this case was the same as the previous one he took out.

"Brother Huai, where did you get a jade case this poorly made?" Su Ye said.

"Don\'t just look at the packaging, Ye. You disappoint me. I thought you wouldn\'t look at it like everyone else. However, I think you\'re the same as the other people after all," Guo Huai said as he shook his head.

"Don\'t just try to make it sound appealing. Let me take a look at what\'s inside," Su Ye said as she opened the case, revealing four seven-colored pills floating within. A strong, comforting scent diffused in the room, making the four beauties feel a cold air blowing into their heads.

"Brother Huai, where did you get these?" Murong Weiwei asked softly. She had seen some similar pills like these when she was young. Back then in Murong family, there was a three-colored pill that saved the life of Murong Tianwei, the ancestor of Murong family.

"Weiwei recognizes these things?" Guo Huai asked, shocked.

"I\'ve seen a three-colored one when I was young. I don\'t know if it\'s the same as yours," Murong Weiwei said.

"This is called a Pill of Youth. You have all read novels, right? Yes, this is the exact same Pill of Youth in those novels. It can let you maintain your adolescent look forever," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Lies! I really don\'t know what you\'re trying to do. You can\'t just make a few jelly beans float and call them Pills of Youth, right? There are no such pills in this world," You Youyou said. "However, they look really tasty, I guess I\'ll eat one. If anything happens, you guys have to call the police and get Naughty Boy arrested," You Youyou said as she put one into her mouth.

"I\'ll try one as well," Tang Xi said and put one into her mouth as well.

"Humph! I\'ll try it. If anything really happens, you won\'t get away with it," Su Ye said and put on into her mouth.

"Weiwei, don\'t you want to eat one as well?" Guo Huai asked, looking at Murong Weiwei.

"Brother Huai, I\'ll keep this pill with me. I\'m only sixteen this year, I guess there\'s no need to eat it now," Murong Weiwei said with a smile.

"Kiddo, just eat this pill already. I\'ll find time to take a look at the guy in Murong family. This pill won\'t be able to save his life," Guo Huai whispered to Murong Weiwei.

"Brother Huai, h-how do you know that?" Murong Weiwei asked. She got deeply dumbfounded. She was indeed trying to save his brother with this pill, however, Guo Huai surprisingly knew what she was thinking about.

"Just consume it already. This Pill of Youth doesn\'t just make you look young forever, it also has detoxification and life extension effects. You\'ll know when you eat it," Guo Huai said, smiling.

Murong Weiwei nodded and put the last pill in the jade case into her mouth.

At this moment, Ren Xuance walked into the room and asked loudly as he sniffed the scent of the pills, "What\'s the smell? What\'s the smell?! Why is it so refreshing? Little friend, what other good stuff do you have with you? Please let me take a look at them! I won\'t take it for free, I\'ll pay!"

"You girls… What have you done? It\'s only been a while. Why do you all look prettier already?" Ren Xuance asked softly as he looked at Murong Weiwei and the others.

You Youyou was the first one to notice what was going on. "Naughty Boy, did you really give us Pills of Youth?" she asked. The moment the pill melted in her mouth, the cells in her body seemed to have gone active. The kind of comfort was a hundred times more than Guo Huai\'s wine.

"Brother Huai, give me a few more. It\'s good, it tastes too good!" Su Ye exclaimed. "I… I\'ll become your girlfriend too. Please give me a few more."

"Ye, what are you talking about? Stupid kid," Tang Xi said as he pulled Su Ye. "Brother Huai, do you have any left? I want a few more as well!"

"My first wife, second wife and bed warmer, do you really think they\'re jelly beans? I almost lost my life trying to make these pills. Let\'s not be this greedy," Guo Huai said and smiled. Actually, I still have a few more. However, I still haven\'t given Teacher Lin Shuang one yet. There\'s no effect if it\'s consumed for a second time anyway. I still have much time in the human world, these will come in handy in the future, he thought.