Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 4

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"Fourth Brother, are you sick?" Jia Yuan asked. The three of them were shocked. They did not believe the words came out from the mouth of a man of five vices -- eating, drinking, smoking, gambling and prostituting.

"It must be my hallucination," Wang Shen shook his head and said, "Should we give Doctor Liu a call? He might\'ve prescribed the wrong medication or hypnotized Fourth Brother. I heard of something like this before. This type of treatment can temporarily make patients look like they\'re fine."

"Brothers, what I said is true," Guo Huai looked at the three brothers and said softly, "After escaping death, I feel like there is more to life. For example, properly going to school and picking up girls. I think they would be so much fun."

"His condition has indeed gotten worse. Third Brother, call Doctor Liu. If that old bastard really dared to hypnotize Fourth Brother, ask him to get his coffin ready before coming to meet us," Jia Yuan said fiercely.

"My dear brothers, why don\'t you believe me? I really want to go to school. Otherwise, I would\'ve wasted this invitation letter that Second Brother spent so much effort to get," Guo Huai said loudly, "Why not we make a bet on how long I can stay in school? I\'m not that greedy, I\'ll only place ten million yuan on myself to stay there for two months."

"Damn, Fourth Brother. Are you serious?" Wang Shen stared at Guo Huai before saying. "I\'ll place my bet. I don\'t believe a guy of five vices like you can stay in school for more than even a month. Furthermore, this is the most reputable school in the country. I don\'t believe Li Xunyu can let you stay for that long."

"I\'ll put ten million as well. If you don\'t have enough to pay me at that time, just give me the calligraphy artwork that is hanging in your grandpa\'s room," Jia Yuan said.

"I\'m not betting this time. No matter who wins, give me five million yuan as the assessor fee," Li Yao smiled and said.

"No problem, Brother Yao, get ready to receive the money," Jia Yuan said loudly, "Fourth Brother, don\'t ever think that we\'re taking advantage of you. We\'ll treat you tonight at Wucheng Paradise. I expect you to be expelled on the first day anyway, hahah." Li Yao then fetched them with his Jeep to the biggest, most expensive nightclub in Wucheng County, Wucheng Paradise.

\'Bang!\' the Jeep stopped out of the blue -- it crashed into a Porsche 911. There seemed to be no damage done to the Jeep except some minor scratches. The 911, however, had its ass completely wrecked.

"God damn it, so unfortunate. I feel so sad for my Jeep..." Li Yao got out of his car and looked at its front before saying with a distressed expression.

"Hey idiot! Are you courting death? The few of you in the car, get your asses out! Are you planning on escaping after hitting Brother Ghost\'s car?" a gangster with rainbow-colored hair exit from the 911 and shouted at them.

I\'m in luck! They banged Brother Ghost\'s car. I\'ll claim the money for a new 911 from them and buy a new one for Brother Ghost. For this one, I\'ll just spend a few hundred thousand yuan to get it fixed, then it\'ll be mine! Guo Huai used his telepathy ability and immediately understood what the driver was up for.

Brother Ghost? Oh, I know who he is. Heheh, I love the mortal world so much. I wouldn\'t be doing something this fun in heaven, Guo Huai searched his mind to look for information regarding Brother Ghost.

"Fourth Brother, you\'re more familiar with this place. Do you know who the \'Brother Ghost\' is? Have you heard of him?" Li Yao asked while touching his Jeep, without even looking at Guo Huai.

"Nobody cares who that is, let\'s go for a drink. I won\'t be able to mix with you brothers as often starting tomorrow. I\'ll be a student already, hahah," Guo Huai said as he got out of the car before pulling Li Yao into Wucheng Paradise, ignoring the gangster and the lady beside him.

"Brother Ghost, your car got raped from behind. Yeah, I\'m in front of Wucheng Paradise, the culprits walked into the place already. Four of them. Okay, I understand. Don\'t worry Brother Ghost, they won\'t be able to escape before you reach here," the gangster with rainbow-colored hair talked on the phone as he nodded a few times.

"Brother Huai, you\'re here! I haven\'t seen you in a while. I heard that you got hurt, are you okay?" Upon entering Wucheng Paradise, a man wearing a huge gold necklace walked up to the four of them before asking.

"Brother Dragon, do you miss me? Quickly get us the biggest private room here. Regarding the ladies, you should know what type we want. Be quick," Guo Huai snickered and said. Damn the heaven, this is what I call life, Guo Huai thought.

"I always have Ninth Dragon Hall reserved for you brothers. I\'ll send the ladies there later, three of them for each of you. Look at how nice my service is," Black Dragon, the owner of Wucheng Paradise said. According to rumours, he had connections with both the legal and dark worlds. Since he could operate such a major nightclub like this in Wucheng County, no one would naturally dare to mess with him.

"Damn it, I\'ll deal with this Black Dragon sooner or later," Guo Huai scolded as he entered Ninth Dragon Hall.

"Fourth Brother, I feel like Black Dragon is quite nice of a person. He would always welcome us politely. Do you have beef with him?" Li Yao smiled and asked.

"Nah, it\'s nothing. I just don\'t feel comfortable looking at his huge dog collar made of gold," Guo Huai said. Li Yao and the others did not know what was wrong, except Guo Huai who had used his telepathy ability on Black Dragon earlier. Wucheng Vile Tetrads, screw them. When have they ever paid here? I\'ll bring them some diseased ladies afterwards, I want them all to get infected! what Black Dragon was thinking earlier clearly showed up in Guo Huai\'s mind.

"Pfff! What\'s this wine? It sucks so hard!" Guo Huai took a sip from his glass and immediately spitted before saying. Of course it would taste bad for Telepath Starlord. He was the number-one winemaker in heaven. Naturally, nothing in this world could compare to what he was capable of making.

"Fourth Brother, this is your favorite Lafite red wine. What now? Did your taste buds change after the accident?" Jia Yuan said before drinking a mouthful of wine. "Not bad, this is real Lafite. The bastard Black Dragon wouldn\'t dare to provide fake wine for us."

"Stay here, I\'ll get some actually drinkable wine," Guo Huai said and left the hall without looking back.

"I... I\'m sorry sir," a shadow knocked directly into Guo Huai before saying.

"It\'s fine, it\'s fine. Don\'t delay my precious time, quickly make way," Guo Huai said before pushing the shadow away. He had to find a place with no one to retrieve the wine he had brought with him.

"Guo Huai, is it you?" a pleasant sound resounded behind Guo Huai. The girl was beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful. She had a height of a hundred and sixty five centimeters, tidy black hair that reached her waist and a pair of precious, beloved legs that were wrapped by a super short mini skirt, in addition to her sharp facial features and perfect body. God was indeed biased. The girl in front of him had everything a female would wish for.

"You Youyou, why are you here?" Guo Huai suddenly recognized the person that walked into him and asked. She was one of the prettiest girls in his previous school, Wucheng Ninth High School, and also his classmate whom he failed to pick up before the car accident: You Youyou.

"Guo Huai, I beg you! You must help me, Tu Ba is looking for me, please help me," You Youyou seemed like she found her lifesaver and held Guo Huai\'s hand before saying.

I hope this bad guy gets into a fight with Tu Ba. This way, I would get an opportunity to escape. Guo Huai looked at You Youyou and immediately knew what this stunning beauty was thinking about.

"Tu Ba is not a good person, but I think I\'m no different from him in your eyes right? You asked for my help, aren\'t you afraid of being taken advantage afterwards?" Guo Huai said as he held You Youyou\'s chin before pushing it up.

"Guo Huai, we\'re classmates after all. Just help me for once, can you? Tu Ba is here!" You Youyou saw a two-meter-tall, giant guy coming to her direction together with four other guys, before saying hastily.

"Come with me for now, I can\'t defeat a giant like him," Guo Huai said before pulling You Youyou into Ninth Dragon Hall.

"Fourth Brother, where did you pick this chick up? Impressive! She\'s such a rare treasure. The ladies that the bastard Black Dragon promised to deliver didn\'t even show up," Jia Yuan said loudly.

"Second Brother, let\'s solve the issue in front of us first," Guo Huai smiled and said.

Bang! The door of the Ninth Dragon Hall got kicked open. "Guo Huai, we\'ve always minded our own businesses. I\'ve never laid my fingers on any of your girls before, why are you grabbing mine now?" Tu Ba walked into the hall and shouted.

"Master Yao, your Jeep is on fire! A group of people lit it up!" Black Dragon rushed into the hall and said, annoyed.