Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 39

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Having handled the tasks, Guo Huai phoned Murong Weiwei. "Weiwei, have you arrived at school yet? I\'ve settled everything already. I\'m calling to report my safety, heheh," he said.

"I\'m glad that you\'re safe. Yes, I reached school already. Come back earlier if you don\'t have anything else to do. We still have classes to attend tomorrow. Furthermore, I have to teach you some knowledge so that you don\'t embarrass yourself during the Knowledge Championship Qualifiers," Murong Weiwei said, smiling.

"Sister Weiwei, was it Naughty Boy that called you?" Nangong Lingmo said softly. "He\'s a good-for-nothing pervert, you have to be careful! Although I wasn\'t a fan of the big guy Kong Xuan, I dislike this pervert even more. Look! There\'s still some butter stuck in my hair. I\'m so mad right now," she said and rushed into the washroom once again.

"Knowledge Championship, I guess quite a lot of people are waiting to see me embarrassed," Guo Huai said while he was on his way back to school.

A while after Guo Hai left, Jade appeared at the place where he was shot at and muttered, "I sensed a divine power fluctuation here, it must\'ve been Telepath Starlord. Where is he now?" Raising her brows, Jade noticed a security camera pointing at her. "Telepath Starlord, I\'ll find you this time."

Achoo! Achoo! Guo Huai sneezed twice. "Who\'s constantly thinking about me? Sigh, it\'s unfortunate that I have limited divine power. Otherwise, I would\'ve been able to tell my fortune. I guess I\'ll have to adapt to the situation then," he said.

"Please welcome yet another new student to our class," Lin Shuang said. It\'s yet another day… There are sixteen classes in year ten. Why does every student have to be put in my class? Furthermore, this student seems a bit too tall to be a year ten student, she thought.

"Nice to meet you, everyone! This one is Xue Dazhu!" Dazhu said loudly and proudly on stage. "Some of you may know this one. This one was the chef of Crazy Restaurant, known as Zhu."

"No wonder he looks so familiar. He\'s indeed the chef of Crazy Restaurant," some people were discussing at the back.

"I thought there\'s no backdoor students in Wucheng Subhigh? What\'s going on? There are two here already," Liu Gang said softly.

"Hi, my classmate. This one did not go through the backdoor. You may test on this one\'s knowledge. This one doesn\'t like backdoors," Zhu said with an honest look.

"Hahah! Yeah, Brother Zhu doesn\'t like backdoors," Qian Duoduo said and laughed.

"Xue Dazhu, you may look for a seat behind. You\'re overly tall in this class. Please don\'t block the others," Lin Shuang said. She was at a loss of words after listening to what Qian Duoduo said. What\'s this weird guy talking about? Can\'t he just say \'I\', \'me\' or \'my\' instead of \'this one\'? I guess I need to have him seated before he says anything more ridiculous, Lin Shuang thought.

"Lord Huai, you and this one will be classmates from now on!" Xue Dazhu said loudly when he passed by Guo Huai.

"You can call me Brother Huai from now on. We have to behave ourselves in school," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Understood, Brother Huai!" Xue Dazhu said. "Brother Huai, why are you holding my sister-in-law\'s hand in class?"

After hearing what Xue Dazhu said, everyone looked at Guo Huai and Murong Weiwei. Murong Weiwei immediately tried to withdraw his hand but Guo Huai was tightly holding it. Having noticed that everyone\'s attention was on her, she instantly blushed.

Upon walking into the classroom, Murong Weiwei said, "Brother Huai, you really have to prepare yourself. Otherwise, you\'ll be deeply embarrassed during the Knowledge Championship."

"Don\'t worry. Shouldn\'t you trust a man you picked for yourself?" Guo Huai asked, smiling. "I was studying all night yesterday. You can ask me a few questions now if you want."

"If you get the answers wrong, you won\'t be allowed to meet Xi and the other girls for a day as a punishment," Murong Weiwei said softly and blushed after a while.

"If I get them right, I\'ll hold your hand during the first period of class," Guo Huai said. Little girl, bring it on. I don\'t believe there\'s anything I can\'t answer, he thought.

Within merely three minutes, Murong Weiwei asked Guo Huai more than ten questions from previous years of Knowledge Championship. Surprisingly, Guo Huai answered every question correctly without missing even a word. Just as she wanted to ask more questions, Teacher Lin Shuang entered the class. It was at this moment that Guo Huai smiled and held her right hand.

"What are you guys looking at? You all are overthinking. Weiwei is not feeling well. I\'m only feeling her pulse for treatment. Do you guys understand?" Guo Huai asked shamelessly.

"My dear student Guo Huai, you should let go after you finish measuring her pulse. The class will start soon," Lin Shuang said loudly as she looked at his punchable expression. "Weiwei, is Guo Huai telling the truth? You can tell me if he\'s bullying you. I\'ll stand up for you."

"Teacher Lin, I was indeed not feeling well. However, I\'m feeling much better now," Murong Weiwei said before blushing once again.

Oh my god! What\'s happening? Murong Weiwei is such a nice girl. Why would she mix with a guy like Naughty Boy? This brat already has three rumored girlfriends—Tang Xi, You Youyou and Su Ye. What are the kids nowadays thinking about? Lin Shuang thought helplessly.

"Have you heard? The guy from the auction nailed Murong Weiwei already. They were holding hands in class!" Passerby A exclaimed.

"What are you talking about? Murong Weiwei has admired Brother Huai for a long time. She even forced Brother Huai into a kiss as a marriage proposal," Passerby B said softly.

"Don\'t spread nonsense if you didn\'t witness the scene with your own eyes. Let me tell you guys the truth," a youngster with a perverted look said as he gathered the people together. "Murong Weiwei is bearing Guo Huai\'s child. Tang Xi, You Youyou and Su Ye are planning a coup to take down Murong Weiwei together. Guo Huai even used his divine power to protect the child in Murong Weiwei!"

"Damn! You have such a great imagination. Why aren\'t you writing web novels already? If you go into this field, you will undoubtedly beat \'I Eat Tomatoes\' and \'Er Gen\', just like the rather famous author \'Nine Finger Uncle\'!" a guy within the crowd shouted.

[TL note: \'Nine Finger Uncle\' is the author of this series.]

When the few people were chatting, a girl asked You Youyou who was passing by, "Youyou, have you heard? When are you starting the coup of harem? We\'ll be there to support you!"

"Naughty Boy! I\'m so pissed right now. Su Ye sent me a picture of him holding Murong Weiwei\'s hand in class just now. I didn\'t know they were this daring!" You Youyou said angrily.

Ring! Ring! You Youyou\'s phone suddenly rang. Guo Huai was going to the canteen with Murong Weiwei and wanted to ask the other girls to come along. However, he did not know that You Youyou was very irritated.