Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 38

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"Weiwei, listen to me. Go back to the clothing store we passed by earlier and buy a new set of sportswear. After that, leave the mall from another exit and go back to school by calling a cab," Guo Huai said anxiously. "I\'ll go meet the shooter."

"Let\'s leave together. The shooter just now is probably coming for me," Murong Weiwei said expressionlessly. "I\'ll make a phone call before leaving."

"Kid, we don\'t have to call out Murong family for a small matter like this. It\'s fine if you make a phone call, however, I bet a lot of people are going to write an article regarding this phone call. Trust me, I\'ll get it settled," Guo Huai said before kissing Murong Weiwei\'s forehead.

Murong Weiwei stared at Guo Huai and said, "Promise me, don\'t get hurt."

"Don\'t worry, I could even dodge a bullet fired from a sniper. Don\'t forget that your man here has superpowers," Guo Huai said before walking back into the shopping mall.

"Kong family, you won\'t get away from this," Murong Weiwei muttered.

In the lift, Guo Huai asked a middle-aged man, "Which floor are you going to?"

"The seventh floor, thank you," the man said, smiling.

After only ten seconds, the lift arrived at the seventh floor from the eighteenth floor. "We\'re at the seventh floor," Guo Huai said. Before leaving, the middle-aged man turned his head and looked at Guo Huai once again.

At the staircase of the fourth floor, Guo Huai was behind the middle-aged man. "Oh, it\'s you again! Why aren\'t you taking the lift here if your destination isn\'t the seventh floor? Are you working out now?" Guo Huai said. "Don\'t you want to try again? You can use the desert eagle on your waist now. The shot earlier was almost flawless, hahah!"

"Little guy, what are you talking about? You must\'ve recognized the wrong person," the middle-aged man said as he reached out to his waist to draw out his handcrafted desert eagle.

Bang! However, the sound wasn\'t a gunshot; instead, it was the sound of Guo Huai\'s delicate flying sword knocking the desert eagle off.

"Liu Fei, also known as Bullet from the Assassination Alliance, aged twenty-three this year, has a hundred percent success rate of assassination for the past seventy-two times. I\'m really sorry to break your streak," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Y—who are you?! How do you know all that?" Bullet said loudly. The information in Assassination Alliance was all confidential. Even when two people were to cooperate on a mission, they would only know each other\'s nicknames. It was impossible for anyone to know their real names.

"You were so prepared to kill me a while ago. Why can\'t I know your name? I\'m so disappointed in you all. Is my life only worth ten million in your eyes?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

"I surrender! Just tell me what you want!" Bullet said loudly.

"Wang Feifei, twenty-one this year, an employee of Wucheng Stripclub. You know her, don\'t you?" Guo Huai asked.

"Stupid brat! Just tell me what you want. Leave women out of this!" Bullet said, astonished. Being an assassin, he knew that he would die anytime. However, he fell in love with a woman—the worst possible mistake a murderer could do.

"Inform your boss that your life belongs to me. Let them deposit a hundred million yuan into my card. Other than that, please get a message delivered to Kong family. They can do as they please, however, I won\'t let them slip by next time," Guo Huai said. After retrieving his sword by waving, he happily walked out of the staircase.

After around ten minutes, Guo Huai blocked a girl from walking in an alley. She was dressed in a trendy, street-wear manner.

"Piggy, Lin Huo, seventeen years old, from Assassination Alliance," Guo Huai said.

The girl did not seem to have heard what Guo Huai said since she was wearing a huge pair of headphones. "What? Are you trying to pick me up? Piss off," the girl said loudly.

"Lin Bing, fifteen years old, from First High School. If you intend to let her life pay for mine, you may continue walking," Guo Huai said and was prepared to leave.

"Y—how do you know I did it?" the girl asked after stopping. "Please don\'t hurt my sister, I beg you. If you want to seek revenge, you can have my life instead."

"Thirty million. Tell your boss from Assassination Alliance to prepare thirty million in exchange for your life," Guo Huai said before disappearing in the alley.

In an ancient-looking room, an old man asked Murong Weiwei in a concerned manner, "Young mistress, are you sure the people are sent by Kong family?"

"I\'ve only seen Kong Yifu today. I don\'t want to talk about anything about Kong Xuan anymore. You should know what you\'re supposed to do," Murong Weiwei said coldly before walking out of the room.

The old man walked to a unlit courtyard and asked in complete darkness, "Third Master, what should we do?"

"I guess the massacre ten years ago isn\'t enough. Uncle Hei, I don\'t need to know about what has been going on in Murong family. However, if someone dares to touch my daughter once again, I guess I\'d be a better candidate to inherit Murong family," a really deep voice resounded.

"Inform Kong family that we\'re ending every form of partnership. Yes, every partnership will be ended," a middle-aged man said loudly on phone. "Correct, the development of harbor for Kong family will be terminated as well. If they want to sue us, go ahead. The court will side us anyway."

"Hold a meeting amongst every major member except Kong family. Everyone must be present! The resolution to end every business relationship with Kong family will be made."

In the villa of Kong family, a white-haired old man shouted, "Who is it?! Who provoked the girl once again? Tell me, who the heck did this?" This man was no other than the master of Kong family, Kong Dajiang.

"Grandpa, ever since you gave an order to not mess with the stupid girl, we haven\'t done anything inappropriate. The incident today is definitely not our doing," a guy said softly.

"Yifu, I heard that you\'ve seen the girl today. Are you the culprit?!" Kong Dajiang asked as he stared at his youngest son.

"I have indeed contacted the Assassination Alliance today. However, the target wasn\'t the stupid girl," Kong Yifu said while scratching his head. "She brought a young guy to my teacher\'s place today who also got my teacher\'s approval. I have been feeling terrible since that moment. Why is it that Xuan couldn\'t even enter his house but this new guy managed to do something like this?" he asked angrily.

"So you asked Assassination Alliance to take down the youngster?" Kong Dajiang asked. "The girl was there beside him when the shooting took place. It\'s only natural that she thought the bullet was chasing after her. Yifu, I didn\'t know you\'d be this irrational," Kong Dajiang said slowly and shook his head.

"Father, is there a way to recover the damage? Can we possibly tell Murong family that the target was the boy, but not Weiwei?" a youngster in Kong family asked softly.

At this moment, Kong Yifu received a phone call. "What did you just say?! The assassination failed?! 130 million yuan?! Why should I give you the money? Have you gone crazy thinking about money?" Kong Yifu asked.

"Yifu, what happened?" Kong Dajiang asked.

After listening to Kong Yifu\'s explanation, Kong Dajiang said while shaking his head, "Inform everyone from Kong family to stay at home for a few days. Every outdoor activity must be cancelled! Yifu, you should contact Professor Guo to make things clear. We\'ll pay 130 million to Assassination Association today."