Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 37

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"Grandpa, since I asked you to take these out, I guess there\'s no need to hide anymore," Guo Huai said with a smile. "To be honest, my main motive to come here with Weiwei is for these treasures."

After listening to what Guo Huai said, Murong Weiwei widened her eyes in shock. This isn\'t real… Brother Huai wouldn\'t use me like this, right? Why would he do something like this? she thought.

Guo Huai noticed that Murong Weiwei was looking at him with an inconceivable expression, so he reached out to hold her tiny hand once again.

"Wait a minute, grandmaster. I have something to show you," Guo Huai said and took a scroll reel out from his bag before carefully opening the cap. A one-and-a-half-meter scroll eventually rolled open.

"This… It\'s impossible! How is it possible?!" Ceasewind Grandmaster exclaimed.

"Master, please calm down. We can talk everything out," Murong Weiwei said softly as she held Ceasewind Grandmaster.

Ceasewind Grandmaster slowly sat down on a stool before asking, "Little friend, may I know where this scroll came from?"

"Ahem, ahem. My master gave it to me," Guo Huai said, smiling. "My master told me that during the Tang Dynasty, our earliest ancestor had a bet with Chen Qingyuan, which our ancestor ended up losing. As a result, Chen Qingyuan gave my ancestor a scroll in exchange for a sword model and an unfinished seal."

"Do you mean that the items in this box belong to the ancestor of your sect?" Ceasewind Grandmaster asked. He sort of understood what Guo Huai was trying to say.

"Yes. Before my master passed away, he had a final wish—to take the items back that belonged to our ancestor," Guo Huai said softly. "I was going to visit you myself a while ago, however, I got to know Weiwei coincidentally. That\'s why I came here with her, without telling her the truth."

"Hahah, you\'re indeed a descendant of a legend, no wonder you could write and play chess this well," Ceasewind Grandmaster said and laughed.

"Grandpa, then do you want to keep this calligraphy painting scroll?\' Guo Huai asked. I made it very clear. Since I\'m willing to give you the scroll, aren\'t you supposed to let me have Heavenflip Seal and Diving Flying Sword as well? he thought.

"Since these do not belong to my ancestors and they were merely a gamble back then, I guess I\'ll return these to you," Ceasewind Grandmaster said as he received the scroll from Guo Huai.

Guo Huai carefully kept the two sandalwood boxes into his backpack. He then took a look at Sevenstar Compass. Based on the speed he could cultivate on Earth and the limited divine power he had, he would not be able to use the compass within a hundred years anyway, and decided to leave it at the grandmaster\'s house.

Guo Huai and Murong Weiwei stayed until four in the afternoon and left. Since they still had to attend classes the next morning, they rejected Grandma Wu for dinner. "Weiwei, you don\'t blame me for not telling you earlier, right?" Guo Huai asked while they were on their way back to school.

"I\'m angry now. Why wouldn\'t I get mad? I\'ve only known you for two days. Just imagine what would happen in the future if you dared to lie to me this early," Murong Weiwei said loudly. She acted like a totally different person compared to when she was at school.

"Alright, Miss Weiwei, I\'ll treat you for dinner tonight. Please forgive me. I promise to discuss everything with you beforehand in the future. My master repeatedly asked me to keep this to myself, since my sect is rather special," Guo Huai said softly.

"What\'s so special about it?" Murong Weiwei asked with a smile.

"Magic. Similar to your roommate, we\'re a batch of really extraordinary people in the world that can use magic," Guo Huai said.

"Then are you joining the martial arts competition next year as well?" Murong Weiwei asked. "Brother Huai, what kind of magic can you use? Can you tell me about it?"

"Unlike the established sect of Nangong family which is under the country\'s control, we have really strong self-control and aren\'t under anyone\'s control. However, we normally wouldn\'t bully people using magic," Guo Huai said softly. "Think about it, if I solely relied on the medical field after the car accident, I would\'ve reported my name to Yanluo long ago, right?"

[TL note: Yanluo (阎王): the King of Hell.]

Murong Weiwei got shocked and said, "Then your identity as the Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad must be fake as well!"

"Yep, Wucheng Vile Tetrad is merely an identity to fool people. We have lots of enemies in the sect. My master asked me to do so to avoid being killed by them," Guo Huai said with a straight face.

"How about you feelings towards Xi, Youyou and I? Are these merely tools to attract attention?" Murong Weiwei asked softly.

"Of course they\'re not! I am true to my heart to all of you. Think about it, since I\'m from an ancient sect, it\'s only normal that I don\'t get affected by the modern culture. I don\'t support the idea of having only one wife for each man. Otherwise, I wouldn\'t like so many of you at the same time, right? Since the feeling is mutual between us, there\'s no reason for us to not get together. When people refer to \'true love\', I think they\'re referring to this," Guo Huai said. This girl has such a strong association… he thought.

"You\'re lying. Just admit that you\'re unfaithful and stop finding so many excuses," Murong Weiwei said with a smile. "Let\'s go. Where should we eat? I promised Lingmo to bring good food back for her."

Oh god, it\'s finally settled… This is the only bad thing about the human world. I wouldn\'t have to explain to women like this in heaven, Guo Huai thought.

After having a decent lunch together, Murong Weiwei bought some food to bring back for Lingmo. Just as they were going to leave, Guo Huai suddenly whispered to her, "Weiwei, no matter what happens later, you must not leave my side."

Upon stepping out of the shopping mall, Guo Huai\'s left eye suddenly twitched. He suddenly felt that he was in trouble.

Damn it, it is said that people suffer when immortals fight. Why is it the other way around this time? Guo Huai thought.

On the eighteenth floor of Wucheng Trade Building, a sniper was aiming at the exit of a shopping mall said, "Hahah, ten million to kill a high schooler? The organization is finally paying properly after so long."

"Bullet, Bullet! The target has appeared. Mr Kong has ordered to not hurt the girl, otherwise, we\'d be in trouble. Please report back! I repeat, please report back!" an old man\'s voice resounded in the sniper\'s headphones.

"Damn, why are you getting a share of three million just for gazing on a target? I\'m only getting paid ten million for shooting. Why are you even using a voice changer?" Bullet said with dissatisfaction. However, his crosshair was fixed deadly on Guo Huai who seemed defenseless.

"Distance: 338 meters. Wind speed: 22km/h. Wind direction: 7.2° to the east," the headphones resounded once again.

"Shut up, I don\'t need these," Bullet shouted in his microphone. "Goodbye, little guy, my 73rd target," Bullet said before pulling the trigger.

Whoosh! A bullet headed towards Guo Huai\'s head. However, the moment Bullet pulled his trigger, the target unexpectedly vanished in sight.

"Oh shit!"

"Bullet here, mission failed! I repeat, mission failed! Retreat immediately!"