Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 35

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Extra chapter! I hope you guys are liking the story though cultivation hasn\'t taken place yet. My editor and I are committing a lot of time into making the series, with the intent to get people to like what they\'re reading. Patience, is all we need. :)

Ceasewind Grandmaster got shocked and asked softly, "What do you mean?"

"Nah, it\'s nothing. I just thought of something really interesting," Guo Huai said. "Grandmaster, in the story Journey to the West, Sun Wukong saved a boy and a girl in the Chen Household of Tongtian River, both of which are surnamed Chen as well. According to the coordinates on the book, this place, Yushu of Qinghai Province, is exactly where Chen Household is."

"Hahah, you\'re right. According to the genealogy of Chen family, our ancestor is called Chen Qingyuan, he was the one was saved by the Monkey King back then," Ceasewind Grandmaster said with a smile.

"Ahem, ahem. Wow, what a coincidence," Guo Huai said with his eyes wide open. The father of sinology standing in front of him was indeed his descendant. Hahah, Jade Emperor, I guess I should properly thank you for banishing me into the human world, he thought.

"Old man, what are you talking about that can make you this happy?" Grandma Wu asked as she carried a hot plate and placed it onto the dining table.

"Grandma Wu, let me help you," Murong Weiwei said before walking to the kitchen together with Grandma Wu.

"Ahem, ahem. Grandmaster, I guess I\'ll still call you grandmaster. It\'s really difficult for me to call you Old Man Chen," Guo Huai said after coughing a few times. "If anything happens, you can contact me through my grandpa."

"Hahah, little friend, what would happen to me at this age? My time here is almost up. I\'m very satisfied to have kept this kid Weiwei as my disciple," Ceasewind Grandmaster said. It was only natural that he did not understand what Guo Huai truly meant. Since Guo Huai was his ancestor, it was only appropriate for Guo Huai to stand up for him should anything happen.

"Heheh, you\'ll understand in the future. Let\'s eat! I\'m really hungry doing this and that for the entire morning," Guo Huai said before sitting on a stool, ignoring Ceasewind Grandmaster.

"Little friend, the dishes are served. Aren\'t you supposed to take your wine out as well?" Ceasewind Grandmaster asked, smiling.

"I\'ll go get a few cups," Murong Weiwei said and ran into the kitchen excitedly. She then returned and placed four delicate wine cups on the table.

"Kid, why did you get a wine cup for me as well? I don\'t drink alcohol," Grandma Wu said with a smile.

"Wu, if you don\'t want it, I\'ll drink yours for you," Ceasewind Grandmaster said.

"You just drank for a few rounds yesterday. You can\'t drink today anymore," Grandma Wu said as she reached her hand out in an attempt to take the grandmaster\'s wine cup.

Ceasewind Grandmaster reached out to protect his wine cup before saying loudly, "Just this time! In the coming month, I\'ll only drink for this time. Grandma Wu, please don\'t fight for the wine cup anymore. I won\'t go against my own words." His actions made Guo Huai and Murong Weiwei laugh.

"Weiwei, do you know why Ceasewind Grandmaster\'s words are much stronger than those of Crazy Xue?" Guo Huai asked.

"Crazy Xue has really gone crazy. He has left Wucheng Subhigh already. When have you guys seen him?" Ceasewind Grandmaster asked.

"Yesterday. He left after we finished eating at his restaurant," Murong Weiwei said softly. "After listening to Brother Huai\'s advice, he decided to go out to take a spin."

"Hahah, little friend, I really can\'t tell just how many things you\'re good at. I don\'t think I can live for that much longer, I only have one request. If you and Weiwei can find the time to visit me every month, I\'d be more than satisfied," Ceasewind Grandmaster said with a smile.

"Huai, I\'m not against it if you visit us again. However, don\'t bring any wine in the future, I\'ll make you good food instead," Grandma Wu said.

"Grandma Wu, can\'t you allow me to drink just once a month? I\'m this old already, there\'s really no point to totally stop drinking," Ceasewind Grandmaster said loudly, making Guo Huai and Murong Weiwei laugh once again.

"Grandma Wu, you may have a taste of this wine. I\'ll drink it for you if you don\'t like it," Murong Weiwei said and put a wine cup in front of her.

"What\'s the big deal of drinking wine? It\'s not like this is my first time," Grandma Wu said before downing the cup of wine at once.

"Huai, quickly fill it up for me. You can stay here from now on, I\'ll make good food for you every day. Please fill my cup up," Grandma Wu said excitedly.

"Hahah, Grandma Wu, do you know how much money you drank into your stomach?" Ceasewind Grandmaster said. He wanted to continue talking but got stopped by Guo Huai.

"Grandmaster, let\'s enjoy the wine and don\'t talk about anything else. I\'m really happy today, the two of us masters must drink until satisfied," Guo Huai said before downing the wine in one go. Masters? Chen Yutong, I\'m not referring to you when I say master Guo Huai thought.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man from outside said loudly, "Master, why is it so merry inside? Did I come late?" Guo Huai noticed that Murong Weiwei looked really uneasy after hearing the man\'s voice.

"Yifu, you\'re here as well," Grandma Wu said as she stood up. "You came just in time, we were about to start eating. Sit down, I\'ll get you a bowl and a pair of chopsticks."

As the man in his forties walked into the living room, Murong Weiwei immediately stood up and looked at him before saying softly, "Uncle Kong."

"Oh, Weiwei is here as well! Sit down, sit down," Kong Yifu said. He was the chairman of the calligraphy association in Wucheng County, the uncle of Kong Xuan.

"Little friend, this is Kong Yifu, one of my disciples. He\'s the current chairman of the calligraphy association. You should talk to him when you\'re free," Ceasewind Grandmaster said as he pointed at Guo Huai. "He\'s Guo Huai, a friend of Weiwei from Wucheng Subhigh."

"Oh, so he\'s Weiwei\'s friend! Ahem, ahem. Not bad," Kong Yifu said, staring at Guo Huai.

Guo Huai felt that something was wrong and read Kong Yifu\'s mind. Wow, Murong Weiwei. What a Murong Weiwei. My nephew sacrificed his life to save you from a car collision. Only a few months have passed and you\'re back with a new guy? Great, you\'re exactly like your mom, such a slut, Kong Yifu\'s thoughts clearly showed up in Guo Huai\'s mind.

"Yifu, sit down and eat while the food\'s still hot. You should tell us before you come, so that I can prepare more food," Grandma Wu said. Obviously, this middle-aged man had a very good impression in her eyes.

"I don\'t want to trouble you, Grandma Wu. Isn\'t it better now when I can eat whatever\'s cooked? However, I feel like you\'re quite biased. I wasn\'t served as many dishes when I came here," Kong Yifu said, smiling.

Upon the arrival of Kong Yifu, Murong Weiwei had been feeling uneasy. No matter what, he was the uncle of her ex-boyfriend, and she was with another guy in front of him now. Though Kong Yifu did not say anything about it, Murong Weiwei still felt pressured.

"Huai, I heard from master that your writing is exceptional and your strategy in chess is unrivaled as well. Should we play a match of Go later?" Kong Yifu said, smiling. "To be honest, I\'ve only lost to two people of your age group in this game, one is this girl Weiwei, and the other is my dead nephew Kong Xuan. She must\'ve told you about him, right?"

After listening to what Kong Yifu said, the porcelain spoon Murong Weiwei was holding fell on the ground and broke.

"I\'m afraid you\'ll have to add another person into that list today," Guo Huai said and smiled, squinting at Kong Xuan. Under the table, he was holding Murong Weiwei\'s hand tightly. The initially agitated Murong Weiwei suddenly calmed down the moment Guo Huai grabbed her hand.