Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 32

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Achoo! Guo Huai sneezed after sending Li Yao and the others away. "Who\'s missing me again? Whatever, I\'ll take a look at this gourd first," he said.

Cough! Cough! Guo Huai placed the gourd on the table, forcing himself to not spit any blood out. "Damn it, I can\'t even remove a formation this simple. I only have this tiny bit of divine power left," Guo Huai said.

The fluctuation caused by the use of divine power made Jade who had her eyes closed to stand up instantly. "Who is it?! Who\'s using divine power? Telepath Starlord is really in Wucheng County! Furthermore, he didn\'t reincarnate directly, exactly like what Sister Chang\'er told me. Humph! I\'ll find you sooner or later," Jade exclaimed.

"The old man got this gourd from Heaven Lake. I should find the time to visit that place one day. I wonder if there\'s more good stuff," Guo Huai muttered before taking a pill and drinking a mouthful of wine. "Sigh, my divine power… With a spiritual energy this thin, how am I supposed to get my divine power back?"

Murong Weiwei returned to her dorm and changed her clothing before taking out a piece of xuan paper. Having closed her eyes for a while, she grabbed a writing brush and started writing after taking a deep breath.

"Sigh, I\'ll stop writing for today. I haven\'t been able to calm my mind down. I won\'t improve if I continue writing like this," Murong Weiwei said. She shook her head after looking at the line of words she wrote.

"Sister Weiwei, you should rest for a while," Murong Weiwei\'s roommate said. She was a little girl that looked really pleasant. Judging from her age, she should be from a primary school, however, she was actually a student of Wucheng Subhigh from year ten—Nangong Lingmo. She had not been to class before, not even for once.

"What is it? Lingmo, do you have anything to say?" Murong Weiwei asked, smiling. She really liked this little girl in front of her who was almost like her own little sister.

"I saw you on the forum once again. Is the guy beside you your boyfriend? He\'s really unfaithful, he just forced Tang Xi and You Youyou into a kiss a few days ago at the canteen," Nangong Lingmo said softly.

"Yes, I know. Lingmo, when have you become such a busybody?" Murong Weiwei asked, petting Lingmo\'s head.

"I\'ll be leaving Wucheng Subhigh next year. I wonder if I can still meet you afterwards," Nangong Lingmo said. "I\'m only eleven years old, why do I have to represent my family to participate in the poweruser martial arts competition next year?"

[TL note: A poweruser is one with superpower(s).]

"Stupid kid, that\'s because you\'re excellent. Don\'t overthink, go and take a rest. I\'ll be visiting the city tomorrow. I\'ll make sure to bring you something delicious," Murong Weiwei said with a smile.

Nangong Lingmo lay down on her beside and suddenly got up again. "No way, I have to talk to that unfaithful jerk before I leave!" she yelled.

Bang! A boulder around a hundred meters away was suddenly cracked by an unknown force. Nangong Lingmo got shocked and looked out of her window before quickly lying down again.

"It\'s a new day! I love you, human world!" Guo Huai shouted. He absorbed the moonlight for the entire night which was quite strong, making him feel even better. He suffered an internal injury after attempting to force the formation of the gourd down last night. However, he had almost fully recovered after a night\'s adjustments.

Ring! Ring! Guo Huai\'s phone rang.

"Hello, I\'m Weiwei. Let\'s have breakfast together, I\'ll wait for you downstairs," Murong Weiwei said. They were going to visit Ceasewind Grandmaster today.

"Good morning, sister. Are you going to grandmaster\'s place?" Nangong Lingmo asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"Yeah. The toast is ready and there\'s milk in the fridge. I\'ll bring you delicious food tonight when I return. Bye!" Murong Weiwei said before leaving.

"Humph! I\'ll go to the balcony to take a look. I want to know who exactly Naughty Boy is. How did he make Sister Weiwei fall for him?" Nangong Lingmo muttered. "If he\'s inferior to that Kong Xuan guy, I won\'t let Sister Weiwei get together with him."

"Let\'s go for breakfast, Weiwei! I know a place that offers good food," Guo Huai said excitedly when Murong Weiwei came down from her dorm.

"Humph! You unfaithful jerk, have a taste of my ability!" Nangong Lingmo said to herself before throwing the half-eaten toast out.

Whoosh! What? Did Beidou and Nandou come to the mortal world as well? Why did I sense a hint of constellation energy? Guo Huai thought. He released all the divine power that he had left to surround himself and Murong Weiwei.

"Ouch!" Nangong Lingmo yelled on the thirteenth floor. Before hitting Guo Huai, the bread flew back at her at high speed. She could not react to the incoming terrifying attack and got hit by the bread, causing her hair to be contaminated by butter.

"Humph! Bad guy, I\'ll seek revenge sooner or later!" Nangong Lingmo said loudly.

After walking out of the school, Guo Huai recalled what happened earlier. "Do you know the kid earlier?" he asked.

"Yeah, she\'s my roommate. Don\'t underestimate her just because she\'s young. She has superpowers," Murong Weiwei said and smiled.

"Superpowers? Interesting… Let\'s eat before visiting the grandmaster. I\'ll find time to meet your little roommate one day," Guo Huai said.

"Weiwei, the breakfast here is really good. Don\'t move, let me see the scar on your forehead," Guo Huai said and swept her hair. "Wow, I didn\'t expect it to work. You\'re perfect now."

"Brother Huai, do you mean the scar is gone for good?" Murong Weiwei asked, astonished. "How is it possible? My doctor said that it was already the limit to have recovered to how it was earlier."

"Take a look for yourself. Heheh, the limit is set by the current medicine world," Guo Huai said with a smile. This would only be the beginning of recovery in heaven, he thought.

Murong Weiwei took out a small mirror to observe her forehead. It\'s really gone! she thought. "Thank you, Brother Huai," she said softly. Though she mentioned that she did not mind the existence of the scar, no girls would complain for being prettier. She only looked happy on the surface, but deep down her heart, she accepted Guo Huai more.

"Let\'s buy something for grandmaster," Murong Weiwei said and led Guo Huai to a shop that had a simple design.

"Kid, you\'re here again! What are you looking for this time?" a sixty-year-old dressed in a robe asked.

"Grandpa Mu, are there any new stocks in the shop? They better be inkstones!" Murong Weiwei asked, smiling.

"You\'re really lucky today. Not long ago, I received four ancient inkstones. I\'ll show them to you," the old man said before going into the house. After a short while, he placed four inkstones on the table.

"Brother Huai, since you have such a deep understanding for words, take a look at these inkstones," Murong Weiwei said.

"Grandpa, you may keep these inkstones for yourself. I heard from a friend that you got a good writing brush recently. May I take a look at them?" Guo Huai asked, squinting at the old man.

Pills: miracle drugs which can have all sorts of effects. Often taken to boost cultivation, heal wounds, cure poisons, purify or strengthen the body, and much much more.