Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 30

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"You jerk!" Lin Shuang shouted at Guo Huai\'s back. "Just wait, I\'ll deal with you sooner or later."

On the second floor, a student in the science lab said, "Hey, did you hear something coming from the office? It seems like Teacher Lin Shuang\'s voice."

"No, it can\'t be Teacher Lin Shuang. We must\'ve misheard something," another student said.

"Help me observe my experiment, I\'ll take a look downstairs."

"Wait! I\'ll go with you."

"You guys may go yourselves. I spotted Murong Weiwei. This view suits me a lot more," a youngster said with a smile.

The two students stopped walking and looked outside the window before asking, "Murong Weiwei? Where is she?"

"Look! It\'s Guo Huai, the one from year ten. Is he really together with Murong Weiwei already?" one of them asked. They saw Guo Huai coming out from the building and smiled at Murong Weiwei before leaving together. The three of them got deeply shocked.

"How was it? Do you have the gourd with you already?" Murong Weiwei asked.

"Yes I got it, heheh. I helped Teacher Lin Shuang to organize some stuff. Otherwise, I would\'ve come out of the office a while ago. Did you manage to find grandmaster?" Guo Huai asked.

"Yes, I found him. He was still chatting and drinking wine with Headmaster Li and the others. I think I\'ll go to his house tomorrow. If you\'re free, do you want to come along?" Murong Weiwei asked.

"Yes, I don\'t have much to do tomorrow anyway. Just give me a call at that time. I\'ll properly investigate this gourd," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Weiwei, don\'t move. What happened to your forehead?"

Murong Weiwei lightly swept away her hair and revealed a very thin scar on her forehead. "I got this from the previous Combat Championship. I\'ve applied the best scar-removing product on the market, but it still wouldn\'t go away completely," Murong Weiwei said, without trying to hide anything.

"Let\'s go over there," Guo Huai said as he pulled Murong Weiwei\'s arm before walking to a nearby gazebo. "No matter what happens afterwards, it\'ll be a secret between the two of us," Guo Huai said and took a poorly crafted jade case out. The material should be the same as the wine bottles he gave to Tang Xi and the others.

"Brother Huai, do you have a way to cure my scar? Actually, I don\'t mind if the scar is there, since no one would notice unless observed from close-up," Murong Weiwei said softly.

"Let me try. I don\'t know what effect this thing will bring. Will you be afraid if I experiment on your forehead?" Guo Huai asked.

"Why should I be afraid? Everything is planned by the heaven, like meeting Kong Xuan and knowing you," Murong Weiwei said. She slowly touched her forehead and thought, Back then, Kong Xuan had been feeling guilty for this scar since the championship. Is the appearance of Guo Huai planned by Kong Xuan secretly? Is he really the one?

"Stupid girl, don\'t think about nonsense. Let me try to heal your scar," Guo Huai said and opened the jade case, revealing a black pill within that looked ordinary. He used his nail to lightly scratch the pill to obtain some powder, then he applied it on Murong Weiwei\'s scar with his fingers.

"Brother Huai, is it done already?" Murong Weiwei said after feeling a slight coldness on her forehead.

"Nope, not that fast. I\'ll go back to my dorm now to explore my beloved gourd. Remember to call me tomorrow, we\'ll visit the grandmaster together. Wash your face tonight before you sleep and observe the effect," Guo Huai said before leaving.

Kong Xuan, you only left for six months. If I completely fall in love with Guo Huai now, will you blame me for it? Murong Weiwei thought, looking at Guo Huai\'s back.

Upon stepping into the dormitory building, Li Long said loudly, "Brother Huai, you\'re back!"

"Ahem, brother. Did you have to shout this loud? You scared me for a bit," Guo Huai said, smiling.

"Brother Huai, there are a few people waiting in your dorm. Please be careful, two of them are almost two-meter tall. There\'s also a fatty and a rather good-looking guy. They don\'t look like they\'re good people," Li Long said.

"Okay, thanks brother. I\'ll take a look upstairs," Guo Huai said. The visitors are probably my dear brothers. However, he mentioned there are two tall people. Who is the other one? he thought.

"Brother Huai, do you want me to call Brother Wei here?" Li Long said from Guo Huai\'s back. Guo Huai waved his left hand and walked into a lift.

"Brother Qian, did our Fourth Brother really manage to push the beauties of the school down? He has only been here for a few days!" Jia Yuan said.

"Fat Brother, why don\'t you believe me? There\'s a voice recording here, listen to it," Qian Duoduo said and passed Jia Yuan the voice recording that he got from the canteen. "However, Brother Huai didn\'t seem too impressive. He finished in only a few seconds! But it\'s still rather understandable, his opponents were the most beautiful ladies in our school after all."

"Ahem, ahem. Second Brother, is Fourth Brother really this vigorous? He settled four beauties of the school in three days. This is nonsense! It\'s not like we don\'t know how he usually behaves. However, the few ladies beside him today are really stunning…" Wang Shen said.

Li Yao finally opened his mouth to say something, "Third Brother, regardless if the girls are related to Fourth Brother, you should behave yourself. Xiaohua is a really good girl. Both your dad and I will deal with you if you betray her. Furthermore, one of them is the precious daughter of Ye family, the one called Tang Xi should be Tang Mingyuan\'s daughter. I don\'t even need to talk about You Youyou. These people all have incredible backgrounds."

"Big Brother, woah! Within only a few hours, you\'re done checking the backgrounds of the people around Guo Huai. I admire you," Qian Duoduo said. "However, you guys missed a girl, Murong Weiwei. She\'s not born in Wucheng County. However, once she gets into trouble, Wucheng County will get into trouble as well."

"Isn\'t Murong Weiwei the one titled as Beauty of Wucheng County? Isn\'t she born here?" Jia Yuan asked. He was shocked to find out this fact.

"Fat Brother, in the entirety of China, how many Murong families are there?" Qian Duoduo said and scratched his head. "Brother Huai is indeed impressive. He took Murong Weiwei down as well."

Wang Shen suddenly got shocked and said, "Is Murong Weiwei the illegitimate daughter that shocked half of China back then?!"

Qian Duoduo rushed towards Wang Shen and covered his mouth before saying, "Shhh! Please speak softer! Once this thing gets leaked, the few of us will be beheaded!"

Guo Huai suddenly opened the door and said loudly, "What are you guys talking about? What illegitimate daughter?"

He then walked inside to discover that the five people were sitting in the living room and settled a box of beer, chatting happily.