Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 3

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"Old man, let us in. We want to see our Fourth Brother! Why are you stopping us from entering? Do you know who we are? In Wucheng County, taking your life is as easy as raising a finger for us," a man in his twenties shouted in Liu Yidao\'s face in front of Guo Huai\'s room.

"Young sirs, please speak softly. Of course I know who you guys are, who in Wucheng County doesn\'t?" Liu Yidao said before wiping his sweat, "Young master has gotten better but his life is still in danger. Why not come a few days later?"

"Liu Yidao, I know who you are. You did well this time, I\'ll settle every trouble you have at your personal clinic in the future. However, we must see our Fourth Brother today regardless of the situation," a tall, average-looking young man said. No one in Wucheng County dared to displease him, or rather, no one could do that, because the people who had pissed him off all sank in the moat. He was the King of Soldiers, Li Yao.

"Master Yao, how about this... I\'ll allow you guys to enter after putting on the aseptic gown. You also can\'t speak inside the room and must leave within a few minutes," Liu Yidao spoke softly.

"Wouldn\'t you have solved the problem if you said it earlier? Let\'s go, bring us to change!" a fat guy who had been standing behind shouted with a deafening voice.

"Master Yuan, speak softer, speak softer. Follow me, I\'ll provide the gowns," Liu Yidao brought them to his room.

"Fourth Brother, impressive, you\'re still alive after such a major accident. Haha, we\'ll wait for you to recover and bring you to Wucheng Paradise to look for some foreign chicks," Jia Yuan said. Jia Yuan, the youngest billionaire in China, was ranked third on the board of Richest Men Under Thirty in the Country. Initially, people thought he relied on his family\'s influence in the country to get into the list. However, it was reported that what Jia Yuan had earned had nothing to do with Jia family.

"Fourth Brother, please recover faster. The man behind your accident is rather interesting, you have to seek revenge for yourself," the King of Soldiers Li Yao spoke softly.

"Fourth Brother, I have settled your school transfer through the Ministry of Education. Once you get better, you can have fun in the school that has the most number of pretty girls. I know that this has always been your dream. If you can hear what I said, move your fingers," a man in a suit who had been silent finally said something with a perverted face. This guy was not rich and could not fight well. However, he had an amazing grandfather who was the vice leader of the country, two uncles in the ministerial body and another two uncles with high ranks in Wucheng County. Of course, he himself achieved something as well. Before the age of thirty, he became the vice chairman of the National Health and Family Planning Commission in the county. Everyone called him Wang Shen.

"Damn it, let\'s go. This kid won\'t die yet," Jia Yuan and Li Yao said. When Wang Shen told Guo Huai that he could have fun with pretty girls, his fingers really moved.

"Fourth Brother, we\'re leaving now. Hahah, under such a damned situation, you\'re still thinking of women. You\'re helpless," Wang Shen said before leaving the room.

"I have such good luck. I had hundreds of immortals sending me off before leaving. Regardless of whether they came with good intent, at least lots of them came, giving me some face. Although this kid had a poor attitude, his good friends treat him rather well. Hahah, after recovering from this damage, I\'ll enjoy the heck out of this hundred years being a human," Telepath Starlord said before fully entering Guo Huai\'s body with his spirit. Telepath Starlord no longer existed in the world anymore. Instead, the youngest of Wucheng Vile Tetrad, Guo Huai had revived.

"This is such a miracle, a miracle in the medicine world. Young master\'s recovery is so impressive. Judging from my observations, he has completely recovered aside from some minor skin damage," Liu Yidao said. For the past three months, a lot had happened in Wucheng County. The most incredible one was this, Guo Huai of Wucheng Vile Tetrad not only survived the tragedy, but had completely recovered.

"Nasty kid, it\'s great to see you alive..." the mistress of Guo family said, "Doctor Liu, you have contributed a lot to Huai\'s recovery, here\'s ten million yuan, please do not reject my token of gratitude." She handed yet another cheque to Liu Yidao. It could be seen that she was very appreciative.

"I guess I\'ll have to keep it then," Liu Yidao said before receiving the cheque, "Young master, please be careful while driving from now on. I hope that in the future, we can be well and healthy when we meet, just like right now."

"Thanks Uncle Liu. However, I think your wish wouldn\'t come true. I\'m only around fifteen and you\'re almost fifty already. You won\'t be able to outlive me, hahah," Guo Huai said with a smirk on his face.

"You spoilt kid, is this the way you should speak to your elders?" the master of Guo family said, "Liu, please don\'t take this kid seriously. You may return to your clinic now, I\'ll call you if anything happens."

Liu Yidao did not get mad because of what Guo Huai said. In the past few years, every time he met this kid, it was only for some minor injuries initially. On his subsequent visits, it got worse -- it slowly worsened to damages caused by blunt weapons. More recently, they became stab wounds and eventually changed to gunshot wounds. This time, the misfortune almost cost his life.

"Fourth Brother, Fourth Brother, get your ass out here. Look at what I got you," Jia Yuan shouted. His voice made it seem like pigs were being slaughtered. Guo Huai then walked out with big steps. His grandparents also followed along.

"Fourth Brother, this car belongs to you now. I modded the entire body including the tyres to be bulletproof. If you ever get into a similar accident, you\'d only get a few scars at most. Hahah, what do you think?" Jia Yuan said as he pointed at a silver-white Bugatti.

"Thanks Second Brother, I\'ll keep the car. Let\'s go in," Guo Huai said after realizing his grandfather\'s expression changed drastically and immediately dragged Jia Yuan into the house.

"Ptchhh," a high-pitched squeal could be heard. A green Jeep parked outside the villa.

"Brother Yao, I\'m very impressed by how you drive this Jeep," Wang Shen said as he walked down the car with Li Yao.

"Fourth Brother, your brothers have come to see you. How long do you plan to make us wait outside?" Li Yao shouted. A black cat that was sleeping on the balcony got frightened and ran away.

"Big Brother, Third Brother," Huai walked out of his villa and gave the each of the two brothers a hug. "Brothers, I\'ve recovered! Hahah, Second Brother got me a car to celebrate my recovery. Aren\'t you guys supposed to give me something as well?"

"You spoilt kid! Why are you asking for stuff from your visitors?!" the mistress of Guo family shouted while walking out before smiling to the others.

"Grandma, are you going to work for the government again?" Wang Shen said after stepping forward as he supported her.

"Shen, are you looking for a beating? I\'m in my eighties already, why would I be working for the government again? Let me tell you guys, if anyone dares to give that brat stupid things, you shall see how I\'m going to deal with you," the mistress told the young men. Although she knew how much trouble these youngsters had caused, deep in her heart, she still liked these little kids.

"Grandma, you only look like you\'re fifty from every angle. I even thought that the government hired you once again, hahah," Wang Shen said and laughed, "Grandma, this time the thing I\'m going to give Fourth Brother will definitely suit your taste. Look at this," he said as he handed a folder to the mistress.

\'Invitation Letter to Wucheng Subsidiary High School\' could be seen on the folder. The mistress got shocked for a while before flipping it open. Even with high connections, it was almost impossible to get into this school as it was the subsidiary of Wucheng University. Countless people across the country failed to get into this high school through various connections, it was all thanks to the stubborn Li Xunyu, the headmaster of the school. The mistress herself tried to look for that old bastard Li Xunyu and got turned down.

"Shen, it\'s really the time of the your generation now. When I looked for Li Xunyu a few years ago, he didn\'t entertain me at all. Mind telling me how you managed to settle that stubborn fellow?" the mistress said.

"I didn\'t settle him, I settled his precious granddaughter. Heheh," Wang Shen said and grinned.

"You little bastard, you\'re no different than Huai. When are you guys going to start behaving like Li Yao? Only then would I be at peace," the mistress said. Naturally, she understood what Wang Shen was trying to say.

"Second Brother, you said Fourth Brother is going to school very soon. Let\'s bet on how long he can stay there," Wang Shen hugged Jia Yuan and said.

"One month, one month at most," before Jia Yuan could even react, Li Yao finally opened his mouth. "Fourth Brother, I suggest you to stop going to school and follow me into the military. Over there, you can play with guns, cannons and even your junk. Just imagine how much fun that would be."

"Three brothers, I have learned a lot from this car accident. It\'s about time I change my ways. I\'ll properly graduate from high school and the four of us will conquer the society together afterwards," Guo Huai said with a straight face.