Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 29

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Guo Huai argued with Su Ye for quite a while. Tang Xi and Youyou could not stand it anymore and pulled Su Ye away from Guo Huai to finally get the problem solved.

"Alright, alright. It\'s really my fault this time. I got each of you a bottle of wine to take home, give them to your parents. However, I\'m only giving it once, just this once. So try to come up with a lie for your parents," Guo Huai said and took out two average-looking porcelain bottles.

"Naughty Boy, is this the lie you came up with to fool us? Where did you get your tattered bottles from?\' Su Ye asked. She calmed down for a bit earlier. However, when she saw the crappy bottles Guo Huai was holding, her anger arose once again.

"What are you getting mad about? You\'re merely a bed warmer. I\'m already treating you very well. If you don\'t want it, I\'ll give Tang Xi two bottles then. I\'ll see if you still complain about the bottles afterwards. Let me tell you all, after bringing the wine to the parents, I want the bottles back. I\'m not giving the bottles away even if you want them," Guo Huai said loudly. Suddenly Su Ye got her temper controlled.

"I want it! Who doesn\'t want free stuff," Su Ye said before snatching the two bottles away and gave one to Tang Xi. "I\'ll have a taste of it later. Humph!"

"Ye, just do whatever you want. This wine isn\'t as good as the one we usually drink. The wine you\'re holding is exactly the same as the one sold in auction," Guo Huai said before passing the last bottle to You Youyou.

"Brother Huai, Teacher Lin said that if you want the gourd you bought today, find her at the office," Tang Xi said softly.

"Sigh, women… I can\'t be giving out wine this often. If I continue giving, how am I supposed to live for this hundred years?" Guo Huai muttered to himself. "Xi, be careful on your way back and don\'t talk to strangers. I won\'t be going home this month. I\'ll be visiting Ceasewind Grandmaster with Weiwei later. Youyou, the same goes to you, hahah. Call me if you miss me. Ye, I\'d be thankful already if you don\'t harass me during this period."

After that, Guo Huai pulled Murong Weiwei and walked to the office. It was his priority to get the gourd as soon as possible.

"Brother Huai, what\'s so mysterious about the gourd?" Murong Weiwei asked softly.

"I\'ll tell you bit by bit in the future. You wouldn\'t believe me now even if I told you," Guo Huai said. "A century in the human world is like a blink of the eyes. Something\'s best left unsaid."

"How about the rumors of Wucheng Vile Tetrad? Are they real?"

"Rumors? The Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad is the young master of Guo family, known as a perverted villain who bullies the weak. Are you referring to these?" Guo Huai asked with a smile. "Rumors don\'t come from nothing. However, one should not believe everything they hear."

Upon arriving at the office, Guo Huai asked, "Are you going in with me, or do you want to look for Ceasewind Grandmaster first?"

"Brother Huai, what do you want me to do, eh?" Murong Weiwei asked. "Is it that the Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad is afraid of me spoiling his plan? I don\'t know why, but before I knew you, there were negative news of you everywhere. However, after knowing you personally, you\'ve gained my trust totally. You should go in first, I\'ll check if Ceasewind Grandmaster is still in school," Murong Weiwei said beside leaving.

"Girl, are you the devil inside me or am I the devil inside you? The emperor of Tang Dynasty, Tang Xuanzong had at least three thousand wives. Though I know this act isn\'t allowed in this society anymore, I\'ll still love everyone I meet in the human world in this hundred years. No one would know how much pain I had been through trying to reach ascension…" Guo Huai muttered and walked into the office.

"One hundred thousand, one hundred thirty thousand, seven thousand, sixty thousand, five thousand, ten thousand…" Lin Shuang murmured. She was counting the money on the desk and typing the data into the computer.

"Wu Qian has paid for the wine, Jia Yuan has paid as well. Almost everyone has paid for the most expensive items, except the brat Guo Huai," Lin Shuang said to herself.

"It is now 237505700 yuan, slightly higher than the charity sale of last semester," Lin Shuang said softly. "These people who are related to Naughty Boy have contributed more than 200 million, unlike what the rumors have to say. Has the Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad really changed his ways?"

"Do you think that Guo Huai is outstanding now? Is it that you have the urge to get him as your boyfriend?"

"He indeed looks rather handsome. He even has so much wonderful wine. Sigh… it\'s just that he\'s too young," Lin Shuang said. "Ah! Wh-when did you come here? I didn\'t say anything just now!"

"Teacher Lin, I treated you for lunch and even took care of your alcohol desires. Aren\'t you supposed to solve the gourd problem now?" Guo Huai said and snickered.

"Yes, I\'ll solve it. I\'ll solve it now… You\'ve brought fifty million with you, right?" Lin Shuang said, blushing. I\'ll quickly take care of his problem and get Naughty Boy out of here! she thought.

"There should be enough money on this card. Take a look, charge my card for your wine money as well. This is my fault for being thoughtless. I should\'ve let you have a taste of the wine before the auction," Guo Huai said as he passed a black card to Lin Shuang.

"I\'ll pay for my own. You shouldn\'t spend money so recklessly. Otherwise, you\'ll finish Professor Guo\'s retirement funds," Lin Shuang said responsibly.

"Didn\'t you hope that I\'d contribute to the charity sale more?" Guo Huai asked, staring at Lin Shuang.

"Wh-when have I ever thought that way?! Don\'t guess blindly like this. Even if I did think like that, I wouldn\'t ask you to spend this much money, right?!" Lin Shuang asked loudly. "Here\'s your card. Professor Guo has contributed his entire life to scientific research already. I hope you can spend your grandparents\' money appropriately."

"Teacher Lin, how are you so sure that this money belongs to my grandfather?" Guo Huai asked, smiling. "I earned all this money myself. I won\'t be spending my grandpa\'s money anymore. Money hasn\'t been an issue for me for quite a while already."

"Let me tell you, Guo Huai. You\'re a student of Wucheng Subhigh now. If you\'re ever found to have violated the school rules, nobody can help you and you\'ll be expelled!" Lin Shuang said loudly.

"Don\'t worry, Teacher Lin. I won\'t be causing another chaos in the school anytime soon. I have to appreciate my time here as a student. If I can\'t continue studying at Wucheng Subhigh, how am I going to see you?" Guo Huai asked Lin Shuang with a perverted expression.

"Ahem, ahem. Here\'s your gourd. If… if you don\'t need to be here anymore, you should leave. I\'m busy now," Lin Shuang said as her face slowly turned pink.

"Since I don\'t have much to do now, I\'ll help you with your work," Guo Huai said. "You\'re only supposed to key in the data into the computer, right?"

Guo Huai sat beside the computer and started typing quickly on the keyboard.

I didn\'t know that this kid was a computer expert before he died. Using it in combination with my good memory, this should be done in no time, Guo Huai thought.

Guo Huai printed a list out a showed Lin Shuang before asking, "Teacher Lin, have a look. Everything\'s fine now, right?"

Lin Shuang compared the list with her data and asked, "H-how are you done so quickly? There\'s even no errors at all!"

"When I\'m with someone I like, I feel like a superhero," Guo Huai said, smirking. "Teacher Lin, actually age isn\'t a problem. You don\'t have to be so stressed out, hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed before leaving the office.