Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 28

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Last regular chapter of the week! Enjoy.

After listening to what Guo Huai said, Crazy Xue shouted towards the restaurant, "Zhu, come here." An almost two-meter-tall, tough guy walked towards them. No one understood why a strong, giant guy like him would work in the kitchen of a small restaurant.

"Grandpa!" Zhu shouted, looking at Crazy Xue.

"Zhu, I have to leave this place for a while. I\'m not sure how long I\'ll be away. It could be a year, it could be forever. I\'m passing this restaurant to you. You must remember something, if this student visits our restaurant, serve him everything he wants for free," Crazy Xue said.

"Grandpa, I\'ll follow you out," Zhu said, scratching his head.

"Do you even know what I\'m going out for? Why do you want to follow me?" Crazy Xue said impatiently.

"I\'ll do whatever grandpa does. Before my dad left, he told me to follow grandpa," Zhu said softly.

"I\'m already in my eighties. You shouldn\'t insist on following me. What if I die? Who are you going to follow?" Crazy Xue asked helplessly.

"Old man, this elder brother is not bad. If you\'re going to leave this place, I\'m afraid the restaurant will be shutting down as well," Guo Huai said.

Crazy Xue looked at Guo Huai and suddenly thought of something. He said, "Zhu, before your dad passed away, he asked you to obey my orders, right?"

"Yes, I\'ll obey grandpa no matter what," Zhu said honestly.

"Brother Huai, I have only one request. I need your help," Crazy Xue said softly.

Guo Huai sat mute and looked at Zhu once again. Suddenly, he felt a peculiar breath entering his mind silently.

This… how is this possible?! Guo Huai thought. His heart also jumped out of his body. The body of this giant guy contains… witchblood?!

"I\'m going to leave Wucheng County, but I\'m not sure where I\'m going to. I\'m thinking of letting Zhu follow you. I\'ll handle the procedures in the school. I want him to learn something from you," Crazy Xue said softly.

"Hahah grandpa, have you heard of Wucheng Vile Tetrad? I\'m the youngest within the four, also the worst among them. Would you be at ease if you leave a fellow this naive to me? Do you think that he won\'t get influenced negatively, or do you believe that I won\'t bring him harm?" Guo Huai asked.

"Zhu, you\'ll be following Brother Huai from now on. You have to listen to him. You\'ll do whatever he wants you to. Do you understand?" Crazy Xue asked loudly.

"Grandpa, this one wants to follow you…" the stubborn Zhu said.

"Is it that you\'re disobeying me before I even left?!" Crazy Xue shouted. "This youngster in front of you will bring you success. Only him can let everyone in the village to look up to you! This way, you can finally make your parents proud."

"Grandpa, I\'ll always obey you! Lord Huai, nice to meet you!" Zhu said, bowing to Guo Huai. His actions made the few ladies widen their eyes.

"Hahah, you\'ll be one of us from now on. Starting today, don\'t work in this small kitchen anymore. Get a stool for yourself, let\'s eat together," Guo Huai said.

"Lord Huai, I\'ll serve \'Purple Prosperity\' now. Please have a taste of the best dish I make," Zhu said before going into the kitchen.

"This is delicious! It tastes so good! Brother Zhu, what\'s this thing that has a sharp taste? It\'s the best part of this dish. Why haven\'t I seen this anywhere else before?" Su Ye asked. She was devouring the food in front of her like a beast.

"Heheh, please don\'t call me Brother Zhu. You\'re Lord Huai\'s girl. Please call me Zhu," Zhu said. "That thing is… that thi—"

Guo Huai stopped him from talking.

"It\'s a cow tendon. Can\'t you tell?" Guo Huai asked, smiling. "Zhu, let\'s close the shop down today. Make us a few more dishes that you\'re best at cooking. I\'ll let you have some wonderful beverage when you\'re back."

"Zhu, let me tell you. I\'m not Lord Huai\'s girl!" Su Ye shouted at Zhu who was running into the kitchen. "I\'m so pissed right now. This naughty boy is taking advantage of me even when I\'m eating."

After finishing the meal at two o\'clock in the afternoon, Guo Huai burped and stood up slowly. The human world is amazing! The \'Purple Prosperity\' just now was not bad. If it was made using the reproductive organ of a pegasus, it\'d taste a lot better, he thought as he walked out of the restaurant, looking at the clouds in the sky.

After walking out of the restaurant, Tang Xi saw Su Ye holding a transparent plastic bag. "Ye, what\'s the thing you\'re holding?" Tang Xi asked.

"It\'s the \'Purple Prosperity\' we had just now. This cow tendon tastes really good. I\'ll bring some home for my dad," Su Ye said, smiling.

Guo Huai saw that she was planning to bring the food home and shouted, "Ye, please don\'t do this! Give me the plastic bag. If your dad sees this, he\'ll tear the school down. Since Crazy Xue isn\'t here anymore, Zhu will get into trouble!"

"Naughty boy, this is no big deal. Am I not just taking away some food? Why are you overreacting?" Su Ye asked.

"Ye, come here. I have something to tell you," Guo Huai said. He could not stand it anymore and pulled Su Ye to her side.

After listening to what Guo Huai whispered, Su Ye shouted, "Bad guy! Bad guy! Why didn\'t you tell me earlier? This is so disgusting!"

Su Ye immediately threw away the plastic bag she was holding.

"Hahah, throwing it away is such a waste. I\'ll take it with me then. When I need it for nourishment, I\'ll make some to eat, hahah," Guo Huai said. He looked at the frustrated Su Ye and laughed.

"Teacher Lin, what are they talking about? Is there anything wrong with the thing Su Ye was holding?" Tang Xi asked.

"Nope, there\'s nothing wrong. Erm, erm… it\'s a part of a cow that has high collagen. It\'s unhealthy if you eat too much," Lin Shuang said. Having graduated from this school a few years ago, she naturally knew more than these naive girls in year ten. When the dish was served earlier, she immediately knew what it was after taking a bite. However, she could not say something like that on the dining table, right?

"Ahem, ahem. I know what it is! Crazy Xue is indeed an old gangster, disgusting!" You Youyou said. She saw that Lin Shuang was blushing and immediately guessed what she had eaten earlier.

"Let\'s not talk about it anymore. I\'m planning to go home in the afternoon. Youyou, Weiwei, do you have anything planned ahead?" Tang Xi asked.

"My brother will be picking me up soon. Want to come along?" Youyou asked with a smile.

"I\'ll check if grandmaster is still here. If he is, I\'ll follow him to his place. If he left, I\'ll grab a cab there," Murong Weiwei said.

"I\'ll have to leave now to take care of the stuff from the auction earlier. Ask Guo Huai to look for me at the office later if he wants the gourd so bad," Lin Shuang said and immediately left, blushing.

"Youyou, why is Teacher Lin Shuang blushing? Does he like Brother Huai as well?" Tang Xi asked softly.

"Teacher Lin is a mature adult, not a naive little girl like us. Why would she fall for the naughty boy?" You Youyou said loudly. After finishing her sentence, her face slowly turned pink as well.