Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 25

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Translated by: Lynic

Edited by: Moxie

"Thanks for supporting this charity auction. Please proceed to the finance department to make payment within three days. The organizing committee will make a detailed announcement after that. I hope everyone keeps an eye on it," Lin Shuang said.

"The canteen has prepared lunch for everyone. Please eat there before leaving. It\'s time for the few of us old folks to finally eat together, hahah," Li Xunyu said.

"Dezhi, don\'t leave this early. We have to finish the wine here anyway, to give the gourd back to the kid," Jia Guyun said and laughed.

"Guyun, I don\'t plan to drink the wine here today. Qian has found a new bottle to take the wine home. Let\'s go to Xuance\'s restaurant and enjoy his thirty-year-old wine," Wu Dezhi said, smiling. "You aren\'t expecting me to share the wine today, are you? There\'s less than one and a half kilograms of it inside this gourd. To share with more than ten old folks, each of us will only get a hundred grams at most. Nope, we\'re not drinking it today."

"What\'s going on? When has Old Man Wu become this petty?" an old man said. When most students had exit the hall, the voice of an old man resounded, grabbing everyone\'s attention.

"Grandmaster… Ceasewind Grandmaster, why are you here?" Jia Guyun said. He was the first one to recognize the old man who was speaking.

"Grandmaster, what made you come here? Please have a seat first, we shall talk," Li Xunyu said. Naturally, Li Xunyu had mad respect for Ceasewind Grandmaster since he excelled in Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting. His proficiency was well-known across the country.

"Grandmaster, you\'re really lucky today! Dezhi bought some wonderful wine just now. We\'ll be tasting it later, hahah!" Jia Guyun said and laughed.

"Hahah, Guyun, I guess you\'ve always behaved this way. It seems like I won\'t be bringing any wine home. Nevermind, good wine belongs in the stomach anyway. Since grandmaster is here, let\'s drink it together. I want to see just how good the wine provided by a little kid is," Wu Dezhi said, smiling.

"Brother Huai, that guy is Ceasewind Grandmaster," Murong Weiwei said. "I want to go there to salute my master. Brother Huai, come with me."

Guo Huai nodded and proceeded forward together with Murong Weiwei.

"Teacher!" Murong Weiwei said, bowing to Ceasewind Grandmaster like in the ancient times.

"Kid, you haven\'t been to my place in a while. You aren\'t taking a break from practicing, are you?" Ceasewind Grandmaster asked, smiling.

"I have been obeying your instruction, writing a hundred words every day non-stop," Murong Weiwei said.

"Kid, are you here to get your gourd back? You have to wait for a while more, my grandson isn\'t back yet," Wu Dezhi said and smiled. "If the wine doesn\'t taste good, I\'ll look for you personally."

"I would thank God already if you don\'t come and ask for more after drinking, hahah. However, since Weiwei\'s teacher is here, and all of you seated are my grandpa\'s close friends, I\'ll provide another gourd of wine. Similarly, the gourd has to be returned to me today," Guo Huai said.

"Hahah, I haven\'t seen Mr Guo in a while. I\'ll contact him later and ask him to come here for lunch," Li Xunyu said. "Let\'s go to Sixth Ren\'s restaurant."

"Kid, let\'s not go to Sixth Grandpa Ren\'s restaurant today. We\'ll eat at a different place, call Tang Xi and Youyou together," Guo Huai said. Since his grandfather was coming to Ren Xuance\'s restaurant in a while, Guo Huai decided to eat at a different place. Though he still had quite a lot of wine left, it was better to save for himself.

"How about Su Ye? Are we not calling her to come along?" Murong Weiwei asked.

"We don\'t have to call her. She\'ll come along automatically, hahah," Guo Huai said. I\'m in a very good mood today. I\'ll first retrieve the Laojun Gourd that I bid for from the auction earlier before it somehow ends up in somebody else\'s hands. If that happens, I don\'t know who to cry to, he thought.

After contacting Tang Xi and the others, Murong Weiwei and Guo Huai approached Lin Shuang. "Guo Huai, what\'s up?" Lin Shuang asked. "As a member of the organizing committee, thank you for making a contribution during this charity sale."

"Since I made such a huge contribution, are you going to give me some benefits?" Guo Huai asked and snickered while peeking at her legs. When Lin Shuang was on stage, Guo Huai could not stop staring at her precious, long legs, ignoring Murong Weiwei who was beside him.

"Ahem, ahem. Guo Huai, I\'ll dig your eyeballs out if you refuse to stop looking," Lin Shuang said. All this time, Lin Shuang was well-aware that Guo Huai was admiring her features. "Everyone\'s out for lunch. Why did you come to me?"

"Nah, it\'s nothing major. Since the wine I provided got first place in the charity sale, will I get thirty merit points?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

"After the results of the sale have been announced three days later, you\'ll naturally get thirty points. However, since you had been peeping on me just now, all thirty marks will be deducted at once," Lin Shuang said cheerfully.

"Heheh, Teacher Lin, please don\'t phrase it like that. I have a phobia of peeping," Guo Huai said and coughed. "By the way, you were standing so high up and allowed students to sit underneath. Are you purposely seducing students by any means?"

"You!" Lin Shuang exclaimed. "Is there anything you need? I\'m busy now."

"Heheh, Teacher Lin, I\'m thinking of taking the gourd I bid earlier with me. I can pay now, I wonder if that\'s possible," Guo Huai said.

"Of course you can\'t get it now. I have to sort out everything from the auction today. Following the procedures, you need to wait for a few days after paying before you can get the gourd," Lin Shuang said. Stupid brat, you may beg for it. I\'ll give it to you today if you beg me. Otherwise, you\'ll have to wait, Lin Shuang thought.

"Teacher Lin, I\'m your student from year ten Class One. Can you make an exception for me? I really like the gourd. If I can\'t get it today, I guess I won\'t be able to fall asleep tonight," Guo Huai said.

"My dear student Guo Huai, do you know that I have to fork out five million just because I drank thirty grams of your wine? I\'ve only saved around a million since I started working. I didn\'t even say anything about it until now, and you want me to make an exception? No way," Lin Shuang said. She would get into trouble if her grandfather knew that she had to pay five million for her temporary desire for alcohol.

"Ahem, ahen. Teacher Lin, you\'re not being reasonable now. You and Sixth Grandpa voluntarily drank the wine, I didn\'t force you two to do it. The price of 150 million yuan was called by Old Man Wu, it has nothing to do with me as well," Guo Huai said loudly. "Whether you like it or not, you have to give me the gourd today. I even brought the money with me."

"Reasonable? I am a teacher here, I am the law. I\'m even a female lecturer. Also, it is forbidden to get into a relationship in this school. Why is it fine for you to break the rules? Quite a few students have filed a report to Madam Xue already!" Lin Shuang said loudly.