Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 24

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Translated by: Lynic

Edited by: Moxie

"Jia, your grandson knows that kid who\'s selling the wine. You must\'ve tried it before as well, haven\'t you? You\'re such a great friend to leave the few of us old friends out. Is this something you, Jia Guyun, do?" the old man beside Jia Guyun said after tasting the wine in his palm.

"Do I look like someone who would do something like that?! Let me tell you, that drop just now was my first time tasting the wine!" Jia Guyun shouted angrily. "J-Jia Yuan! Get your ass over here!"

"Ask Yao to come here. I saw him behind just now," Li Doutian said peacefully.

Wang Shen\'s grandfather did not get to taste the wine this time, however, looking at the expressions of the people who did, he immediately knew what was going on. The wine Wang Shen gave him should be the same with the one on stage. "Wang Shen! Didn\'t you tell me the wine was one-of-a-kind? My dear grandson, why did you lie to me?" Wang Yongjin, Wang Shen\'s father, shouted unhappily.

"Miss Lin, how much is the wine? Just state the price!" a man from the crowd shouted.

"According to Sixth Grandpa, there\'s around one and a half kilograms of wine inside. The starting price will be a thousand yuan, and each call must exceed a hundred yuan. Let\'s start," Lin Shuang said.

"50 million! Cut the crap, I\'ll pay fifty million yuan for this wine," an old man with white hair said loudly. He was Wu Qian, the founder of Wucheng Real Estate, one of the richest men in Wucheng County.

"Liu Gang, did you see that? Do you believe that I wasn\'t acting in class now? Let me tell you, I have drunk quite a few cups of this wine before. Do you know how much that\'s worth? Idiot," Qian Duoduo shouted at his classmate who accused him of acting in class.

"50 million?! Wu Qian, you aren\'t even giving us a chance, are you?" a few old people said loudly.

"55 million! Uncle Qian, I\'m really sorry. I want to get this wine for my grandpa. I don\'t think my Fourth Brother has extra," Jia Yuan said with a smile. Jia Guyun then looked at them and smiled with satisfaction.

"60 million! Yuan, you\'ve cut off your relations with your grandpa. Back then, I helped you with your loans. Don\'t you need to do me a favor now?" Wu Qian asked, smiling.

"Regardless of what happened, my grandfather will always be my grandfather. Without him, my father wouldn\'t be born. Without my father, I wouldn\'t be born. 70 million!" Jia Yuan said.

"Why are you two only talking to each other? Don\'t even think that the wine belongs to either of you. 80 million! Sharing is caring," an old man said loudly. There were around ten people behind, looking at him with excitement.

"Grandpa, as you can see, there are so many seniors bidding for the wine. They can easily crush me if they\'re offended. I\'ll stop bidding for the wine. You\'re on your own," Jia Yuan said loudly at Jia Guyun.

"There are so many of you going against my grandson alone. Though he\'s upset now, I won\'t be affected at all," Jia Yuan said, standing up slowly. "A hundred million! I can only die peacefully after drinking some wonderful wine."

Wang Shen walked towards Li Yao and asked softly, "Big Brother, merely one and a half kilograms of the wine exceeded a hundred million. Fourth Brother gave us hundreds of kilograms altogether. How much do you think that\'s worth? What\'s the origin of the wine?"

"I\'ve told you this before, Fourth Brother isn\'t that simple anymore," Li Yao said with a smile. "I have a very good mood now. Hahah, I\'m not giving the wine to anyone anymore, hahah!"

"Money can be earned again after spending. 110 million! Senior Jia, please give me an opportunity just for once. I\'ll be sharing the wine with my dad if I get it. You\'re his close friend, aren\'t you?" Wu Qian asked.

"Hahah, Qian, I\'ll only give way if your dad Dezhi is here. I can\'t control myself now that I got addicted to the wine. 115 million!" Jia Guyun said.

Just as Jia Guyun finished speaking, the door of the hall opened. An old man on a wheelchair entered the place. "Brother Jia, were you serious for what you said?"

"Dezhi, you… Why are you here?" Jia Guyun asked, astonished.

"Qian told me that there\'ll be good wine today. It seems like what he said is true. Are you going to get me the wine? Or should I get it myself?" Wu Dezhi asked, smiling.

"W-When did you wake up? Why are you jumping on the bandwagon?" Jia Guyun asked loudly. "I\'ll stop bidding for it. However, whether or not you get it still depends on you."

"120 million. Nobody wants to fight with an alcoholic like me, right?" Wu Dezhi asked and laughed. His voice was not very loud, however, nobody continued to bid for the wine.

"Who is Wu Dezhi?" Guo Huai asked the girls beside him who were looking at Wu Dezhi with respect.

"He lost both of his legs to save Wucheng County. There\'s a museum in Wucheng County that shows his story in detail. He\'s a true hero," Murong Weiwei said softly.

"Wow, if someone like him really exists, I\'d like to talk to him personally," Guo Huai said before reading Wu Dezhi\'s mind.

My days are ending soon, I hope the wine doesn\'t disappoint. I want to properly get drunk for once before dying, Wu Dezhi\'s thoughts clearly showed up in Guo Huai\'s mind. The next line made Guo Huai stand up anxiously. I trust that Sixth Ren doesn\'t lie. Furthermore, this gourd looks extraordinary. 120 million is definitely worth it.

"Grandpa, since you just came here, there\'s something I have to tell you," Guo Huai said loudly. The young man beside Wu Dezhi was already walking up the stage to retrieve the wine.

"Oh? Kid, what do you want to say? Do you want to bid for a higher price?" Wu Dezhi asked, smiling.

"Grandpa, I provided the wine this time. Naturally, I wouldn\'t bid for my own item," Guo Huai said. "However, before the wine was open for sale, I already said that I only sell the wine, not the wine gourd. You have to return the gourd to me within an hour."

"Bad guy, sit down now! You already bought a gourd just now. Just give this to grandpa," Tang Xi said as she grabbed Guo Huai\'s arm. Though she knew that Wu Dezhi would not mind, it did not mean that others like the military, the government or the business worlds would not as well. Offending Wu Family did not seem like a good idea just for a wine gourd.

"Kid, the gourd belongs to us. Grandpa Wu wouldn\'t blame a junior like me just for a gourd," Guo Huai said, smiling. Though his voice was soft, Wu Dezhi could hear what he was saying.

"Hahah, it seems like I don\'t know the rules. Within an hour, I\'ll return the gourd to you!" Wu Dezhi said.