Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 23

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Just as Lin Shuang was about to give the gourd to You Youyou, a westerner with blond hair and blue eyes stood up before saying, "Five million! I hope to raise more donation for General Li\'s gourd."

"This scum is from Britain. His ancestors are all pirates and love to collect weird stuff," a middle-aged man whispered to Li Doutian.

"I don\'t hope this gourd to end up in the hands of a foreigner. Tell Yao about this," Li Doutian said before shutting his eyes.

"Interesting… he\'s willing to pay five million for a gourd with unknown functionality," a guy said. After Charlie called for a high price of five million, a lot of people started a discussion.

"Eight million, this thing should stay in China," You Youyou said as she clenched her teeth. Eight million was already her financial limit. Though You Family had some businesses in Wucheng County, most of them operated near coastal areas.

Li Doutian nodded lightly after hearing what You Youyou said.

"This lady, my great grandfather loves strange items. His birthday is coming in a few days. I hope to get this gourd for him as a birthday present. I\'ll pay ten million yuan," Charlie said loudly.

Let\'s see what this British is thinking about, Guo Huai thought before reading Charlie\'s mind.

Stupid Chinese, my great grandfather told me about the gourd before. Back then, General Ivanov talked about it when he came to my house. This gourd is very likely to be a gift from aliens. I have to bring this back to Britain. If our guess is right, it\'d have a huge impact on the British economy, Charlie\'s thoughts clearly showed up in Guo Huai\'s mind.

"Twenty million! Your great grandfather has brought away way too many items from China. I would like it to stay in this country," Guo Huai said mercilessly.

"There are way too many gourds like this in China. I hope you\'d let me have this one. I\'ll pay thirty million," Charlie said, looking at Guo Huai.

"You know what? For the sake of my great grandfather, I\'ll pay forty million," Charlie said, clenching his teeth. This price had far exceeded the price he was willing to pay, since he was not very certain if the gourd was really a gift from aliens. Though mere forty million yuan would not affect his business in any way, no one would complain for having too much money, right?

"I guess what my girlfriend said is right. It\'s best if this thing stays in China, since it has always belonged to this country. Fifty million yuan!" Guo Huai said before sitting down. You Youyou looked at him with her red eyes, showing the look of appreciation.

"Fifty million yuan? Congratulations. Looks like you really love your girlfriend. The gourd belongs to you now," Charlie said with the attitude of a gentleman.

"You\'re giving up something your great grandfather likes just because of fifty million yuan? I believe he\'ll get mad at you, hahah!" Guo Huai said loudly. When reading Charlie\'s mind, he also noticed that his great grandfather had passed away last year.

After waiting for three or four seconds, Lin Shuang proudly said, "Fifty million yuan, thanks to Guo Huai from year ten Class One for making such a huge contribution." Though this student had behaved rather terribly in school, what he had done today was indeed commendable.

"I hope this student is able to fork out that much money…" Charlie said as he shook his head.

"Next up, this will be the last time of today\'s auction," Lin Shuang announced before pulling a red cloth, revealing a very similar gourd as the previous one on stage.

"A pot of good wine," Lin Shuang said, smiling.

Before Lin Shuang started introducing his wine, Guo Huai stood up and said, "Teacher Lin, sorry for interrupting. I\'m only donating the wine in the gourd for the auction, not the gourd itself. Whoever pays the highest price and gets the wine has to return me the gourd within an hour, with the simple reason being it\'s mine."

A youngster who was sitting not far away from Guo Huai said, "I haven\'t seen anyone selling wine this way, one without a proper bottle."

"Whether you like it or not, I\'ve always sold my wine this way. It\'s just like when you insert your Johnson into a girl, do your eggs go in as well?" Guo Huai said in defiance.

"Hahah! That\'s my Brother Huai!" Qian Duoduo said loudly. Most guys in the hall started laughing as well.

"Please remain silent. I bet everyone is tired by now. Let\'s finish the auction wonderfully with the final item," Lin Shuang said, blushing.

"I think it\'s better if I introduce the wine myself," Ren Xuance said before proceeding to the stage. "I\'m Ren Xuance, I believe a lot of you know me by the name of Sixth Ren."

"Hahah, Sixth Ren. I haven\'t seen you in a while. We heard that you have a restaurant here, but Old Man Li always refused our entry repeatedly. You aren\'t getting away this time," an old man said, laughing.

"After the auction today, I\'ll take care of your meals at my restaurant. However, I hope that everyone can bring this gourd of wine back today," Ren Xuance said with a smile. "I have drunk this wine twice, thanks to my cheekiness. Of course, I will pay Wucheng Subhigh according to its final price after the auction ends."

The elders in the hall laughed after hearing what Ren Xuance said.

"I have tried countless wine in my entire life, and I\'m proud to say that the wine here provided by Guo Huai ranks first," Ren Xuance said before walking down the stage.

"To be honest, I took a small cup of wine from this gourd as well. Though I don\'t drink wine often, the taste of this wine remains remarkable. Similar to Sixth Grandpa, I\'ll pay the price accordingly after the auction ends," Lin Shuang said softly. "I hope the price doesn\'t end up too high."

"But we can\'t taste the wine through words!" an old man said with a hint of jealousy after listening to how the two people described their experiences.

"What\'s the big deal of letting you guys have a taste?" Guo Huai said and stood up before walking up the stage lazily, yawning. He opened the gourd and filled a small wine cup up fully before throwing it into the air. He used a strange method to disperse the wine in the hall. "Whoever\'s lucky gets to try, otherwise, forget about it," Guo Huai said before returning to his seat.

"Stop making sh*t up, I don\'t believe how good this wine can be," an old man said before licking the drop of wine that landed on the back of his hand.

"Wine… wine! I beg you, offer me your price. I\'ll pay whatever you ask for!" the old man shouted at Guo Huai.

"One million! No, ten million! I just want a small cup of the wine, just one cup!" another old main shouted like he had gone crazy.