Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 22

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"Grandpa Jia, he\'s my Fourth Brother. If he doesn\'t have enough money, I\'ll pay for him," Li Yao said with a smile.

"Brat, why didn\'t you tell me earlier? Why are we fighting among our own family members? I don\'t want it anymore," Jia Guyun scolded Jia Yuan loudly.

"Grandpa, you should get it if you really want it. Please forgive Fourth Brother for being ignorant. As your grandson, I\'ll surely get it for you. Twenty million!" Jia Yuan shouted after standing up.

Damn, Second Brother, what the heck is going on now? Guo Huai thought and used his telepathy ability on Jia Yuan.

My great Fourth Brother, please let my grandpa have it. I\'ll steal it for you later on from home if you really want it. I have to pay for my grandpa\'s first item today. The wine afterwards will cost at least a hundred million. You can\'t let me pay for that right?! Jia Yuan\'s thoughts showed up in Guo Huai\'s mind clearly.

"Weiwei, the painting belongs to us sooner or later. I\'ll let grandpa admire it for a while," Guo Huai said.

"It\'s fine, the decision is yours to make. You can always write a few for me, right? I\'ll bring you to meet Ceasewind Grandmaster one day. I believe he\'d be surprised," Murong Weiwei said, smiling.

Guo Huai nodded and stood up before saying, "Grandpa, I didn\'t know you had a hobby like this. You can have it then, my Second Brother will pay for it. If you really admire Chinese calligraphy, I can write them for you as well."

Your first two sentences were fine—I can have the painting, and Jia Yuan will pay for it. However, are you slapping me with the last sentence? You\'re the one in Wucheng Vile Tetrad who stays away from martial arts the most. Do you really expect me to accept your calligraphy writing?! Do you really think that I know nothing about Chinese calligraphy? Jia Guyun thought. Of course, Guo Huai did not know that he was thinking this way.

"Yes, he\'s right! I\'ll pay for this painting, I have to! As a true man, I need to deliver on my promise!" Jia Yuan said quickly.

"Twenty million yuan, is there a higher bid?" Lin Shuang asked. She noticed that Jia Guyun was not looking too happy; it was best to solve the problem as soon as possible. "Twenty million yuan, this painting belongs to Grandpa Jia. Thank you for making a contribution for this charity sale," Lin Shuang said. A round of applause then resounded. They were clapping since the richest man in Wucheng County made yet another contribution to the society.

"Let\'s continue with the second last item. Please have a look," Lin Shuang said before pulling a red cloth off. A delicate gourd was placed on the center of a porcelain plate.

Why is it here? How is it possible? Did anyone else get banished into the mortal world except me? Guo Huai thought. He immediately stood up and stared at the gourd the moment it was revealed.

"The gourd is so beautiful… It looks almost the same as the one owned by naughty boy," Su Ye said softly. "Naughty boy, the charity sale is coming to an end very soon. Since you haven\'t gotten anything yet, can you buy this gourd? I want it," Su Ye\'s voice was getting softer and softer as she spoke as a weird thought appeared in her mind: being only a bed warmer, asking for stuff seemed inappropriate.

"That gourd is mine. I\'m not giving it to anyone! It\'s mine… it\'s mine…" Guo Huai mumbled, ignoring what Su Ye said. He used his limited divine power on the gourd and noticed that the formation on the gourd was still complete—meaning, nobody had successfully opened it before. It was very likely to contain some good items.

Ahem, ahem. What\'s my grandpa thinking about? What made him donate his precious treasure out? Li Yao thought as he stared at the gourd on stage. He then turned to look at Guo Huai\'s expression and thought, This must be something extraordinary! Grandpa, you will regret your decision soon…

"I won\'t be introducing this item myself. Let\'s welcome General Li, Li Doutian with a round of applause!" Lin Shuang said. Li Yao\'s grandpa, Li Doutian was one of the few generals of the Modern Sino-Japanese War who was still alive. Though he had retired from the military, this old man was still well respected not just in Wucheng County, but in the whole of China.

No one would object if he was called the Modern King of Soldiers, the Military God, or the God of War in China.

"Salute!" a guy in military uniform shouted the moment Li Doutian stood up from his seat. After that, more than ten people of different age ranges stood up and raised their right hand to give a military salute.

"Sit down, everyone. We\'re at a charity sale now, don\'t frighten the students here," Li Doutian said with a smile. "I\'ll first talk about the history of this gourd. I coincidentally saw this gourd during the war in 1951. It has been with me since, for almost seventy years already."

"I got it from Heaven Lake of Mount Paektu. I have no idea what this gourd is made of. It has been examined by countless experts who all failed to determine its origin," Li Doutian said.

"I have two intentions of donating it to this charity sale. Firstly, I hope to get it a new owner that can solve its mystery. Secondly, I want to make a small contribution to the society. Unlike the younger generation, I can\'t casually take out tens of millions of yuan after all," Li Doutian said, looking at Jia Yuan.

"The charity sale has been very successful and has raised quite a lot of donation. I hope every cent will be spent appropriately. If anyone even dares to think of taking advantage of this money, I\'m afraid my gun at home will go berzerk," Li Doutian said as he looked at the representatives of the officials.

"Grandpa Li, you shall not worry. I will publicize every transaction made using this money for everyone to supervise. If there is even a cent spent inappropriately, I will meet you with my brain in hand," Wang Shen said loudly after standing up, when nobody else dared to speak.

"Hahah, the kid from Wang Family, not bad. I believe you\'ll be a good official like Wang Yongjin," Li Doutian said before returning to his seat.

"General Li\'s gourd will have a starting price of one yuan, every call must exceed one yuan. Let\'s start," Lin Shuang said.

"One million yuan! My father used to be General Li\'s subordinate. I hope to bring this home as a gift for him," a middle-aged man said.

"Brother Zhan, I\'m really sorry. I happen to admire this gourd as well, I\'ll pay one and a half million," a guy who seemed slightly older said.

"Three million! Fellow uncles, I really like this gourd. Please allow me to bring it home," You Youyou said before Guo Huai even opened his mouth.

"Youyou, do you have a clue about what the gourd is?" Guo Huai asked.

"Nope, I just feel like the gourd on stage looks very similar to yours. It should be rather nice as well. Am I right, naughty boy?" You Youyou asked with a smile.

"Ahem, ahem. Kid, I\'m afraid you won\'t be able put anything inside even if you get it. That\'s because it\'s impossible for you to open it," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Don\'t waste your money, I\'ll get it myself."

"Bad guy, just say that you want it. You don\'t have to find an excuse like I can\'t open it. Humph!" You Youyou said and turned her head away from Guo Huai. It seemed like a lot of people were not willing to pay more than three million to get a gourd made of unknown material.