Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 21

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Second regular chapter of the week. Enjoy!

"I bet everyone must be really tired now. We only have three items left which I believe will be liked by a lot of people," Lin Shuang said as she noticed the people below had lost their excitement.

"Beauty Lin, I really hope that the final three items will be interesting, hahah," a youngster said and laughed. Looking at his sarcastic attitude, many people looked at him with disdain.

"Niu Ben, you\'re in my school compound, not at the backyard of Niu Family. If you don\'t feel like staying, you may get out now," Li Xunyu said loudly after standing up.

Slap! A middle-aged guy beside Niu Ben gave him a violent slap. "Mr Li, I\'m really sorry for his ignorance and immaturity."

"You worthless child, I wonder what went wrong when your mother gave birth to you. Get out if you don\'t want to be here."

The woman beside the middle-aged guy wanted to say something but decided to swallow her words after looking at his expression.

"Miss Lin, you may continue," Li Xunyu said.

"Headmaster Li hasn\'t changed at all! Hahah, he\'s always been this short-tempered," a few middle-agers said and laughed. They were all former students from Wucheng Subhigh who now had some form of authority in Wucheng County. This was also why the middle-ager from Niu Family did not dare to offend Li Xunyu—he had connections all over the world.

"This item belongs to me. I didn\'t put it on the final three to be the finale of the auction sale. It\'s just that the items before this are all overly excellent, so my item had to queue all the way here," Lin Shuang said with a smile. "This landscape painting is my creation. The starting price will be one yuan, and every call must exceed one yuan. Let\'s start!"

A few students carefully rolled the eight-meter-long painting open on stage, presenting it to the audience.

"This child from Lin Family is indeed impressive. Judging by her look, I bet she\'s only in her twenties," an old man said.

"Qian, do you think that the words on the left seem familiar?" an old woman beside him said.

"Aren\'t those written by Ceasewind Grandmaster?! Didn\'t he stop writing already? Why would he inscribe on this painting? Regardless if these words are truly by Ceasewind Grandmaster, I want my brat to bid it down!" the old man with the surname of Qian said loudly.

"Qian, please don\'t snatch it from me. You\'re good friends with Lin Mu. You can ask him to let his precious granddaughter to draw one for you anytime. I have to get this painting this time," an old man said loudly.

"Sun, we should play it fair. Whoever pays a higher price gets the painting," Qian said as he raised his head.

"Brother Huai, what do you think of Teacher Lin\'s drawing?" Tang Xi asked softly.

"It\'s indeed rather profound, but still has some room for improvements. However, the lines of words on the side are rather well-written," Guo Huai said.

"Brother Huai, you understand the depths of the words?" Murong Weiwei asked as she frowned.

"Weiwei, you\'re somehow related to the writer, right?" Guo Huai asked as he smiled, ignoring her question.

"Yes, I got my Chinese calligraphy skill from Ceasewind Grandmaster. However, he has never acknowledged me as his apprentice because I\'m not good enough for him," Murong Weiwei said softly. "The words on Teacher Lin\'s painting are written by the grandmaster."

"Do you want the painting?" Guo Huai said with a smile. "Then I\'ll buy it for you."

"Five million yuan! This painting by Lin Shuang is admirable. Furthermore, there are words written by the grandmaster himself. I\'ll pay five million for this," Qian said loudly.

"Qian, the businesses owned by Qian Family aren\'t performing great nowadays. Don\'t you need to talk to your son and daughter-in-law first before spending this much money for the painting? Hahah!" an old man within the crowd said loudly.

"I\'m no longer in charge of the businesses. I simply admire the creation of Miss Lin. I hope everyone can give me the opportunity to bring this home," Qian said, beating around the bush. The old people all knew that he was only going after the two lines of words written by the grandmaster.

"Since Qian has already opened his mouth, I\'ll be more straightforward now. Eight million yuan. I hope everyone can be magnanimous," Sun said with a smile.

"The words written by the grandmaster are almost impossible to get. I\'ll pay ten million. Everyone will be welcome to admire the painting at my house if I get it," Jia Guyun said. He was the current patriarch of Jia Family, also Jia Yuan\'s grandfather.

"Sigh… can you see it now? I\'m always grinding my ass off and grandpa is spending my money like this," Jia Yuan complained to Wang Shen.

"Didn\'t you cut off your relationship with your grandpa already? You don\'t have to take the money out then, hahah," Wang Shen said.

"I only came here for Fourth Brother\'s wine. Sigh… I shouldn\'t have told grandpa that just now. My mouth is indeed retarded. I only said it for the sake of courtesy," Jia Yuan said as he shook his head.

A few hours ago, Jia Yuan bumped into his grandpa coincidentally outside the hall. "Oh grandpa, you\'re here as well! Walk slower, I\'ll support you inside."

"Yuan, why are you here? I thought you hated occasions like this the most. Let me warn you, you better behave yourself inside during this charity sale," Jia Guyun said loudly.

"I understand! I\'m in my twenties already… I know basic rules like this," Jia Yuan said. "Grandpa, if you happen to like anything later, just call your price straight, I\'ll simply pay for your bill as filial piety," Jia Yuan flattered.

[TL note: In Confucian philosophy, filial piety is a virtue of respect for one\'s parents, elders, and ancestors.]

"Sigh… this grandson who had cut off his relation with me is still better than all my sons after all. It\'s more than enough if you think this way," Jia Guyun said, smiling.

"Jia Wu, it\'s very rare that Yuan wants to do something like this. Let\'s give him a chance. Let him pay for the first thing we bid later," Jia Guyun said before walking into the hall.

"Grandpa, you may enter first. I\'ll go in later after my friend arrives," Jia Yuan said. Why the heck did I say that… Why did I ask for it myself? Jia Yuan thought.

Back to the hall, Qian said, "Jia, what do you want the painting for? It\'s not like you understand Chinese calligraphy. I suggest you to stop participating. I\'ll pay twelve million!"

"Fifteen million! You are all seniors, isn\'t it appropriate that you give me this opportunity?" Guo Huai suddenly stood up and said. Lin Shuang who was on stage suddenly blushed. Does this kid even understand Chinese calligraphy? Or is he getting it because it\'s my creation? Lin Shuang thought.

"Kid, it\'s fifteen million, not fifteen bucks. Are you sure you can fork out that much money?" Jia Guyun said loudly.

A day before, Li Yao received a call from Black Dragon. He was asked to drive a truck to collect the compensation for his car at Wucheng Paradise. However, Li Yao drove his own jeep there. Upon entering Wucheng Paradise, he got astonished. He thought that Guo Huai only managed to ask for ten million yuan, however, judging by the piles cash in front of him, they should contain at least thirty million yuan.

"Brother Yao, please pass a message to Brother Huai. This time, it\'s me at fault. I won\'t repeat this mistake anymore," Ghost said before running away without even looking back once.