Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 18

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"Brother Huai, is it true that you want to participate in Knowledge Championship?" Murong Weiwei looked at Guo Huai and said softly.

"Kong Xuan brought you to get first place in Combat Championship. What I can do is to bring you to victory in Knowledge Championship. I want to prove that you, Weiwei, did not pick a wrong guy," Guo Huai said softly.

"Are you the Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad?" Murong Weiwei asked.

"If you\'re talking about the four -- Li Yao, Jia Yuan, Wang Shen and Guo Huai, Wucheng Honorable Tetrad, then I guess the fourth one refers to me," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Brother Huai, please give up on competing. I\'m afraid that the good impression you built up will disperse during the competition," Murong Weiwei said relaxedly. "You\'ll find another way to make me fall for you. I know that you certainly have another way which is as wonderful as your wine."

"Weiwei, I will bring you to victory. Just watch," Guo Huai said. At this moment, Lin Shuang walked into the classroom.

"Today, I want to announce something. I believe everyone here heard about it from the forum," Lin Shuang looked at Qian Duoduo and said, smiling.

If you keep looking at me this way, I will chase you, Qian Duoduo thought. However, he looked like a gentleman on the outside.

"The charity sale that takes place every semester will be held in the hall at nine o\'clock sharp tomorrow. Please don\'t be late everyone," Lin Shuang said with a smile. "There\'s a total of eight items from our class, Class One. I hope you will try to purchase the items from our class, if you have the ability to do so. Every dollar earned from this event will be donated to the construction of primary schools out of town," Lin Shuang said before landing her sight on Guo Huai.

Naughty boy, please contribute to the school tomorrow, Lin Shuang thought, which was all heard by Guo Huai who used his telepathy ability.

"Teacher Lin, I have something interesting here. I wonder if it\'s qualified to be sold during this auction?" Guo Huai said before taking out a delicate gourd.

"What medicine are you selling inside the gourd?" Lin Shuang smiled and said.

"It\'s some of the wine I\'ve made myself. The elder Ren Xuance has tasted it before and seemed to have liked it," Guo Huai said.

"Brother Huai, is this the wine from your other wine gourd? Don\'t sell it on the auction. I\'ll buy it now for a hundred thousand yuan, a hundred thousand yuan! No, I\'ll buy it for a million yuan! Teacher Lin, what do you think?" Qian Duoduo suddenly stood up and shouted.

"Damn, his acting skills are on point," a few guys sitting at the back said loudly. \'A million yuan? Qian Duoduo, you\'re such a genius."

"The ignorant will never know their own stupidity. Nevermind, I\'ll bid this myself during the auction. I hope Sixth Grandpa Ren doesn\'t inflate the price too much," Qian Duoduo said as he shook his head before sitting down. He was still staring at the gourd Guo Huai was holding.

"If Professor Ren approved the wine, it must be extraordinary. I\'ll ask the organizing committee for verification, it has to be approved first," Lin Shuang said softly.

"I\'ll leave it to Teacher Lin then," Guo Huai said before sitting down. He then turned to Murong Weiwei who sat beside him and said, "Let\'s eat together after class. I brought something really interesting, ready to impress."

The next lesson was English, which let Guo Huai have a really nice sleep. The following lesson was history. Guo Huai kept quiet since Shi Yucai stopped teaching the history of Tang Dynasty.

"Fourth Brother, how are you? It seems like you\'ve had a great time in school, so great that you don\'t even think of phoning me, hahah," Jia Yuan\'s bold, loud voice resounded in Guo Huai\'s phone.

"I\'ve indeed had a good time. However, without you three brothers around me, I feel a bit uncomfortable. Let\'s drink together during my holidays this month. Oh ya, how are Big Brother and Third Brother doing these days?" Guo Huai asked.

"Brother Yao is going overseas in two days, you should know this. Third Brother is getting promoted soon, all thanks to your wonderful wine. Speaking of the wine, Fourth Brother, do you still have more of it? I won\'t take it for free this time, I\'ll pay a hundred million for a small bottle. I met a troublesome guy during business, I need the wine to take care of him, hahah," Jia Yuan said and laughed.

"Second Brother, did you give my wine to others?!" Guo Huai said, disappointed.

"No way! I\'m not that stupid. I didn\'t even give the old man at my house. I have to slowly enjoy the taste of the wine," Jia Yuan said. He felt that he said something wrong. Since he still had some of the wine and asked for more, he did not know if his Fourth Brother would get mad or not.

"Second Brother, to be honest, I still have some left. I can let you drink, as well as Big Brother and Third Brother. However, if anyone else wants to drink, it\'ll have to depend on my mood. If you dare to give my wine away, then I\'ll no longer recognize you as my brother. You even talked about money? Can my wine be bought using money?!" Guo Huai said angrily and immediately ended the call.

"Damn, I didn\'t know he\'d dare to end the call like this. I have to tell Big Brother. I wonder if this kid took the wrong medication…" Jia Yuan said and immediately called Li Yao.

"Third Brother, you said that Fourth Brother took the wrong medication? I bet you\'re the one who ate the wrong pill," Li Yao said loudly on phone after listening to what Jia Yuan told him. He got really speechless of what Jia Yuan said. "Jia Yuan, do you know what it means to be brothers? If you don\'t know something this basic, the three of us will really have to draw a line with you."

"No, no, no! Big Brother, I apologize, I know that I\'m wrong. I\'ll go to Wucheng Subhigh tomorrow, an auction will take place there. I will apologize to Fourth Brother in person. Please don\'t treat me like this," Jia Yuan shouted to the phone like pigs were getting killed.

"An auction in Wucheng Subhigh? I think my old man is going as well," Li Yao said as he ended the call. I\'ll go to the auction before leaving for America. It\'s not like I have anything to do before that, he thought.

"Third Brother, is your wine finished?" Jia Yuan called Wang Shen and asked.

"Second Brother, I finished everything. The wine tasted too good. I haven\'t even recovered from the hangover from drinking all the wine," Wang Shen said. He got shocked when he saw Jia Yuan phoning him at this hour. Jia Yuan was a really busy guy, it was a bad sign if he really called during working hours.

"Third Brother, you\'re lying to me right? Don\'t worry, I haven\'t finished mine yet. Even if I have, I wouldn\'t ask you for more," Jia Yuan said. Having one of the smartest business minds in the country, he immediately knew what Wang Shen was up for.

"Ahem, ahem. I hope you\'re not lying," Wang Shen said, blushing. "What are you calling me for?"

"Nah, it\'s nothing major. I just got scolded for two rounds earlier. I just want to whine to you," Jia Yuan said. "Third Brother, where do you think Fourth Brother\'s wine came from? Haven\'t you felt it yet? After the car accident, Fourth Brother indeed changed a lot."

"Who cares about the origin of his wine? All I know is Fourth Brother really treats us really well to give us this much selflessly. Why do you care so much about other things?" Wang Shen said as he downed yet another cup of the wine.

"You have a point… Let me tell you something, don\'t even give the wine away. Fourth Brother would be upset if he finds it out," Jia Yuan said softly and explained what he had been through to Wang Shen.

"Thanks, Third Brother, I\'ll take note. When I gave my grandpa a bottle, I told him it was one of its kind, and I got it inadvertently. I bet he\'s not willing to finish it so soon and still has some left, hahah," Wang Shen said and laughed.