Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 164

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Guo Huai talked with the two little guys of Xuanyuan’s family for a while. After Xuanyuan Wei and Xuanyuan Hu left, Guo Huai dissolute practiced made the two beautiful sisters redden all over the face.

“I have been busy with business recently. When I am finished with the business, I will accept you both. You dare to take the initiative to send yourselves to my door to tease me, hehe.” Guo Huai let loose the two beauties, he did not care whether the two girls redden all over the face, and entered into a guest room directly.

“Sister Mei\'er, this guy is too hateful.” Xuanyuan Qingqing digs the mouth to say.

“I just saw that you enjoyed it, drank the wine of others and ate the meat of others. making others profit.” Hu Mei’er said and entered the bedroom directly, she left behind the surprised Xuanyuan Qianqian, who just talking about the Imperial Capital seductive girl. Was profited, is it so open-minded?

“Elder Sister Liu Yan, didn’t sleep yet, are you thinking about me?” Guo Huai called Liu Yan, the professional of auction house which is more reliable.

“What do you want to do, I heard that you went to the Imperial Capital, has been a womanizer outside?” Although the Liu Yan mouth said calmly, today’s Wucheng is so troubled by the hijacking. Later, she knew that Guo Huai was also on the plane. The tension was not only because Guo Huai brought a huge reputation and rich profits to the auction house. In addition, this little boy who was much younger than her was really good. Thinking about it, Liu Yan\'s face began to get hot. {she will be eaten later I bet}

“You definitely missed me, you still don’t want to admit it because you are embarrassed.” Guo Huai said, “I\'m calling because I need your help.”

“What is it, is there anything else in the world that can perplex Hall Lord Guo?” Liu Yan said with a smile.

“Your auction house should also have a branch in the Imperial Capital, right? I want to sell something at the auction house in the Imperial City. First, I will get some money. In addition, I want to accumulate some connections through the auction. Is Sister Liu Yan having any good way?” Guo Huai asked with a smile.

“This time you are looking for the right person, so, you wait, I will do a propaganda plan tonight, I will fly to the Imperial Capital tomorrow morning, let’s meet and talk, where are you living now, I will go to you tomorrow.” Liu Yan said softly, her face was red.

“Don’t worry, sleep well at night, otherwise I will feel bad. Oh, I am in Yunhua Mountain Villa, when you come, contact me, I will pick you up.” Guo Huai said with a smile.

“Well, then I will meet you up tomorrow.” Guo Huai few words on the phone made Liu Yan\'s heart had mighty wave, and finished, I really like this little boy, Liu Yan secretly thought, then she opened the notebook directly to start planning.

"Little brother, still has not rested? The old man made me send something to you, he said possibly useful." Xuanyuan Peng said in a soft voice.

“It turned out to be third uncle, why not let a few little guys run errands, how come you personally sent it. Please come in, please come in.” Guo Huai smiled and ushered Xuanyuan Peng into the house.

“I just heard the old man said something about you. The Gu family’s things are not easy. If other families, no matter how much they will give Xuanyuan family some face, but the Gu family… I can only say, you should do it yourself. My father is very optimistic about you.” Xuanyuan Peng said with a smile.

“Thank you, third uncle, for the reminder. If there is nothing else, then take a rest early. Today, I have tossed for a day, and I am a little tired.” Guo Huai whispered. It seems that there is some inside story for Gu family in China, but when think about it, this is interesting.Don’t you say that I am a bully.

“Hehe, little brother, hehe.” Xuanyuan Peng did not go out, looked at Guo Huai, and rubbed his hands, and showed silly smile.

“Third uncle, don’t be like this. I\'m not interested in men. I only interested in women. Third uncle please go back.” Saying, Guo Huai stepped forward, this Xuanyuan Peng\'s expression made Guo Huai had a feeling of pregnant women, two big men, you looked at me interestingly.

“Little brother, heard from Xuanyuan Hu little son, saying that you have added a meal here and ate some delicious food. You see that today, uncle has not eaten enough, why not let third uncle taste it too.” Red face said, who can think of the thee masters of Xuanyuan’s family, they don’t sleep at night, come to a younger generation to eat, but this also can\'t blame Xuanyuan Peng, has drunk the good wine in the living room, had not drunk to satisfy a craving, finally after the meal, met Xuanyuan Wei with Xuanyuan Hu, the two people said they had a meal at Guo Huai\'s place, so Xuanyuan Peng couldn\'t help it.

“Third uncle, big nephew had not told you, that meat that we ate a moment ago, gives me a feeling, I\'ve lived these many years, food we ate at home taste like dog foods." Xuanyuan Wei said with an extremely exaggerated expression.

“Brother Wei, you spoke incorrectly, the things we eat, the pigs don’t eat, don’t talk to the third uncle, he won\'t believe it what we have eaten, anyway, the uncle doesn\'t have this good fortune, go, go.” Said the Xuanyuan Hu pulled Xuanyuan Wei away, leaving Xuanyuan Peng, whose face shown had not believed.

Originally, Xuanyuan Peng was ready to go to sleep, but the more he wanted to sleep, the more he felt the deliciousness. I must have a look, happen to just left the door to run into own father, the father has made him give a thing to Guo Huai, take this opportunity.

“It’s the meat that I brought with me, don’t listen to them.” Guo Xiao looked at Xuan Peng, who looked forward to his face and said with a smile. “Since the third uncle are not full, I still have some here, third uncle can take it.” Was saying that Guo Huai took out two palm of the hand big dried meat, the dried meat of nine wing demon tigers, Guo Huai tasted it, this meat was difficult to eat, let\'s just make Xuanyuan Peng practice the tooth. Well, the efficacy of this dried meat is just right to help Xuanyuan Peng to strengthen the body.

"Hehe, I will be impolite then." Then, Xuanyuan Peng took up the dried meat and run as if one had found a treasure.

"The third child, how you made me say this to you, such a big person, why was so rash, did you deliver the thing?" Immediately to own dwelling, Xuanyuan Peng has met his own father Xuanyuan Xiongfeng.

"Father, the thing has been delivered, you rest earlier. I talked with big brother about what you said. I will definitely be serious about the family rules in the future. I will severely punish the disrespectful little guy" Xuanyuan Peng said with his hand behind his back and shouted.

Xuanyuan Xiongfeng nodded lightly, and if the kids were favoured like this. No matter what, Xuanyuan\'s family will fall sooner or later.

“Grandpa, you are also, ah, third uncle, the meat is here, this is it, let’s divide it.” Xuanyuan Wei and Xuanyuan Hu saw Xuanyuan Peng come back happily, the two quickly chased over, did not expect grandfather was also there. today had also been taught one time once. The two little guys are not afraid, at the worst one will be taught once again.

“What do you eat, the third child, who do you want to go with?” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng felt that Xuanyuan Peng\'s stance was wrong. In front of his own old man, behind his hands, played tricks.

“Grandpa, things are in the hands of the third uncle, he got it from big brother Huai, are you drinking and eating with third uncle together? This meat is not small, let’s us four eat together, let us taste it too.” Xuanyuan Hu said with a smile, this time Xuanyuan Peng’s face is completely dark.

“Third child, really, ah, got some delicious food, you did not tell me and show filial respect to the father on your own initiative, you even hide it, I see Xuanyuan’s family law is insufficiently firm.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng\'s eyes squinted.