Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 163

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“Old man, keep drinking, you don’t have to listen to Sister Mei\'er, I can do it myself.” Guo Huai said, and once again let Xuanyuan Xiongfeng full.

“Hey! ***, no matter what happened at the Gu family later, since I drank the wine of you kid today, I won\'t let you little guy die.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said while drinking a glass of wine.

“Old man, thanks for the sincerity, I already chatted with sister-in-law on the road and I know the strength of the ancient family is not weak, but it is not unreasonable. Since my wife has not been kept up with their nonsense, then my wife\'s matter will have a good solution.” Guo Huai said with a smile.

“You don’t understand the Gu family, the Gu Yufeng that old fogy. If you really want to get this thing done, there is a way you can try.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said softly.

"Old man, say it, I\'m listening. I don’t want to use force if there is a peaceful solution.” Guo Huai said with a smile.

The biggest reliance of the Gu family is the Huaxia Special Abilities Group(SAG). This is not a secret. Although there are other people in the Huaxia SAG, the Gu family is indeed the leader of the group. There is no doubt. If Gu Zhenlei ordered it, 90% of the members in the Huaxia SAG will listen to the order.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a smile.

“Don’t, don’t keep me guessing, tell me what I should do.” Guo Huai said with a smile, seeing several peers licking their lips, and they are simply going to fill the wine glasses in front of them, so that several boys are ecstatic.

“If there is someone in China who can deal with the SAG, it is the Bao Long Group (BLG).” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a smile, “I remember you should be a doctor, if you can cure King Xia Wudi which had been poisoned for 30 years, the entire BLG will support you, and the Gu family will not dare to provoke you.”

“BLG? I haven’t heard of it, but the things old man said is very interesting. He had been poisoned for 30 years? I am interested in such poisons.” Guo Huai said with a smile. “Thank you, old man, I ate well today. I will go to rest first. “And, Guo Huai stands to walk toward Hu Meier’s yard.

“Girl, if you can get this kid, it is very likely your Hu family will become the top family of the Imperial Capital. This kid is good, haha.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said and he got up and walked out of living room, walking towards his own garret.

“I go to find Guo Huai, I am sick, I want him to cure me.” Xuanyuan Weida said with great voice, chasing in the direction of Guo Huai.

"I also go, Brother Tengfei, I will see the little nephew tomorrow." Saying, Xuanyuan Hu was also pursuing toward Guo Huai.

“Elder Sister Mei\'er, if I sleep with you today, will it affect you to be intimate with that fellow, if you mind, I will not go.” Xuanyuan said with a smile.

“Dead girl, still laughing at me, who said a moment ago want to pay with the body, come with me, maybe you can satisfy your wishes today.” After saying that, that two girls ran try to overtake each other approaching Hu Mei’er courtyard.

“Big brother, you are really a god, you don’t even need to check, you know that I am sick. You just said at the dinner table to give me a prescription to make fun of it. You have a look how it is.” Xuanyuan Wei said with a smile.

“I thought you had something important, just about this, wait until tomorrow I wake up and solve it for you.” Guo Huai said with a smile.

“Big brother, no, just give me today, in fact, I probably heard some doorway about your business. Grandpa said that the method is indeed feasible, but the feasibility is not high. I have a way to go, I don’t know if your big brother wants to hear. Xuanyuan Wei said with a smile.

“Oh, let’s listen, just happen that I have some delicious food here, let’s talk while eating.” Guo Huai said and took out several beef steak, cut them with a small flying sword, placed directly on a piece of paper, picked up a piece and put it in his mouth. Xuanyuan Wei and Xuanyuan Hu are also impolite, each picks up a piece.

“It’s delicious, it’s delicious, big brother, you said, what delicious food you have in the end, I will mix with you later.” Xuanyuan Hu said loudly, the two girls were also taken over by the food, one by one. Put it in their mouth.

“Guo Huai, what is this, there is no more, give me some again.” Hu Mei\'er said while acting like a spoiled brat, Xuanyuan Qianqian is more direct, leaning on Guo Huai’s body, rubbing her chest on Guo Huai’s arm, said with sweet and delicate voice.

“***, it’s really open-minded (not conservative), test your brother’s strength in meditation, come, this temptation is still hard to beat me.” Guo Huai enjoyed watching them with squinting eyes.

“Cough, Elder Sister Qianqian, beauty plan does not look like work on brother Huai because you still some save energy.” Xuanyuan Wei said with a smile, “Big brother, it is not feasible for you to listen to my proposal.”

Xuanyuan Qianqian looks at Guo Huai that had not responded, she just wanted to get up and leave, but was pulled by Guo Huai, hugged together with Hu Meier in the bosom, Wucheng four evil, five evildoers, this young master is not Liu Xiahui (?), the meats were sent to the front door but doesn’t eat, isn’t that stupid?

“Let’s talk about it.” Guo Huai hugged the two beauties, said with a smile. The two girls\' faces blush and try to let loose but found out that Guo Huai\'s embrace was getting tighter and gave up the idea.

“Big brother Huai is really mighty, I think so. I know the Huaxia SAG. I also know the people inside. The demon girl of Nangong family is also in the group.” Xuanyuan Wei said with a smile.

“When dealing with the SAG, it is necessary to go to the BLG, the hell of the world, brother Huai’s wine is so good, there is such a good meat, there will definitely be other good things, put a special auction, when the time comes makes tens of billions, rich money can make the ghosts turn a millstone richly, no matter how many people in the SAG, when you get tens of thousands of mercenaries, the SAG does not dare to drop.” Xuanyuan Wei said with a smile.

“Big brother, in fact, what brother Wie said, I also thought the same.” Xuanyuan Hu, who was not making a sound, said with a smile, “Big brother does not have to sell this thing, and directly take out the alcoholic ghosts to give to the big families of the Imperial Capital. Pulled them into one of our camps. At that time, they can hold down the guys of the Gu family. Maybe the Gu family also want to drink big brother’s wine, and the will pledge allegiance to our group directly, and then everything will be solved.”

Guo Huai looked at the two sons of Xuanyuan\'s family, both are talented persons, Guo Huai gave the two people a glass of wine, and then gave them a prescription, Xuanyuan Wei has indulged in too much sensual pleasure, made some Chinese medicine so the condition will be better, Xuanyuan Hu has some drugs dependence. If he found a way to help Xuanyuan Hu to swear off the poison, it will be good. Others may find it as a difficult matter, but with Guo Huai here, it was solved with ease.

“Big brother, what are you going to prepare? Do need to use us to create momentum for you? Now I am happy with this. If necessary, tomorrow we can let the Imperial Capital to know the name of big brother.” Xuanyuan Wei said with a smile.

“The way of the old man is good and your method is also feasible. I simply do three things together. When the time for me to go to the Gu family, I will have enough strength.” Guo Huai said with a smile. “You don’t need to build a momentum for me. I will contact an auction house, I will use the Imperial Capital\'s girls and young wives to deliver the welfare, and by then I am a friend of women, haha."