Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 160

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"Cough cough cough, what did you say? You, your women have an engagement with a member of Gu family? Finished, you\'re finished, you better go to a mountain to live in seclusion, not right, going to the mountain is also useless, Gu family will still find you. Go to the island or foreign country or you\'re dead. You did the wife of Gu family, this doesn\'t look good. Still young yet already did an earthshaking matter." Hu Mei\'er said with a blush.

"Hey, what are you saying? I believe Gu family can\'t really get me." Guo Huai said with a smile, "My wife is only engaged, not yet married to their family. I have taking a like on the woman, he (Gu Lie) of Gu family had even been taken \'green hat\' (unknowingly), do you know? That Gu Lie this time if he doesn\'t agree to cancel the engagement, he\'ll really has big guts."

"Uncle Yun, what\'s wrong with your vehicle? Is there any problem?" When Uncle Yun the driver on Hu Mei\'er vehicle heard the name of Gu Lie couldn\'t help but shivered his hands which on the car steering losing control for a while. This youth, if what he said is real, then Imperial Capital will have a big event going later.

"Cough cough, nothing." Said Uncle Yun in low voice on intercom to Xuanyuan Tengfei.

In four hours, the car arrived at Imperial Capital at Mt.Hua village, or also known as Xuanyuan City.

Naturally, Guo Huai hadn\'t been idling for these four hours, he contributed two Snow Flesh Pill to Hui Mei\'er. Hui Mei\'er told Guo Huoi everything she knew about Gu family. The present Guo Huai could be seen as really fierce by Hui Mei\'er, and she told him the name of Imperial Capital\'s seductive girl, Bai Jiao. (I’m not sure about here)

"Finally home." Hu Mei\'er stretched herself. She also knew many things regarding Guo Huai along the way, but the pills were the biggest harvest. In Imperial Capital black market, the price for a pill could rise up to 20 million, but she now had two. Hui Mei\'er smiled remembering that, she didn\'t know that those pills were the last dregs.

"Little Brother Huai, we just arrived, sit first. Mei\'er, you accompany Little Brother Huai to stroll around, I\'ll call you both for the meal, I have to go see your uncle first." Xuanyuan Tengfei said with a smile.

"A nice place ah." Guo Huai said softly after entering Xuanyuan family place. Yunhua villa existed for thousand of years in Imperial Capital as an old city scenic spot, it was impossible to live in, but in the past Xuanyuan family ancestor won this mountain villa from its previous master in a bet. After several thousand years of improvement, it turned into the present appearance.

"This place sure is good. Come, I\'ll take you to a place." Hu Mei\'er said with a smile.

"Our Hu family is the relative on maternal side. In Yunhua villa, in this only small courtyard, only I live here." Hu Mei\'er said with a smile.

"Dead girl, you and elder sister scared us to death, how did you encounter hijacking? I saw Brother Tengfei a moment ago, are you all alright?" An attractive girl walked toward Guo Huai and Hu Mei\'er when they chatted.

"No wonder you didn\'t look for me when you were back, you\'re flirting around ah." The girl\'s mouth wide opened.

"Qianqian, what are you saying? He\'s called Guo Huai, your Xuanyuan family\'s distinguished guest. If you offend him, Brother Tengfei will teach you when the time comes." Hu Mei\'er said with a smile. The girl was Xuanyuan Tengfei\'s biological younger cousin. Because of their similar age (Hu Mei\'er and the girl), they relied on each other, so their relationship was great.

"I don\'t believe the stinky Brother Tengfei will blame me." Xuanyuan Qianqian said with a smile, "Elder Sister Mei\'er, tell me what happened on the airplane." (maybe Hu Mei’er is older by a few days)

"It was really stimulating, I think I\'m still afraid right now. I almost can\'t see you again, cousin." Hu Mei\'er said softly, "Oh right girl, I remember that you have scar on the chin during your childhood, come, this elder sister will help you treat it."

"Don\'t try to deceive me Elder Sister Mei\'er. It\'s impossible you can buy the thing that those women said in Wucheng. Elder Sister Liu Yan already gave me a look at the personnel list of buyers of Snow Flesh Pill yesterday, your name wasn\'t there. Stop playing with me." Xuanyuan said softly.

"Try it whether it\'s genuine or fake ah." Hu Mei\'er said while putting out a jade box from her body, took out a compounded drug, following the same way the Imperial Capital\'s women, she blew some powder to spread, with a nail she put the powder on Xuanyuan Qianqian\'s chin. Actually Hu Mei\'er was worried if the drug didn\'t work, because she didn\'t think Guo Huai gave her a real pill.

"Cough cough, such way won\'t work. If you want the scar on her chin to disappear, use less than half of the Snow Flesh Pill and then make some spring water, give her to take the remaining half. About early tomorrow morning the scar will disappear." Guo Huai said with a smile.

Hu Mei\'er bited her own lips gently, let herself to look a little distress. Xuanyuan Qianqian also looked like her, but which woman doesn\'t like to look beautiful, she wanted to get her own scar disappeared.

"Elder Sister Mei\'er, I\'m begging you, let me take one, you also take one." Xuanyuan Qianqian said softly, "I\'ll give you the newly bought red Ferrari. Hurry up and help me."

Hu Mei\'er looked at Guo Huai, Guo Huai with \'none of my concern look\' made Hu Mei\'er helpless. But to think about her relationship with Xuanyuan Qianqian, she also used one.

In about 56 minutes, the scar on Xuanyuan Qianqian started to disappear, making Hu Mei\'er excited and held Guo Huai\'s hand, didn\'t know what else to say.

"It\'s just Snow Flesh Pill, if I give you Yan Pill, are you going to let me do you?" (Guo Huai the playboy) Guo Huai teased.

"Where did I tell you I live again? What use is Yan Pill, if you want it, find me at night. To be honest, I also like you." Hu Mei\'er said with micro red complexion made Guo Huai\'s eyes widely opened. This place must be open-minded compared to Wucheng\'s women, can\'t make they come here, they will fail to study.

"Stop looking, the scar will vanish tomorrow morning." Guo Huai said with a smile while looking at Xuanyuan Qianqian who was looking at a small mirror.

"How do you know it will disappear tomorrow?" Xuanyuan Qianqian asked while still looking at the mirror with a smile. Today she was very happy her Sister Mei\'er managed to get Snow Flesh Pill unexpectedly and gave her one to use.

"He certainly knows that because he gave me the Snow Flesh Pill, Qianqian. Elder Sister two Snow Flesh Pill with the body, if later you bully Elder Sister in Yunhua villa, then you know, what should I do?" Hu Mei\'er said with a smile.

"With the body? Well, handsome guy, you see my body doesn\'t lose compared to Sister Mei\'er, I also give it to you, can you also give me two too?" Xuanyuan Qianqian said with a serious face.

"Cough cough, your Imperial Capital is really open-minded, we have no such thing in Wucheng." Guo Huai looked at the small girl, let alone her good appearance, although cannot be compared to Jade, but can absolutely be on par with Little Xi. However, this kind of active behavior, making him somewhat hard to accept. (lol I bet you\'ll have them both later on)