Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 159

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Daoist Bu Er looked at the youth in front of him, the medical skill displayed on the plane had made him shocked, dared to extravagantly boast when facing 14 Innate masters by an enemy of 4, the strength was definitely not weak, however the fearsome of the thousand years-based Gu family can\'t be vacillated by those. Daoist Bu Er is also the one who doesn\'t convince with the youth, the youth was too self-confident.

"Little friend, if Gu family matter is difficult to solve, come to Mt. Shu to look for me. As long as it is not excessive, the Gu family must give this old man some face." Daoist Bu Er said softly.

"Firstly, I thank the senior for the intention. These things, senior just need to think of ways to collect them, then give them to me." Guo Huai gave a white paper written with strange list of things to Daoist Bu Er. After Daoist Bu Er saw it, he couldn\'t help but felt more admiration towards Guo Huai. The things written were exactly what was needed to cure his sickness.

Guo Huai\'s cell phone rang with Lin Shuang name on it. Lin Shuang asked anxiously "Bastard, are you alright?"

"I\'m fine, still not arrive at the Imperial Capital, it\'s estimated to arrive tomorrow at early morning. Why? Miss me?" Guo Huai said with a smile.

"The airplane you took involve in hijacking that has been solved, right?" Lin Shuang then asked.

"Yes, your man was on the plane, everything had to kneel to me." Sayind Guo Huai while teasing, "Lay down, the matter has been solved. Wait for me to solve your matter regarding Gu family, this grandpa is coming, reckoning what is going to find me." Then, Guo Huai hung up the phone, saw Li Doutian that was not far walking towards.

"Brat, when will there peace of mind in your place ah." Li Doutian is happy, said clearly with a smile.

"Old gentleman, I don\'t like your words, didn\'t the beautiful captain talk to you? I\'m afraid that this aircraft will solve the good citizen medal quickly." Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Brat, when I heard you were on the plane I knew the problem will be solved. Go, Xuanyuan family more or less feel gratitude towards you, what else do you want? Such opportunity ah." Li Doutian said with a smile.

"Xuanyuan family? One of the three Imperial Capital\'s respected family? I haven\'t thought the babies on the plane would be Xuanyuan little children, Ha Ha, Heaven Lord is helping me ah." Guo Huai smile and followed Li Doutian.

"Little brother, I offended you before, I apologize." Xuanyuan Tengfei said welcoming Guo Huai with babies each on the left and right side of him before handing them to Xue Duo.

"Medical heart parent (not sure what it means), let alone this time Sister Xue came to Wucheng to rush to my Clinic of No Treatment, then there\'s that accident on the plane, it\'s my Clinic of No Treatment indirect responsibilty." Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Ha Ha, little brother, you are to my liking, Ha Ha." Xuanyuan Tengfei laughed. He had chatted with Li Doutian a while ago and knew that Guo Huai and Li Doutian was familiar with each other, he didn\'t believe that Li Doutian didn\'t tell anything to Guo Huai regarding his family situation, he had not expected that Guo Huai actually didn\'t curry favor, making him had more favorable impression of Guo Huai.

"Sister Xue physique is pretty good, here is a formula, when you return to Imperial Capital you can go get some traditional Chinese medicine according to this formula and give it to her. In about 78 days Sister Xue will be fully recovered." Guo Huai said with a smile thinking to recuperate Xue Dao with compounded drug, afterward you will think that I had saved your Xuanyuan family member. I had not done business that cost me loss. (he is mean haha)

"Guo Huai, are you really Wucheng\'s Clinic of No Treatment Hall Lord?" At the side, Hu Mei\'er complexion was micro red when arriving at Guo Huai, asked with a smile. Xuanyuan Tengfei can read his cousin\'s thoughts and he hadn\'t think that Hu Mei\'er which had not been taken by any Imperial Capital\'s youth talents instead taking a liking on a Wucheng\'s youth unexpectly.

"If you meant Clinic of No Treatment of Xinglin Street, I am indeed the Hall Lord." Guo Huai said with a smile. His impression on Hu Mei\'er is not bad, or should be said that his impression to all beautiful women are all good. (*spittttt*)

"That Wucheng\'s Snow Flesh Pill auctioned is provided by Clinic of No Treatment?" Hu Mei\'er asked softly. The circle of women is small, although Wucheng auction room has only auctioned Snow Flesh Pill twice, in a city of Huaxia they know this good thing.

"Small stuffs waiting for Imperial Capital. If Sister Hu wants, I can help you refine one." Guo Huai said with a smile. "Excuse me, can I have Grandpa Li arranges a car to take me to Imperial Capital, I don\'t dare to take air flight again." Guo Huai knows that Dingshan Base is far away from Imperial Capital by about 700 kilometers, but he still prefers a car. The imperial sword can be used to arrive there for about dozen of minutes, but he needs to rest to restore in Imperial Capital. He just doesn\'t dare to take airplane again.

"Little brother Huai, if you dislike, we will contact our family to send a vehicle, this afternoon we will also prepare to go to Imperial Capital, might as well squeeze in the car?" Xuanyuan Tengfei said with a smile. To be able to refine Snow Flesh Pill, this Guo Huai should be a disciple of some hidden sect who doesn\'t need to fling to Xuanyuan family for something.

"If Brother Tengfei and Sister Xie also want to go back today, I will respectfully obey the order." Guo Huai said with a smile and Hu Mei\'er replied with \'good\' loudly, then blushed and run off.

"Guo Huai, your purpose coming to Imperial Capital, is it for the preparation to open a hospital in Imperial Capital?" Hu Mei\'er asked with a smile.

"I have to wait for a while to open the hospital, I need to settle personal issues in the first place." Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Did you make a young female student\'s belly become big (pregnant) that you have to come to Imperial Capital to visit the family and ask for punishment from your future father-in-law?" Hu Mei\'er stared with big eyes saying that, "You are under 18 years old, this probably be too young."

"Cough cough cough, you guessed right generally, the belly is big but I\'m not seeing the future father-in-law yet, I need to do something about my wife\'s damn engagement first." Guo Huai said with a smile, "After all have been handled, I will naturally go see that future father-in-law, Ha Ha."

"What, you, you have wife? Imperial Capital? How can you have wife?" Hu Mei\'er a moment ago said something she hadn\'t thought of saying.

"You don\'t have to worry where my wife is. I must go to Gu family to help my wife draws back the engagement. Tell me the Gu family situation." Guo Huai said with a smile.