Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 158

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“Not this time, I’m at Imperial Capital for some matters, senior has to wait until I finish my matter before I find the time to go to Mt. Shu to look for senior. This senior comes to Imperial Capital, is there some matter to handle?” Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Not important matter, I come to Imperial Capital to meet some old friends. Once landed on Dongshan Base, we can go to Imperial Capital together." Daoist Bu Er said with a smile.

"When the plane landed right away, you may feel discomfort, but please be relaxed." Wang Xue voice resounded again in the cabin. Finally got off the plane, Guo Huai took a deep breath, won\'t take this broken thing (airplane) again after this.

Not yet off the plane, Guo Huai discovered the airfield base was full with people. Almost a batallion soldiers are holding various weapons and approaching the plane. It seemed like everyone was still not at ease.

"Beautiful captain, you should first get off the plane, let the soldiers do the evacuation, people on the plane are powerful figures, don\'t let those with guns scared them." Guo Huai said with a smile to Wang Xue, and she comforted the airplane\'s members to get off the plane accordingly.

"Little Xue, nothing happened on the plane, our snipers are on position." An old man recognized Wang Xue, Wang Dajun\'s name in the army was fierce, mentioning Wang Dajun, everybody laughed. Who could imagine that such a nonsense gene would unexpectedly have such a pretty granddaughter.

"Are all the hijackers killed?" The old man asked softly. "Yes, it seems like there is a master on board." Then the old man commanded the soldiers to surround the plane and started evacuation plan, passengers got off the plane slowly, had their life hung travel come to an end.

"Little brother, this is my business card, if you met any trouble in Imperial Capital, you can find me. Even if you need money, till 3.5 billion, I can provide. As for today, you have my gratitude." Zhao Binggang, the CEO of Imperial Capital\'s Science and Technology, first one to arrive at Guo Huai side. To maintain a good relationship with this great young man, he won\'t suffer any loss.

Guo Huai smiles receiving the business card. This first time arriving at Imperial Capital, to make some friends is always a right thing to do. Then everyone else, like Zhao Binggang, sent the business cards one by one and expressed their gratitude. Naturally, Daoist Bu Er also received a pile of business cards, however not knowing what method he used, all name cards completely vanished.

"Ha Ha, little friend, your personal connection is better than me. Off we go." Daoist Bu Er said with a smile.

"Senior walks first, I need to hold Sister Xue, her condition now makes her can\'t move, let\'s meet later." Guo Huai went to Xue Duo front with a smile, Hu Mei\'er who held the baby boy reddened all over her face seeing Guo Huai, "Guo Huai, my cousin is inconvenient to move, you can help to hold her down."

Guo Huai nodded with a smile, looked at the two children, facing five blessings and crossed today\'s tribulation, their future will be unimpeded.

"The two children you hold, if you can’t wait, I can come up again and hold them." Guo Huai said with a smile while holding Xue Duo going down the plane.

"Ah Duo, are you okay, who are you? Let go of Ah Duo." A common and strong appearance man arrived in front of Guo Huai and said loudly, Guo Huai can obviously feel that person\'s strength of Innate intermediate stage. However, such strength was too weak to Guo Huai, but who he was, Guo Huai had already guessed. If your wife was being hugged by others, you would definitely be angry. (You don\'t say man)

"Find a stretcher, Sister Xue has just given birth, her body is a little weak. If you don\'t want to make her have any repercussions, then go find a stretcher and quilt. If you want your wife now, I give her to you." Said Guo Huai while handing Xue Duo to Xuanyuan Tengfei.

"Little brother, I apologize, I\'ll go look for a stretcher first, I\'ll trouble you to hold her for a while." Said Xuanyuan Tengfei while running towards the base. "Ah Duo gave birth? If the child was born, why can\'t I see the child?" Xuanyuan Tengfei muttered while running.

However, Xuanyuan Tengfei efficiency is very high, in just 3 minutes, a medical bed with wheels had been brought, followed by three doctors with nervous looks.. Guo Huai gently shook his head, been anxious for nothing, the matter of which the deity doesn\'t handle, no matter how many come with you, you won\'t be able to handle. Am I not the deity, the exiled immortal. (Guo Huai is praising himself lol)

"Hey, listen you three, you don\'t need to give Sister Xue these western medicine to use, I will write a formula to you to get some traditional Chinese medicines, and Sister Xue will recover sooner." Guo Huai said to the 3 doctors. "If you want to see your child, go on the plane yourself, your wife\'s cousin is holding them." Then Guo Huai walked toward a temporary exit set by the base.

Xuanyuan Tengfei saw his wife on the bed looking towards the plane, doesn\'t know whether he should go or not.

"Tengfei, why gwaking? Go hold the child down. You don\'t have to worry about me, the doctors are here." Xue Duo looked at her husband\'s silly appearance and said with a smile. Xuanyuan then dashing towards the plane.

"How are you, Guo Huai?" Hu Mei\'er heard the sound of footsteps and thought it was Guo Huai coming. Didn\'t expect it was from her own brother-in-law.

"The child, boy or girl?" Xuanyuan excitedly asked.

"Looks for yourself and you\'ll know." Said Hu Mei\'er while handing both children to Xuanyuan Tengfei. Xuanyuan Tengfei looked like receiving a rare treasure, cautiously received both children, couldn\'t help but smile.

"This, which one is my child?" Xuanyuan Tengfei asked in low voice.

"Bastard, both, both are yours! Don\'t you know your pregnant wife? How do you become a husband? I really doubt you. My cousin is blind, how can she likes you, this bastard?" Hu Mei\'er said angrily.

"When inspected a few days ago, it was said that the baby was a little big, never mentioned a twin." Said Xuanyuan Tengfei suffering from injustice while looking at Hu Mei\'er going down the plane.

"Two? Impossible. When inspected last time, it was very clear a child." Said Doctor Zhu surprisingly when looked at Xuanyuan Tengfei hugging his two children.

"Old Zhu,no matter what, first go to the lounge where the doctor who helped Ah Duo to give birth went, let’s ask him, he must know what happened." Xuanyuan Tengfei made the decision reasonably. Several people walk toward the restroom.

"Little friend, you have to go to Gu family? Old fogey of Gu family is not easy to cope, I can\'t help you on this matter." Daois Bu Er said with a smile. "That fellow hides flaws very deep, to go to Gu family this time you have to be ready to fight a hard battle. Ha Ha."

"He He! I\'m prepared. Who refuse can receive my beatings." Guo Huai said with a smile.