Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 156

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Translator: Hedonist

Everyone aboard the plane momentarily held their breath because the birth of the children doesn\'t merely have to do with Guo Huai and Lu Xieyang\'s gamble, but it also involves the lives of many people on the plane.

"Interesting. It seems that this time, I really might lose," Lu Xieyang said as he squinted his eyes. By now, Guo Huai wouldn\'t be able to attend to him because he used what\'s called \'Five phasing needles\' which uses a lot of his energy. It was his expectation that this person called Brother Yang would abide by their agreement.

Suddenly, a sound of baby crying could be heard in the plane cabin. Hu Meier had never thought that her own elder cousin would really give birth on the plane.

"Don\'t move, there\'s still umbilical cord," Guo Huai said when he saw that Hu Meier was somewhat excited. He quickly cut off the umbilical cord with a small knife in his hand and then tied a knot he personally regarded as a perfect knot.

"Elder cousin, it\'s a boy! There really was a mole behind his ear. Owner Guo is really amazing!" Hu Meier said loudly. She said that for her elder cousin and at the same time intended for others in the cabin as well.

"Don\'t be so excited. There\'s still another little one inside," Guo Huai said as he groped Xue Duo\'s belly. Xuo Duo felt tensed up at her lower body, and another wave of baby\'s crying could be heard.

"It\'s a girl. It really is a girl! Owner Guo guessed it right!" Hu Meier said loudly. Some of the women in the cabin carrying kids with them finally felt relieved.

"Haha, good. Interesting. Very interesting," Lu Xieyang said loudly. "Youngster, you are the first person I lose to in a bet for the past three years of my life. Tell me, what should I do?"

"There are still so many people on this plane. We can continue betting until you win," Guo Huai replied smilingly.

"Tell me, what else should we bet on?" Lu Xieyang said in a gloomy face.

"Elder Brother Yang, why don\'t you just forget about it. Let us go for today, and find somewhere to land the plane. You can continue living merrily however you want. I\'m merely a small doctor." Guo Huai\'s mind reading skill landed on Lu Xieyang, and he couldn\'t help but have cold sweat all over. This chap is an utter pervert.

This kiddo must not be let alive. No one on the plane must be let alive. I lost. Good, you all may go to hell then! Lu Xieyang\'s thought appeared in Guo Huai\'s mind.

"I have 13 bullets in my gun. I have a game we can play. I shoot, you dodge. If you can dodge them, I will let you all go. Otherwise, everyone on the plane must die. Isn\'t this fun? Hahaha" Lu Xieyang said with an evil smile.

"Young man, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. May I offer a bit of advice, let it pass. That young friend over there had given you more than enough face." Just as Guo Huai was thinking about how to handle that pervert, a voice of an elderly man sounded.

Guo Huai noticed that old man when he was boarding the plane but didn\'t observe carefully. He wore a chang pao and travels with a child. This child was rather interesting. Of his three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, one of his immortal soul was actually missing. That wasn\'t anything strange, but what\'s interesting was that the lost soul was seemingly replaced by something. He wasn\'t to ask about it after he got off the plane. He did not expect that the old man was actually an Innate late stage expert.

"Old thing, meddling with Elder Brother Yang\'s business means courting death!" Bang Bang Bang! A big guy aimed three shots at the elderly.

"Actually, it is more of my expertise when it comes it dodging bullets," the old man said smilingly. He dodges the first bullet and caught the second and third bullet in his hand.

"So, as it turns out, there are so many talented individuals and concealed talents in this plane! Really did not see that coming." Lu Xieyang\'s expression grew even uglier. Perhaps if he had made preparations in advance, he might be able to do what that old man performed just then. But unexpectedly, when his comrade suddenly opened fire, that old man could actually still catch two bullets.

"Hehe, young man, just let us go. Just then I saw that there are quite a lot of parachutes on the plane. In any case, you are only looking for something stimulating. Why not jump out from the plane?" the elderly man said impolitely.

"Old thing, you may be able to catch bullets from one person. But I wouldn\'t believe that you will still be alive with a dozen guns firing at you!" a youth behind Lu Xieyang said steadily.

Guo Huai stood up and said, "Fourteen people. Honorable elder, you take care of ten people and I take care of the other four. What say you?" By then, Guo Huai had stopped Xue Duo\'s bleeding and the kids had been wrapped.

"Young friend, your suggestion seems to be taking unfair advantage of an elderly. Seven people each. After getting off the plane, I will buy you wine. How about that?" the elderly said smilingly.

"You ten, I four. After getting off the plane, I will help you fix the thing about your little disciple. How about that?" Guo Huai replied smilingly.

The elderly smiled and nodded his head. The old man and Guo Huai then both turned to look at Lu Xieyang at the same time. At that moment, the expression on Lu Xieyang\'s face completely changed. They are all Innate stage experts, and he himself is already in Innate-late stage. Whenever they met with the Interpol, or any police or army of any country, they could escape unscathed. Who knew that this time they would get in trouble.

"You two, I have placed time bombs on the plane. If you two want to kill us, do it then. With so many people on the plane accompanying our death, and moreover you two experts, I think it\'s really worth my death, hahaha."

"One at the kitchen, two at lavatories, one at the cockpit, and another right underneath my seat. Elder Brother Yang, actually, our bet just then was pretty good. I never thought that you would be so quick at breaking your promise." With an Innate stage expert cooperating with him, Guo Huai\'s became much more confident.

"Third Brother, dismantle all the bombs. Prepare the parachutes," Lu Xieyang yelled loudly without being concerned if Guo Huai and the old man will attack. Guo Huai and the old man looked at each other and smiled. Such an ending is the best ending. It\'s easy for them to kill, but if these hijackers really turned wild, perhaps others on the plane might be affected.

"You two, later in the future when the moment comes, what you two give to today, I will return to you two," Lu Xieyang said loudly at Guo Huai and the old man.

"Disciple of the Seven Ghost of Xhu Mountain, tell those old farts on Xhu Mountain that are still alive, tell them that you met Bu Er the Taoist, and that I will pay them a visit when I have time. Haha," the elderly said smilingly.

"You are Taoist Bu Er of Shu Mountain? I admit defeat." RIght after he uttered those words, Lu Xieyang jumped off the plane.

"They have killed innocents in front of me but all of them walked away alive. If this news gets out, I wouldn\'t have any face left," the old man said as he looked at those parachutes floating in midair. He then threw something with the appearance of a rock. In a split second, seven of fourteen parachutes were dyed with blood.