Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 155

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Translator: Hedonist

"Young fellow, there isn\'t much fuel left in the plane. I will give you twenty minutes to get it done. And if you can\'t get it done, then I will teach you how," Lu Xieyang said smilingly as he looked at Guo Huai.

"You are Elder Brother Yang, right? Why don\'t we make another gamble? I\'m betting that it\'s a twin of mixed-sex inside her stomach, and the boy with be the first to come out. In addition, there will be a mole on the boy\'s ear. Is Elder Brother Yang willing to play?" Guo Huai said smilingly. "If I got any of those wrong, Elder Brother Yang may do anything you want to my life. But if I was right, would you spare the kids and their mom?"

"Haha, interesting. This is really interesting," Lu Xieyang said smilingly. "Of course! Of course I will take up such a gamble! I promise, if it really happened like you said, I will let go of the kids and their mom."

"Then, I shall thank Elder Brother Yang on behalf of all mothers on this plane with kids," Guo Huai said smilingly. Guo Huai was indeed right about Lu Xieyang, he would bet on everything he thought he could win. But what was more important was that he would abide by the agreement.

"Youngster, you trying to fool me? I said I will let go of this pair of mother and child, not every other on the plane," Lu Xieyang said in a gloomy voice.

"You already made a promise, so why renege on it? Could it be that Elder Brother Yang felt that you will definitely lose the gamble? Haha," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Fine. I don\'t believe that unless you somehow have x-ray visions. Go ahead and make that woman give birth. We aren\'t that free to accompany you!" Lu Xieyang said loudly.

"Don\'t worry, you just have to listen to my instructions later," Guo Huai said gently. "Captain, please ask your flight attendants to stop crying. No one could escape from death if it is truly coming for one. Prepare me blankets and hot water. Hurry."

When Wang Xue looked at Guo Huai, she doesn\'t know why but she felt something deep from her heart. She felt that this youngster will help her and everyone else on the plane.

Everyone on the plane began to nervously watch Guo Huai and Xue Duo. The dozen or more hijackers began their extortion and blackmailing against the hundred something people on the plane. From time to time sounds of people being beaten up could be heard when the robbers met with uncooperative passengers.


"What? The plane Ah Duo was on lost contact with the ground station? Where did not get that from? Is the information reliable?" The tranquility in the House of Xuanyuan was thoroughly broken by one phone call. Xuanyuan Tengfei, the young master of the House of Xuanyuan, his face suddenly ashen. He was actually supposed to return to Beijing with her on that plane, but because of certain family issues, he had to make the trip ahead of her\'s.

"You son of a bitch! I want to know what is going on with that plane immediately! Contact the Chinese military. Tell them that Ah Duo and the baby must return home safely, by all means necessary!"Xuanyuan Tengfei loudly shouted at the phone.

"Say what? The plane that Chairman got on was hijacked? Where did you get that information? Is it reliable?" In a luxurious office located in the capital city, several middle-aged men had heavy complexion. That\'s right, the chairman of Yunxiao Estates, Lu Yunxiao, was also on that hijacked plane.

"Where did you learn the news from? Grandpa and grandma were on the plane. Immediately contact China Airlines, and verify its authenticity." A youth was originally shadowboxing in a courtyard, but a phone call he received caused his punches to be out of rhythm.

By then, all the phones in China Airlines was ringing off the hook. They too had just discovered that the flight flying from Wucheng to Beijing had lost contact with ground stations. But somehow someone had spread the information outside, which threw China Airline into chaos.

"Find a way to make contact with the plane. If it really was hijacked, spare nothing and at all costs to ensure the safety of people on board," the board of directors of China Airlines issued the notice. Once they found out that the wife of the young master of House of Xuanyuan was on the plane, they all turned expressionless. If either the woman or her children was injured, then China Airlines should just get ready to shut down the business right away. By then, every member serving on the board of directors will face retribution from the House of Xuanyuan, and it will be catastrophic.

"Chief, perhaps we should send jets out there. Consider this, if we were to suddenly send the fighters and force it to land, and if it was just like the rumors says that the plane was hijacked, that action might anger the hijackers. At that time, the aftermath will be too terrible to imagine," Li Doutian receive a phone call from Chinese Official No 1, and given his opinion after carefully analyzing the situation.

"Then what should we do? If it really was hijacked, this time China will really be in trouble. I have already obtained the list of everyone on board the plane. 113 souls on board. After checking, there are 13 passengers with suspicious identity. As for the others, there are 83 people native to Beijing, and these people have great influences in China. There would be great effect to China if anyone of them met with a mishap," the no.1 senior official said softly.

"I\'ve read the passenger list. The situation wasn\'t as bad as Chief described. Guo Liuyi\'s grandson was on that plane, so there\'s a chance that everything could turn for the better." At first, Li Doutian didn\'t want to mention this, but now, he had to.

"The scholar of the Chinese Research Center? His grandson? I think he\'s Guo Tian\'s son, and I heard a thing or two about this youngster. What does he being on the plane or not got to do with solving the problem? " No.1 Senior Official unsparingly asked.

"You will see when the time comes. Our radar has found the plane. It is currently still flying like normal, although we have no idea what\'s the situation like inside the plane," Li Doutian said softly.

"If there appeared any anomaly, or indications that it is trying to flee abroad, find a way to force it to land," No.1 Senior Official said helplessly. If the people were carried abroad, there will be really big troubles.


"Hello, the hot water is ready and here are the blankets. Is there anything else you need?" Wang Xue is good at getting things done. In just less than five minutes, she had prepared all the things that Guo Huai requested.

"That\'s all I need. Go find a seat and rest for a while. Leave the rest to me," Guo Huai said gently. "Hu Meier, get ready to catch the baby." Guo Huai gently lifts open Xue Duo\'s upper outer garment and revealed her stomach. To proceed, dipped his finger in the hot water that Wang Xue served, and drew circles on Xue Duo\'s tummy.

"Owner Guo, I can feel that my children are moving!" Xue Duo said emotionally.

"These two fellas are rather naughty, and had the umbilical cords around their neck. I will first make them unwind it. Actually, when I first saw you just then, I have already discovered that the children in your tummy will face a misfortune. Now I know that this is the adversity! However, if one survives a great calamity, one will surely get a good fortune in the future. Hopefully, these two fellas will make contributions to the society!" said Guo Huai as countless silver needles appeared in his hand. He stuck them in Xue Duo\'s navel. The navel is the lethal acupuncture point on the human body. Therefore, the moment Guo Huai stuck the needles, Lu Xieyang knitted his brows as he looked pensively at the two.