Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 154

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Translator: Hedonist

The plane departed on time. The sudden increase in acceleration made Guo Huai felt a little uncomfortable, but that disappeared very soon.

"Elder Cousin, we will be home in around an hour. But that brother-in-law actually went home ahead of time. Ai, when I went home, I\'m going to ask my Aunt to finish him," the girl said smilingly.

"Mei Er, please don\'t tell mom. Teng Fei might have some urgent matters at hand, otherwise he wouldn\'t go back so hurriedly early in the morning," the pregnant woman said smilingly. "I will be happy as long as the baby is fine. Perhaps after the baby is born, Teng Fei wouldn\'t be as impatient.

"Elder Cousin, perhaps only you could tolerate someone like Teng Fei. Sigh, I\'m not going to say anything further," Hu Meier sighed. "Elder Cousin, check out the man that switched seats with you. He\'s so handsome! Much more handsome that brother-in-law."

"Such a love-struck fool," the pregnant woman replied smilingly, and the conversation stopped.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Wang Xue and I\'m your captain for today\'s flight. Welcome onboard China Airline flight 1661 bound for Beijing. The flight distance is 2033 kilometers, and the estimated flight duration is 1 hour 48 minutes. To ensure that the aircraft communications and navigation systems operate nominally, the use of all radio transmitting devices is banned at all times, as they can interfere with the aircraft instruments. All portable electronic devices such as walkman\'s, computers, calculators, must be turned off during takeoff & landing and cell-phones must not be used at any time. Please be in your seat with your seatbelt firmly fastened. Make sure that your seat is upright and the seat table has been folded up. All hand luggage must be stored either in the overhead lockers or under the seat in front. If there is anything we can do to make your flight more enjoyable, please let us know. Thank you," a tall beauty said smilingly.

"This air ticket that Jade bought is not bad at all. At the very least, the captain and air hostesses all looked pretty good," Guo Huai said smilingly in a very low voice, however, a well-built man overheard it.

"Hey Little Brother there, you going to Beijing as well? I didn\'t see you carry any luggage with you. Are you going there for sightseeing?" the muscular man said smilingly. However, right when Guo Huai\'s mind-reading skill fell on that muscular man, he couldn\'t help shook his head. fucking hell, I don\'t even take planes that often. It\'s just this one time and I met with shit like this.

"Elder cousin, I remember reading an article which says that one is three times more likely give birth to a baby boy than to a baby girl onboard a plane. But it is one to three million for a pregnant woman to give birth on a plane," Hu Meier said smilingly.

"What\'s more, the probability of one being on a hijacked plane in one\'s life is about the same probability of hitting the lottery jackpot, hehe." Hu Meier\'s words made the muscular man sitting beside Guo Huai to remark smilingly.

"Pretty girl, then to give birth on an airplane which was also hijacked, that will be around one to nine hundred million!" a young man with eyeglasses sitting behind the muscular man said smilingly.

Guo Huai turned his head to look at that young man, and inwardly in his heart, he thought, Damnit, of all the things this Hu Meier could say, she had to mention about giving birth on the plane, and of all people, they met such a pervert.

"Captain Wang Xue, let me use your microphone," that young man said smilingly after standing up.

"This passenger, please return to your seat. Why would you need the microphone for?" Wang Xue replied smilingly.

Bang Bang Bang! "My apologies, but I\'m not fond of explaining things to others. Can you give me the mic now?" the young man said, with a faint smile still on his face. "Forget about contacting the ground station. I hereby announce that all of you hit the jackpot, because we are hijacking the plane!" the young man said as he cast a glance at Hu Meier.

"Elder Brother Yang, we have taken control over the cockpit, and all the security personnel has been taken care of," a man in black suit located near the rear of the plane reported smilingly.

"At first, I only wanted to hijack the plane and toy around. but just now I heard something, and got a creative idea. Just hijacking planes aren\'t interesting to me anymore, so let\'s raise the bar," the young man said as his gaze landed on the pregnant woman. Guo Huai again couldn\'t help but shook his head. That young man was definitely the most perverted person he ever met, ever since he was banished into the mortal world.

"I have hit the first prize of lotteries a lot. And now, I want to gamble with all of you. Everyone, take a guess if the baby is a boy or a girl. If you got it right, then you only have to pay me ten million, and I guarantee that you will not die. If you guessed it wrong, then sorry, I don\'t want your money," the young man said smilingly.

"Elder Brother Yang, this gamble sounds fun, I want to join as well. I\'m betting that it\'s a boy. One hundred million," another young man around the same age said loudly.

"Doctor! Is there any doctor on the plane? Actually, it doesn\'t matter if there aren\'t any. I have a way to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl in this beautiful woman\'s tummy," as he spoke, a sparking knife appeared in the young man\'s hand.

"Young man, we will give you the money, just let us go. Otherwise you will reap what you sow," an elderly sitting near the front couldn\'t help but advised.

Bang! A bullet went between the eyebrows of the old man. "Oops, I\'m sorry, it accidentally went off. Anyone else here that have good proposals? Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lu Xieyang. Your Chinese police had been looking for me for a really long time. My life is rather valuable too. The bounty for me already reached one billion. You can gamble with your luck and try catching me, I won\'t deny that one billion is quite alluring," the young man said smilingly.

"No doctor? Fine, I will do it myself."

Hu Meier was completely terrified. She never thought that one sentence of her own would bring such catastrophe to her cousin.

"My friend, I happen to know some medical skills. I believe that I can make her give birth without a hitch. Do you mind letting me try?" Guo Huai said smilingly after he stood up from his seat.

"Haha, young man, I like you. I like people who have the courage to take up challenges. Go ahead, I hope you can settle it, haha," Lu Xieyang said smilingly.

There are thirteen hijackers in total. This Lu Xieyang is an Innate-late stage. Everyone else is actually all Innate-mid stage. How did not notice it right in the start? Damn it, I can\'t take down thirteen people all at once. If their guns went off accidentally, it\'s still alright if someone gets injured, but if that damaged the plane, I\'m really gonna die! Guo Huai thought as he inwardly analyzed the situation.

"Youngster, I really didn\'t make it out from your wearing of Armani from head to toe! You are actually a doctor! Haha," the muscular man who sat beside Guo Huai just then said smilingly.

"Hey girl, are you nervous?" Guo Huai gently said as he looked at Hu Meier whose tears was flowing steadily. "I need you two to trust me. The baby in your womb are matured enough. My method of making you give birth is somewhat unusual. I hope that you two will cooperate with me," Guo Huai said as he looked at the pregnant woman and Hu Meier.

"I should introduce myself. My name is Guo Huai, the owner of the Clinic of No Treatment. We are definitely predestined to meet. Although you didn\'t found me when you went to look for me, we still happen to meet on the plane," Guo Huai said smilingly as he tried to calm down the pregnant woman.

"You are called Hu Meier. What\'s this elder sister named?" Guo Huai asked smilingly.

"Xue Duo," the pregnant woman replied softly. When she heard Guo Huai said that he is the owner of Clinic of No Treatment, the looked at Guo Huai up and down a few times in disbelieve. She then thought that, if such is the case, it\'s alright she dies, as long as her children survive.