Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 153

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Translator: Hedonist

Guo Huai did not use his sword to fly back, but instead, he called for a car at a road crossing and got back to Clinic of No Treatment. When he reached his destination, he saw that Liu Wen was sitting on the flight of steps, looking after Zhou Tianyang. Guo Huai gently nodded his head and thought that this girl was not bad at all.

It was past 1 am, and Guo Huai was going to do a divination. But just as he was ready to do it, Jade suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Big scoundrel, you did well this time and didn\'t spend the night outside. How are you going to Beijing? Are you going to ride your flying sword?" Jade said smilingly.

"Oh wait, I really have not thought about this. Riding the flying sword won\'t do. The distance is too great and given my current state, surely impossible," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Take this, this is the air ticket I booked for you. The flight will be on tomorrow afternoon, flying from Wucheng directly to Beijing. I won\'t be going with you. The one who could make the Mind-reading Immortal surrender had yet to be born," Jade said smilingly.

"Jade, the person who could make me surrender is right in front of me," Guo Huai said and carried Jade into the house. Subsequently, he deployed a formation, and next, house was filled with the boundless sight of love.

"Jade, I\'ve cooked for you. Rest well. I will get ready and head to Beijing." Seven in the morning, Guo Huai made a simple bow of meat porridge and placed it on a table. He gave Jade a long kiss before leaving.

"Big scoundrel. It\'s still early in the morning. He must be going to look for those few mistresses," Jade said and pouted her lips right after Guo Huai left the room.

And Jade was indeed right. Guo Huai soon reached the entrance of Wucheng Subhigh with his car. When Li Wei saw Guo Huai, he seemed extremely friendly. After the two gossiped for a short while, Guo Huai drove his car straight into the campus.

"Knock knock knock!" Someone knocked the door of Lin Shuang\'s office, but Lin Shuang did not respond and did not even lifted her head. After returning from Clinic of No Treatment the last time and witnessed Guo Huai\'s performance at Clinic of No Treatment, Lin Shuang had a different kind of emotion towards that big boy. Although the two had an intercourse, Lin Shuang only really approved of Guo Huai after coming back from Clinic of No Treatment.

Suddenly, Lin Shuang felt that something was rummaging up the throat from her stomach. She again ran towards the washbasin. After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, Lin Shuang took a deep breath, and thought to herself, that \'good friend\' that should be coming didn\'t come. Could it be that I really got it?

"Eat this. It will make you feel better." Guo Huai gently walked beside Lin Shuang and delivered a green medicinal pellet for her. At first, Lin Shuang was shocked. But soon after tears started flowing from her eyes.

"Your guess just now was indeed correct. You are pregnant. The child is ours," Guo Huai said gently. "I will take the responsibility till the end. I came here today is to tell you that I\'m going to the House of Gu this afternoon. I will take care of that engagement contract between you and the House of Gu. No one can snatch my woman from me."

"Big scoundrel. You knew that I\'m pregnant long ago didn\'t you? Why you didn\'t say anything until now?" Lin Shuang said with her beautiful face stained with tears. "Don\'t go to the House of Gu. Their strength is not at all as simple as you could imagine. You can kill people from House of Xiahou, but not the House of Gu. To offend the Gu family clan, is to offend the entire Chinese Superhuman Organization. The consequence is just unthinkable.

"Don\'t worry. I will settle the matter. At that time, I will even propose marriage to the House of Lin. Rest assured," Guo Huai said and wiped the tears from her face. He gently kissed Lin Shuang\'s forehead then turned around to leave.

"Guo Huai, don\'t go to the Gu Clan, I will go to them. You must not go there, I don\'t want our child to be born without a father," Lin Shuang yelled.

Guo Huai turned back with a faint smile. A string of Buddhist beads appeared in front of Lin Shuang. "Wear this on your hand. Be at ease, the person who could threaten my life had yet to be born. Take care of yourself. I will be back soon." Guo Huai walked out after finishing those words. In the instance, Lin Shuang picked up the string of beads, and extremely pure aura filled her whole body. Lin Shuang felt an unprecedented comfort.

"Little Ling Mo, still sleeping ah? Your attitude at cultivation is, ai, I don\'t know what to say," Guo Huai said smilingly after he appeared in the dormitory of Nangong Lingmo and Murong Weiwei.

"Elder Brother Huai. Why, why are you here?" Little Lingmo lifted her head and said. "The Earth-shortening Ruler is not that fun anymore. Do you still have other good stuff with you? Gimme another one please."

"Ahem ahem, little girl, do you think of magical devices as cabbages? Can be found everywhere?" Guo Huai replied loudly. "I\'m going to the capital city this afternoon. If you don\'t have anything better to do, help me protect Teacher Lin Shuang in the dark. I will give you something good when I\'m back."

"Humph! I knew it, you have an affair with Teacher Lin Shuang," Nangong Lingmo said as she pouted her lips. "Why are you going to Beijing? Why not bring me with you? Wucheng isn\'t interesting to me. Teacher Lin Shuang is always in school, and I don\'t think there will be anyone who would want to cause her troubles."

"I\'m going to the House of Gu to cause troubles. Wanna join?" Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Causing troubles at the House of Gu? Forget about it, you go there alone. But you must be careful. The House of Gu is backed by the whole Chinese Superhuman Organization. If you really were to piss them off, the ending won\'t be good," Nangong Lingmo said softly. "Should I tell this to Elder Sister Weiwei and the others?"

"No need to tell them. If there\'s anything that you cannot resolve in Wucheng, go to Clinic of No Treatment and look for Uncle Zhou," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"He\'s only at Innate-late stage. No point looking for him if there really were troubles," Nangong Lingmo said softly.

"He already breakthrough the Innate realm, haha. Little girl, go and practice will. There are only a few months left until the Martial arts competition. Then at that time, you can bully those who want to bully you." After Guo Huai finished those words, he vanished from Nangong Lingmo\'s room.

"What realm is Elder Brother Huai currently in? He actually could directly vanish right in front of me. He must have a really frightening comprehension of space. This won\'t do, I must do more practice." Nangong Lingmo mumbled to herself.

Guo Huai stood on the highest floor in Wucheng Subhigh. From there, he watched Tang Xi and Su Ye coming out from a classroom, You Youyou walking out from the library, Murong Weiwei going to her dormitory, and Sun Lingling leaving the laboratory. He couldn\'t help but lamented that the human world is indeed a wonderful place.

Guo Huai did not drove but called for a taxi from Wucheng Subhigh to the airport to catch his plane at 1 O\'clock. He doesn\'t carry much luggage and smoothly went through the security checks. His heart suddenly clenched when he was about to board the plane as he just realized that he had yet to do his divination. He wasn\'t sure if he would be met something bad during his journey.

Under the guidance of the stewardess, Guo Huai got to his seat. Even though it was his second time travelling by plane, Guo Huai did not have good impressions towards airplanes.

"Excuse me, is it okay for us to switch places? My cousin is pregnant, and she liked to have a seat by the window." A girl around twenty years old said to Guo Huai. Guo Huai gently nodded his head, and his gaze landed on the pregnant woman behind her.

"Thank you," the girl replied politely. Guo Huai smiled faintly in response. He closed his eyes and wished for the plane to quickly take off and quickly land.

"Cousin, we are really unfortunate this time. Unexpectedly, the owner of Clinic of No Treatment was away. Perhaps next time, we will call them ahead the next time. But still, the Clinic of No Treatment prescribed a few medicines for nourishing the baby. I don\'t think there will be problems with the baby," the girl said smilingly.

This boy. His umbilical cords winded all around his neck, a bit too much in fact. This boy will face a great adversity as a child. How come he is predestined to meet with adversity at such age? Guo Huai thought to himself. When the plane lands, I will help you guys. Beijing, here I come.