Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 152

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TL: Hedonist


Zhou Tianyang looked at Guo Huai, glanced at Liu Wen, and then gently nodded his head. He immediately jumped and entered that wooden barrel filled with boiling water.

"Don\'t stand idly by, add the medicinal herbs in according to the sequence I said just then. If Uncle Zhou died because the medicinal strength isn\'t enough, then you all will be responsible for his death," Guo Huai said loudly. Chen Jiadi and a few others saw that Guo Huai doesn\'t seem to be joking, and so gathered their full attention and pour those Chinese medicines into the wooden barrel one by one.

"Little Mo, the water is so hot. Will he be alright?" Liu Wen softly asked He Mo beside her as she bit her lip while looking at the steam coming off from the wooden barrel.

"Who?" He Mo smiled as she looked at this girl who is just a few years older than herself, and said, "Aunt Wen, are you asking about Uncle Zhou?"

"Little Mo, I\'m not going to talk to you anymore. I will go ask Little Shi," Liu Wen said blushingly.

"Aunt Wen, you don\'t have to worry, nothing will go wrong. Aren\'t you aware of Guo Huai\'s capabilities?" Liu Yaoshi too said teasingly.

"Guo Huai? You aren\'t referring to him as \'Owner Guo\' anymore. It seems that Little Shi is getting used to being the lady of the owner in advance?" Liu Wen\'s words made Liu Yaoshi\'s face to be red through and through.

"Ouch, ouch! This is so painful! Little Huai, didn\'t you say that it wouldn\'t hurt?" Zhou Tianyang shouted in the wooden barrel.

"This is just a tiny bit of pain, just endure it. Uncle Zhou, there\'s aren\'t many opportunities like this for around in one\'s life. If you don\'t grasp the opportunity this time, perhaps you will never go into the Enlightenment stage for the rest of your life," Guo Huai said loudly. Zhou Tianyang gently nodded in the wooden barrel, thinking, yes, perhaps there\'s only one such opportunity in my life. I must make a breakthrough.


"Who, who is having a breakthrough?" 3000 kilometers away, on the former site of Buzhou Mountain, an elderly slowly opened his eyes. This elderly already has the strength of late-stage Enlightenment, and he clearly felt the astronomical changes caused by Zhou Tianyang\'s breakthrough.

"Peng Tianhua, so it turns out that you could feel it too, I even through that someone faked it. Truly didn\'t expect that in less than a hundred years, another person from the mortal world is going to make a breakthrough," another elderly of unknown age appeared beside Peng Tianhua at the former site of Buzhou Mountain and said smilingly.

"Madman Qin, the breakthrough seemed to be coming from Wucheng City. In my memories, there aren\'t many cultivators living there. Who could it be?" Peng Tianhua said smilingly.

"Still remember the energy fluctuations some time ago? Those seem to be coming from Wucheng City as well. Perhaps some experts settled in Wucheng City," Qin Fengyu said smilingly. "Sometime ago some chaps from the sect come up to the mountain, and said that there\'s a clinic called Clinic of No Treatment in Wucheng City, and the owner of the clinic has an exceptional art of healing. He seemed to be a disciple of some secret sect."

"So what if it\'s exceptional? What does it have to do with us? No matter how exceptional his medical expertise is, could he treat our injuries? Haha, madman, stop daydreaming, I\'m going back to my cultivation." After saying those words, Pang Tianhua vanished on the mountaintop.

"You can\'t say that for sure. Perhaps he really could treat us. If you aren\'t going, I am. If I\'m really cured by then, I\'m going to properly take care of you old fart." Qin Fengyu said and then also vanished from the mountaintop.


"Owner, there isn\'t any movement from the barrel anymore." After around half-an-hour, all the medicinal ingredients were put into the barrel. At first, Zhou Tianyang\' soft grunts in pain could be heard. But for the past 15 minutes, there\'s weren\'t a single movement from the barrel.

"That is expected. You guys have put in so many ruthless medicines, even an immortal would be dead," Guo Huai said smilingly. A few of them laughed mischievously. If they had not followed Guo Huai for a month, they would surely have been really frightened. They were used to the way Guo Huai speaks.

"Not bad, you all still can laugh at times like this. You people take turns to feel Uncle Zhou\'s pulse and remember the type of the pulse. During the time I\'m not in Clinic of No Treatment, if you met a patient with such pulse, immediately notify Uncle Zhou," Guo Huai said smilingly. The eighteen employees of Clinic of No Treatment stood in a row and began to take turns to feel Zhou Tianyang\'s pulse.

"Brother Huai, is Old Man Zhou alright? He\'s not moving a bit, why don\'t you make him wake up?" Liu Wen said after she walked over to Guo Huai as she bites her lips.

Liu Yan yawed as she found the treatment process boring. She thought that there would be some interesting treatment process, but unexpectedly Guo Huai didn\'t even use his silver needles. She would have gone back home if she had known earlier.

"Uncle Zhou, I don\'t have much of his medicinal pellet. If you can\'t break through, I will put you into the medicine refinery furnace to get back my pellet." As he spoke, Guo Huai inserted a Seven Colours Pill into Zhou Tianyang\'s mouth. Zhou Tianyang, who looked without a trace of life, suddenly the muscles on his body began to puff up, and made the eighteen students to take a few steps backward.

Glistering silver needles suddenly appeared on Guo Huai\'s hand, and Guo Huai proceeded by sticking nine needles on Zhou Tianyang\'s body. Subsequently, Zhou Tianyang made a huge roar, and the glass windows of a few clinics beside Clinic of No Treatment were shattered.

"Oops, I\'ve forgotten about this." Guo Huai threw six pieces of jade around Zhou Tianyang and formed an isolation formation. Only then he let out a sigh of relief.

"Is Owner Guo in there? Is your clinic alright? Just then there\'s a roar that seemed to came from your side." The police in Xinglin Street have really high efficiency. In less than three minutes, there are already policemen at Clinic of No Treatment\'s doorstep.

"Brother Zhang, we are alright. Just then I also heard a roar. We are all alright here," Guo Huai said smilingly. Zhang saw that the courtyard of Clinic of No Treatment was filled with people, and he left with a smile.

"Uncle Zhou, I know you can hear me. Later I will teach you a mental cultivation method. Try doing it while there is still moonlight," Guo Huai said softly. "Everyone, go back to rest, there\'s nothing left to do here. I will go to Beijing tomorrow. Just give me a call if there\'s anything."

"How is Old Man Zhou?" Liu Wen impatiently asked.

"He will wake up tomorrow around five something. By then he should know what he should eat," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Elder sister Wenwen, after I come back from Beijing, I will handle the thing about you and Uncle Zhou, haha." After he finished his words, Guo Huai walked to Liu Yan, and pulled her out from Clinic of No Treatment, leaving behind Zhou Tianyang in the wooden barrel and Liu Wen sitting on the steps near the entrance.

"Elder sister Liu Yan, have I disappointed you? Haha," Guo Huai said as he looked at the dispirited looking Liu Yan.

"It\'s okay. But is it really okay to just leave Uncle Zhou like that?" Liu Yan said with a trace of anxiousness.

"He will be fine. It\'s late now, let me send you home," Guo Huai said smilingly. Without asking for Liu Yan\'s approval, he sat on the driver\'s seat. Liu Yan helplessly handed the keys to Guo Huai. Next, she witnessed the street racing capabilities of Guo Huai.

"Sigh, how could the injuries from the car crash had been so severe back then? It was only at speeds like this," Guo Huai mumbled to himself. "Elder Sister Liu Yan, we\'re here. Here, take the keys."

"Why don\'t you take my car to go home? It\'s quite a distance away, and it will take you a long time to walk home," Liu Yan said smilingly. "Or perhaps don\'t leave tonight, come inside with me for a sit. There\'s no one inside the house." Liu Yan\'s face begun to blush.

"Thanks for the offer, but I still have things to do. But I will definitely be going to your house for a sit in the future, haha." Liu Yan wanted to say something but found out that Guo Huai had disappeared before her eyes.

"Scoundrel, big scoundrel. Could it be that I\'ve fallen for this little guy?" Liu Yan said softly as she touched her face.