Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 151

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TL: Hedonist


Leng Shuang and Liu Yaoshi glanced at each other and gently nodded their heads. The eighteen students divided themselves into two groups, nine of which will return, and the other nine will stay in the clinic as to ensure that they will always be able to receive visitors. Guo Huai nodded with a smile. The money which Clinic of No Treatment brought was secondary. It\'s the karma it brings that Guo Huai wanted the most.

"Little Huai, I don\'t feel quite right these recent days, but had no idea why. Do you mind take a look at me? Just then I asked Xiao Qian that brat to feel my pulse, and he told me that I ate too well, and was caused by me not being able to discharge the energy in my body. And, and told me that I will be fine after I do something with a lady. You need to lecture the brat!" Zhou Tianyang said with a blushing face.

"Haha, this Xiao Qian actually dared to joke with Uncle Zhou," Guo Huai placed his fingers on Zhou Tianyan\'s wrist. After a short while, Guo Huai again had a belly laugh.

"Little Huai, what is it? Is there something wrong?" Zhou Tianyang asked as he looked at Guo Huai in a puzzled face.

"Uncle Zhou, Xiao Qian was right. You ate too well recently. If you go look for a woman, that will be a rather good option." Guo Huai didn\'t care about Zhou Tianyang\'s shocked expression, and continued,"I think Liu Wen will be a rather good choice. Whenever she\'s free she would go look for you. Since she doesn\'t mind your age, why not get together with her?"

Zhou Tianyang\'s face suddenly blushed red. Liu Wen had been there for less than a month. This girl has great interests in cooking, and she frequently looked for Zhou Tianyang. As Liu Wen\'s character was rather cheerful, Zhou Tianyang was rather fond of her.

"Holy shit, you two really had something!" Guo Huai said loudly, "Uncle Zhou, I did not expect that you have the capacity! This old cow eats young grass! Haha. Alright, I will help you handle this thing before I go to Beijing."

"Little Huai, don\'t speak so loudly!" Zhou Tianyang took a step forward and covered Guo Huai\'s mouth. He then looked all around, and let out a sigh of relief when he saw that no one was around.

"Talk about what\'s really wrong with me first. Why is it that I felt as though my body is filled with energy, and yet I couldn\'t release it. I couldn\'t sleep at ease, and my heart feels chaotic. If this continues any longer, I\'m afraid that I will go mad," Zhou Tianyang said softly.

"No, we talk about what\'s with you and Liu Wen. Otherwise, I won\'t care about what\'s wrong with you," Guo Huai said while giggling.

"What else is there? I quite like that girl, and she has pretty good impression towards me. And now we are currently dating. Owner Guo, what else do you want to know?" Zhou Tianyang said loudly.

"Uncle Zhou, so it turns out that you are in fact the man hugging Sister Wenwen at the cinema the other day! We thought we were mistaken. Why did you run away when we yelled for Sister Wen?" Liu Yaoshi and He Mo wandered around Clinic of No Treatment and saw Guo Huai and Zhou Tianyang. They never expect to hear such shocking news.

"Little Shi, Little Mo, you two must not make irresponsible remarks. Wenwen is a sensitive person," Zhou Tianyang said as he blushed. Great. Now news of him and Liu Wen can\'t be contained.

"What\'s so wrong to talk about passionate love? Later we will go look for Elder Sister Wenwen and help Uncle Zhou fish for information. We will find out what are her wishes," Liu Yaoshi said and she pulled He Mo away with her, not caring about Zhou Tianyang who was yelling for them. Zhou Tianyang thought to himself, Alright fine. So what if they found out. I\'m not married and so is she, so what if we are dating. It\'s not a crime.

"Little Huai, great. Now everyone knows. Can you tell me what\'s the situation with me now?" Zhou Tianyang said to Guo Huai.

"Didn\'t I told you earlier, you ate too well, and you\'re going to break through Innate stage. Hehe, after a final push, you will make a breakthrough. But if it failed, even though Liu Wen doesn\'t need to live as a widow, I will have no means to help you two have children," Guo Huai said with a mischievous smile.

"Owner, I don\'t care. I\'m an employee and I deserves the privilege to receive medical treatment from you. Do as you please. It doesn\'t matter if I made a breakthrough, but you must help me maintain my current state," Zhou Tianyang said undauntedly.

"So it turns out that Uncle Zhou is such an unvisionary person. How did Elder Sister Wenwen fell for you? At first, I wanted to give you some medicine and let you have a breakthrough. But since you just want to maintain the current state now, then easy-peasy. I will stick a few needles on you, and release the energy accumulated from the tonics you ingested the last few days." As Guo Huai spoke, a few needles appeared on his hand.

"Little Huai, I have already sold myself to you, how could you treat me like this. Soon enough my wife will belong to the Clinic of No Treatment. And when my children are born it will be the clinic\'s as well. What more do you want?" Zhou Tianyang said blushingly.

"Haha, I will help settle your matter before going to the capital city. I truly did not expect that the first person to breakthrough Innate Stage will be you, Uncle Zhou. It seems that a cook will always be the best occupation. Even getting to Enlightenment stage by eating. Haha, but that\'s a good thing as well. With you in Clinic of No Treatment, the security of the clinic is all in your hands," Guo Huai said smilingly.

Guo Huai wasn\'t wrong at all. Zhou Tianyang cooked all kinds of food every day, and through pilfering those cooking ingredients, he indeed ate quite a lot more good stuff than the others. In addition to him already in Innate-late stage, and his unmentionable illness treated by Guo Huai, Enlightenment stage is naturally what follows.

"Uncle Zhou, why did you took out this big wooden barrel? Who is going to get treated today?" Chen Jiadi said when he saw Zhou Tianyang carried the wooden barrel used to treat Xiao Feiyang.

"Me. Today I\'m the one getting cooked. Go ask Su Tu, Xiao Qian, and Li Yu over here to fill the barrel with water. If died here today, then in the future you guys can just eat whatever you want," Zhou Tianyang said loudly. In Zhou Tianyang\'s impression, there are only a few who had breakthrough Innate stage in China. Although Guo Huai said that there\'s no danger, he wouldn\'t believe it. His reasoning is that if there\'s weren\'t any danger, then Enlightenment stage should be just like cabbages, could found everywhere.

After around an hour\'s work, everything was prepared and ready. But Guo Huai, however, told them that the time wasn\'t right, and asked them to eat first as Liu Yan was there. Zhou Tianyang wanted to say something but when he saw Guo Huai\'s mischievous smile, he decided not to speak.

At night, everyone had a relaxing meal, with the exception of Zhou Tianyang and Liu Wen. Guo Huai briefed a few things about his trip to Beijing tomorrow. He asked the few old men from Chinese medicine association and asked them to take turns to help out at Clinic of No Treatment while he\'s absent. After that, he shot a glance at Zhou Tianyang who didn\'t eat much and smiled faintly.

"Elder Sister Liu Yan, I will see you out today. Make sure to keep the medicinal pills well. By then just transfer the cash. You set your own commission and just deduct it from the revenue." Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Just now I heard from Little Wen that you will treat Uncle Zhou\'s illness. Can I stay here to watch?" Liu Yan said smilingly. She was quite interested with Guo Huai\'s medical skills.

"Sure no problem. You may stay if you want to. But I need to correct you. Very soon this will not be Little Wen, but you will have to call her Aunt Wen! Otherwise, the seniority will be incorrect. Haha." Guo Huai\'s words made Zhou Tianyang and Liu Wen blushed.

"Don\'t stay idle. The weather is good today. Uncle Zhou, do you want to jump in there or do you want me to toss you inside?"