Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 150

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TL: Hedonist


"Elder Sister Liu Yan? Another month had passed. She\'s probably looking for medicinal pills from me," Guo Huai said smilingly. After thinking about the phone call Liu Yan left him the other day, he made a phone call.

"Younger Brother Huai, although your elder sister here is a few years older than you, and isn\'t as young or beautiful as those sisters beside you, you still shouldn\'t not answer my phone calls, right?" Liu Yan said with a trace of shyness when she saw that it was Guo Huai that called her.

"Ahem ahem, Elder Sister you must be kidding. Actually, I prefer girls that are a bit older than I\'m, but I think Elder Sister wouldn\'t fall for a kid like me," said Guo Huai. "If Elder Sister is free tonight, why don\'t we meet up for a chat?"

"Alright, meet up for a chat it is then. I will look for you tonight. I want to have the dinner at Clinic of No Treatment. I heard that the food at Clinic of No Treatment is exceedingly delicious," Liu Yan said loudly.

"At first I was going to ask Elder Sister for dinner one to one. Since you wanted to come to Clinic of No Treatment, come over then." After Guo Huai finished those words, Liu Yan\'s face was thoroughly red. <i>Oh ya, he is inviting me for dinner, why am I so foolish. Damnit, I need to put on something prettier tonight.</i> After thinking for a while, Liu Yan immediately hurried home from work.

"Yao Shi, don\'t say that Elder Brother didn\'t inform you in advance. That Liu Yan will come here to our clinic for dinner tonight. She will probably dress very pretty at that time, so you, Leng Shuang, and He Mo must dress nicely as well to defeat her, and avoid having her getting Owner\'s attention." Chen Jiadi overheard the two\'s conversation when Guo Huai was making the phone call, and so he informed Liu Yaoshi who was reading a Chinese medicine book.

"Oh. Whatever. If she comes here, she will be our guest, and we will be her hosts, no need to compete with her." Although Liu Yaoshi said so, inwardly in her heart she was planning to dress beautifully after she get off work.

Originally, Jade was basically doing nothing in Guo Huai\'s house, but recently she had been so annoyed she couldn\'t stand it. Little Lingmo only spent three days to figure out how to use the Earth-shortening Ruler. Ar first she would annoy Guo Huai to get him tell her more about how to use the ruler, but Guo Huai dared not to teach Nangong Lingmo too many things, as this little sister will do anything she wanted, and Guo Huai doesn\'t want to clean up her mess afterwards. Therefore, he asked Nangong Lingmo to look for Jade instead.

"Lingmo, you already stayed here for a week. You don\'t need to use the Earth-shortening Ruler in most regular situations, why don\'t you go back to school?" At the beginning, Jade could still instruct Nangong Lingmo the usage of the Earth-shortening Ruler, but afterwards, this little girl\'s action made her unable to endure her.

"Elder sister, so you\'re bathing, then I\'ll leave first. Oh ya elder sister, is it true that all men like big big breasts?" Little Lingmo said as she looked at Jade, causing Jade to be red across her face.

"Elder sister, why is it that it\'s so effortless for me to come to you, but strenuous for me to get to other places?" Ten O\'clock at night, when Jade, who enjoys sleeping naked, just took off her clothes, Little Lingmo again appeared in her room. "Why are you covering that? I\'m also a girl, and I also have that thing you have. But Elder Sister, whose tooth prints are those on your shoulder? Could it be that you can bite your own shoulder?" Right after she finished those words, Little Lingmo left the blushing Jade alone in the room, went outside and laughed.

"Ah! Lingmo! Get out!" Jia Xiaoxiao suddenly shrieked from the ladies washroom of Clinic of No Treatment. Who wouldn\'t be afraid when suddenly there was an additional person in the washroom one is using?

"Elder sister, why are you screaming. Haha, ain\'t I awesome?" Lingmo disappeared from there after she finished those words.

Even though the students in Clinic of No Treatment were aware that Nangong Lingmo is a superhuman, and were used to this little girl\'s unexpectable actions, they would still be frightened by Lingmo\'s sudden appearances.

"Withdrew!" Guo Huai shouted. Guo Huai saw that Nangong Lingmo had lots of fun and played all kinds of tricks with that Earth-shortening Ruler, and decided do what he did for lack of better option. The still naughty Nangong Lingmo suddenly felt that her connection with the ruler suddenly disappeared, which sent her to the edge. However, after looking around, she found no one around, but the Earth-shortening Ruler was missing.

"Oh no! Brother Huai, something really bad happened! Come out!" Nangong Lingmo shouted loudly in the Clinic of No Treatment. Shortly after, Guo Huai walked out with the Earth-Shortening Ruler in his hand. Nangong Lingmo\'s eye glowed as she stared at the ruler. In an extremely sweet voice, she pleaded,"Brother Huai, I will not misuse it anymore. Return it to me please."

"Go back to school, and stay there like a good girl. Go and read those books I gave you. There\'s only a few more months before that Superhuman Martial Arts Competition begins. I don\'t want you to die over there by then," Guo Huai said gravely.

"Okay. Got it. I will go back right now," as she spoke, she snatched the Earth-shortening Ruler, and ran away.

<i>It\'s been a month. I need to go to the House of Gu over in the capital city, and settle Lin Shuang\'s matters.</i> Guo Huai thought to himself. He had stayed at Clinic of No Treatment for a month, and the few students improved rapidly. Especially He Mo, ordinary questions could not pose a problem to her. He was thinking of paying the Ghost sect 13 needles a visit after his trip to Beijing.

There were quite a lot of patients who visits Clinic of No Treatment everyday. Most people in Wucheng City knew that Clinic of No Treatment not only deals with hard-to-treat cases, but also treats those ordinary illnesses. Their medicine produces no side effects and the charges were cheap. Therefore people there rooted for them.

Five thirty in the evening, the lantern in front of the door of Clinic of No Treatment was lit up. After the lantern was lit, no one would go in to Clinic of No Treatment to seek medical treatment, with exception of emergency cases. It was because they all knew that when the lantern was glowing, it meant that the owner was giving the workers lectures, and it is uncourteous to disturb them at that time.

"Su Tu, I saw the prescription you gave today, and it contained too much ginseng in it. It\'s not that Clinic of No Treatment cares about those ginseng, but if the amount was too much, it might not give proper effects," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Jiadi, today you actually managed to correctly identify that a woman is pregnant through her pulse. Not bad at all. They gave you a pack of eggs as present. You should accept gifts like this. It\'s a happy occasion, haha." Guo Huai said smilingly. It was just some days ago that Chen Jiadi learned the technique to identify it, and he didn\'t expect that he would make a pair of young married couple to be so excited. The couple gifted Jiadi a pack of eggs. Chen Jiadi wouldn\'t take it at first, but Guo Huai made him finally accepted the gift.

"He Mo, your needle stitching have grown much more stable. Remember, although you can still use the 13 needles, you must pay attention to the usage frequency. If a doctor couldn\'t guarantee their own safety, how could they help even more people?" Guo Huai said to He Mo with a smile. After that, he commented on the students\' work of the day one by one. Li Yu and a few others felt that this were their favourite part of the day, because they would always get deep insights.

"It\'s now time to get off work. The renovation over at Bubai Clinic have been completed. In the future, it will be the dormitory for Clinic of No Treatment\'s staff, so you all don\'t have to stay in hotel anymore," Guo Huai said smilingly. "You people can divide the rooms yourselves. Males and females lives separately. Alright, I will go make dinner with Uncle Zhou, and have it everyone."

"Owner, you have forgotten about one thing. That beauty from auction house, Liu Yan, will be coming for dinner as well, hehe," Chen Jiadi said loudly. Guo Huai gently nodded. He had actually been eavesdropped. Didn\'t this Jiadi know that this is a big sin? A big big sin!