Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 15

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"This seat is empty, right?" Guo Huai asked the girl who seemed gloomy before seating beside her.

"Guo Huai, I suggest you to change a place. That seat is occupied," Lin Shuang glimpsed at the girl before saying to Guo Huai softly.

"I don\'t think it\'s occupied. The desk is new and there\'s no books here. Teacher Lin, don\'t worry about me. I\'m fine sitting here," Guo Huai said before using his telepathy ability on the girl beside her.

Kong Xuan, imagine how nice it would be if you\'re still alive... How can you be so cruel to leave me alone… You even swore something so brutal… How do you expect me to continue living… the girl\'s thoughts directly appeared in Guo Huai\'s mind.

Kong Xuan? How does this girl know the ancient witch? It\'s impossible, Guo Huai thought. No, this is the mortal world. It\'s just a coincidence. Phew… my heartbeat almost stopped for a second…

A guy pushed a girl away and got hit by a cement trailer. An emergency operation couldn\'t save him. Before dying, he told the girl to forget about him, and to look for a good guy to spend the rest of her life with. The girl beside Guo Huai was the one who got saved in the tragedy.

Guo Huai stopped using telepathy and said, "Ahem, ahem. Nice to meet you, I\'m Guo Huai, a new student from the year ten Class One. If this seat is occupied, I\'ll look for another one then." Since there was another girl who looked rather good at the back, sitting behind her would be fine as well.

"Just sit here, the seat is empty," the girl slowly raised her head and said.

Oh my god. Jade Emperor, how can I properly thank you for letting me here? The mortal world is so nice! Guo Huai thought. He was surprised by the look of this girl. The creator must\'ve spent a lot of his time on this girl, she\'s even prettier than a lot of fairies in heaven. Jade? Jade couldn\'t rival her looks.

"I\'ll settle here then," Guo Huai looked at the girl and Lin Shuang before saying.

The lessons of the first day let Guo Huai understood what it meant to be a student. Lin Shuang taught the first lesson, Mandarin. Since she was a really pleasant beauty, he did not fall asleep. The second lesson was English. Before dying, the old Guo Huai had a pretty good understanding of the language since he had put in some effort to learn, with the goal of watching English romance movies. He could generally understand what the teacher was talking about. However, he did not pay attention in class, with the simple reason being the teacher was a bald man, disgusting. The final lesson in the afternoon was history class taught by a half bald old man. He was explaining the history of Tang Dynasty like a total mess. Every time he said something wrong, the current Guo Huai who was born in the Tang Dynasty got heavily offended.

"Everyone knows Journey to the West right? The story mainly talks about all the good things that the monk had done. In actuality, the monk Xuanzang did not even exist. Even the Monkey King and Zhu Bajie are just myths. During the Tang Dynasty, there was a monk called Jianzhen. He spread Buddhism into Japan," the old man said loudly.

"Hey old man! I\'ve had enough of you! Who told you that Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and the rest didn\'t exist? How do you prove that?" Guo Huai suddenly stood up and shouted.

"It\'s our mighty Brother Huai!" Qian Duoduo suddenly woke up and looked at Guo Huai before shouting. He even raised his thumb.

"This student, you look very familiar. Do you have any objections to what I said earlier?" the old man stared at Guo Huai and said.

"Teacher Shi, I feel like the people mentioned in Journey to the West actually existed. Otherwise the author wouldn\'t have written them in the book. Furthermore, after all these years, the story remained being told. There has been no evidence proving Sun Wukong and the others didn\'t exist. Hasn\'t China discovered Water Curtain Cave that Sun Wukong was once in?" Guo Huai said fearlessly.

"Hey, little kid! Your insights are indeed unique. We can sit down and talk about the history of Tang Dynasty one day. However, I feel like I know more about it than you do!\' Shi Yucai said angrily. He had been teaching for more than ten years, nobody had ever dared to go against him in class.

"History of Tang Dynasty? Stop dreaming, I know a lot more about it than you do!" Guo Huai said. Are you kidding me? Before reaching ascension, I had watched the Tang Dynasty develop with my own eyes. Back then, the only thing I was into was cultivation. Otherwise it wasn\'t impossible for me to even be the emperor!

"Wow! Okay, great! Your parents didn\'t teach you common courtesy, did they? After this class, come to my office for a while. I want to really test how much you know about the history of Tang Dynasty. The lesson ends now!" Shi Yucai said before stomping his way out.

"Oh yes! I\'m so impressed. Brother Huai, I didn\'t know you could piss that old bastard off so easily. Hahah," a guy beside Qian Duoduo said and laughed.

"Since we still have some time, I\'ll tell you all something about Tang Dynasty," Guo Huai said as he proceeded to the podium. At this moment, Qian Duoduo got astonished since he knew that Guo Huai was one of Wucheng Vile Tetrad -- a group of four known for causing disasters in Wucheng County.

"Speaking of Tang Dynasty, there\'s one person that we must remember, Tang Xuanzang," Guo Huai said before writing on the blackboard with a chalk.

"Wow, we know that he\'s handsome, but who would expect his handwriting to be this excellent?!" Once Guo Huai finished writing \'Tang Xuanzang\' on the board, the girls started exclaiming.

"Because of this person Tang Xuanzang, we\'d naturally talk about Journey to the West," Guo Huai looked at the students below and said. Some of them were listening and some of them did not pay attention.

"Unlike what everyone may know, during the Journey to the West, Tang Xuanzang is actually…" Guo Huai did not care about how the students below reacted and continued speaking.

"Who is Tang Xuanzang, you may ask? He is actually a reincarnation of Golden Cicada. The reason he decided to do so is only because he had lack of merit. Journey to the West was only a way for Golden Cicada to earn some merit," Guo Huai spoke with eloquence.

"Naturally, Sun Wukong isn\'t just a myth, he really existed. The only reason Tang Dynasty had such tremendous history was all thanks to Tang Xuanzang. And the reason Wu Chengen managed to write the story down, was all thanks to fate," Guo Huai continued speaking for another ten minutes. The forty students below got mind blown. Although they did not know if what Guo Huai said was the truth, what they knew was Guo Huai made history class a lot more interesting.

"Headmaster Li, the new student who came to year ten Class One, regardless of what his connections are, I want him to apologize to me on stage during the assembly this Monday! Having taught history for so many years, this was the first time I have been this disrespected. Do you know what he said? He said Journey to the West is real!" Shi Yucai shouted in the headmaster\'s office.

"Brother Shi, can you let me speak?" Li Xunyu said after drinking some water, smiling. "After all these years, I have offended countless people with high connections to keep every backdoor student out of Wucheng Subhigh. However, I let the kid you were talking about into this school for two reasons. Firstly, Wucheng Subhigh has been overly silent, our students need some drama. Secondly, that kid is Guo Huai, the grandson of Madam Guo. Think twice before you really decide to punish him. I think Professor Guo would be upset about it."

"He\'s the grandson of Professor Guo? The Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad?!" Shi Yucai said before wiping the sweat on his forehead, flabbergasted.

"You shall not worry. After the severe car accident, he has changed quite a bit. My grandson Li Wei clashed with him the other day. However, they seem to have a rather good relationship now," Li Xunyu said, smiling.

"If anything bad does happen, you have to help me…" Shi Yucai said before entering his own office.

"My friend, according to what you said, the time where Monkey King caused a mess in the Divine Palace, and the time where Zhu Bajie teased Chang\'er Goddess, are they both real then?" a student shouted.

"It\'s true that Monkey King caused a mess in the Divine Palace. However, regarding Zhu Bajie teasing Chang\'er, that\'s something that we can\'t talk about. Hahah!" Guo Huai said loudly before the bell rang. Following the chime, everyone gave Guo Huai a round of applause.