Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 149

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TL: Hedonist


Destroying corpses and removing evidence are our strong suits? Xiao Yuntian and a few others were stunned. It was just a short while ago, and they did not hear the sound of battles. How could it have ended?

Xie Yukui walked to the courtyard in quick steps. Those four from the House of Xiahou lied down side by side with their eyes wide open. Perhaps they were just as clueless as Xie Yukui, not knowing how they would die in the hands of such a young man, and moreover, they probably didn\'t know how they were killed.

"Old Man Xiao, did you find any clues?" Wang Tianruo softly asked after Xiao Yuntian inspected the four bodies once through.

"There weren\'t any marks of battles. Just now I check that Innate-late stage Xiahou Shanhe, there\'s no problem with his internal organs. I have no idea what Guo Huai did to them. I really can\'t tell." Xiao Feiyang said softly.

"Stop looking. Old Man Xiao, the van is here. Quickly drag them away. They bring bad luck." Xie Yukui said softly, and they stuffed the bodies into the van parked nearby. Subsequently, the van drove towards Wucheng Reservoir. Guo Huai smiled faintly and though, These men really are still experts in destroying bodies and removing evidences!

"Old Man Guo, you have a good grandson!" After around ten minutes, the few grandpas came from second floor, and saw that Guo Huai was sipping tea with the few sect masters. Wang Yongjin couldn\'t help but remarked that the the scourge of Wucheng back in those years had really disappeared. The Guo Huai now made Wang Yongjin to utterly change his opinion towards him.

"The few guests here who are not leaving must be staying here for dinner? Haha, I\'m really happy today, so the dinner will be free of charge, and so with the wine! But in the future is Clinic of No Treatment needs help, I will not be courteous with you all! Haha!" Guo Huai said and laughed heartily. Perhaps of everyone there only Jade could really understand Guo Huai. To do as one pleases is the principle.

Guo Huai\'s words made everyone laughed and smiled. Even the few grandpas nodded their heads. When Guo Liuyi looked at his grandson, his heart grew exceedingly comfortable. What was that? Wouldn\'t you guys get headaches whenever my grandson was mentioned? But now when my grandson invite you for a meal, you all become so damn happy. Hahaha.

On that night, there were quite a lot of people who stayed at Clinic of No Treatment for dinner. Those five vice-presidents from the Chinese medicine association did not leave. The excuse they give were simple: as Bubai Clinic will be given to Clinic of No Treatment, staying there for one meal is not unreasonable. In the end, those old men ate until they cried. And as the more alcohol they drank, the more they talked.

"Old Man Lin, I\'m resigning from this post of vice-president of Chinese medicine association. I want to be a worker here at Clinic of No Treatment. At the very least I don\'t have to worry about food and drink. I worked desperately hard at the association, in the end it the reason was to have something to eat. And yet, what I eat isn\'t still as good as the food here. I\'m quitting!" Qin Long said loudly.

"Yes, Old Man Qin was right. We are quitting as well, and we will come here to work." Zhang Tianzheng and Sun Sheng said in a dizzy manner. Lin Changtian didn\'t drink too much. He looked at his four vice-presidents. In jsut a short while, three of them had defected, and one of them fell asleep. It was a good thing Wu Shushan the old man fell asleep, otherwise he would be making a racket as well.

"Wang Tianruo, in less than one year\'s time, those fella from Chinese Superhuman Association will held some martial arts assembly or something. You guys must had received the invitation card already. I have thought about it. When the time comes, the few of us will invite Guo Huai together, and let him beat those fella from from Chinese Superhuman Association to death," Xiao Yuntian said loudly.

"Yes I have received the invitation, asking me to watch the competition. What the hell is there to watch? If we were to cultivate ourselves, we would already be in Innate-late stage. When in a real battle, we won\'t lose to them either. They are just goddamn bullshitters," Wang Tianruo said loudly.


"Brother Huai, what did you do to those experts from the house of Xiahou? Did you really make them ……." Nangong Lingmo said she made a hand gesture of slitting throat.

"No. We had a delightful chat. They left by car after that," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Bullshit. I had dealt blows with that fella who pretended to be sick, if not for those iron balls Elder Sister Jade give me last time, I\'d had really lose." Little Lingmo said gently. "That fella\'s aura had disappeared. It must be your good job."

"Then will Little Lingmo spread this outside?" Guo Huai asked smilingly.

"Of course not. I still need to marry you when I grow up. We are on the same side," Nangong Lingmo said. "I\'ve spent all those iron balls Sister Jade gave me. Do you have any good stuff for me? Please give me something, just for self-defense."

Guo Huai looked at Nangong Lingmo whose face was filled with expectations, and felt that he had no way out from this little girl. But suddenly, he recalled that there was something really suitable for her in the Laojun Gourd, and he straightforwardly withdrew it.

"Although I don\'t have stuffs for self-defense, I do have something for escaping. Do you want it?" Guo Huai asked smilingly.

"Yes, of course I want it. What issit?" Nangong Lingmo hastily replied.

"This is it," Guo Huai said as a ruler made of jade appeared in his hand. "Little girl, given your current understanding of superhuman powers, I believe you can figure this out very quickly. It\'s called \'Earth-shortening Ruler\'. Go figure it out yourself. If you can\'t work it out in seven days, I\'m taking it back," Guo Huai said smilingly as he handed the Earth-shortening Ruler to Nangong Lingmo. This Earth-shortening Ruler must be made by the previous owner of the Laojun Gourd for its apprentice. The minimum requirement to use it is very low. One only need to be in Innate-late stage or beyond. It was just right for Little Lingmo.

"Earth-shortening Ruler? Why does this sounds so familiar? Could it be that Earth-shortening Ruler from the \'Journey to the West\'? That\'s impossible," Nangong Lingmo mumbled to herself as she held the Earth-shortening Ruler. A puff of cold air emitted from the ruler, and made her felt incomparably comfortable. "Regardless of whether I could figure it out or not, this thing is mine! Want to take back things you given me? Such a stingy person!"

Guo Huai looked at the Nangong Lingmo in a speechless expression, and did not say anything.

The commotion about Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening ceremony lasted for quite a while. Not only in Wucheng City, but many from the Beijing, and West Beijing also rushed over. The queue ticket for Clinic of No Treatment were resold for upto ten million yuan a for a place. Of those eighteen students, not one had left the clinic. They were most admired by other students from the two Wucheng university medical schools for being employed by the Clinic of No Treatment, and they all begun studying Chinese medicine from then onwards.

"Owner, this is the revenue for the month. Please have a look," said Liu Wen, the girl that Guo Huai saved on the opening day. At first, she was sent to the drug rehabilitation center to kick her drug habits. However, after staying there for 24 hours, they discovered that she wasn\'t addicted to drugs at all, and was therefore released. She had nowhere to go to but finally arrived at Clinic of No Treatment based on her memories. Unexpectedly, Guo Huai actually kept her, and let her in charge of Clinic of No Treatment\'s finances. In just short seven days, the girl\'s outstanding performance made everyone shut their mouth up.

"Not bad, we are turning in profits already. Your monthly salary will be five thousand yuan, just deduct them from the revenue of Clinic of No Treatment," Guo Huai said smilingly. "You must not reject it. Those patients we treat are all rich people. I cannot let you work for nothing in compensation."

"Owner, it was you that have given me another chance in life, therefore I cannot take money from Clinic of No Treatment. However, there\'s something i need to tell you," Liu Wen said smilingly. "A few days back I overheard Yao Shi and Leng Shuang\'s conversation. Leng Shuang doesn\'t want to be your apprentice, because she want to be your wife, haha. Also, that Sister Liu Yan kept making phone calls to you over and over. If you still don\'t return her call, you might had to treat her for hormonal imbalance some other day. Owner, you are the ladies-t man I\'ve ever met! If you have time, even I would like to share a candle-lit dinner with you." After she finished those word, Liu Wen ran outside with a smile.