Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 148

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TL: Hedonist

"Is the Owner of Clinic of No Treatment here? Please come out, my Elder Brother is dying." Right after the elderly man walked out of Clinic of No Treatment, two men and one woman carried a middle-aged man inside. They were the four Innate-stage experts dispatched by the House of Xiahou.

Guo Huai looked at the four, and revealed a faint smirk. So you are finally here. After taking care of the few of you, my Clinic of No Treatment can be said as having successfully opened for business.

"Da Zhu, let them in," Guo Huai said smilingly. The four then walked into the lounge of Clinic of No Treatment.

"Little Huai, these people are all cultivators. Be careful," Xiao Yuntian said softly. The instance the few people appeared, the few elderlies in the room all felt that familiar presence of Innate stage cultivator. Given that they have reached Innate stage at such young age, they must be talents that a certain family clan groomed.

"We heard from outside that the Owner of Clinic of No Treatment has supreme medical skills. I don\'t know if my Elder Brother was poisoned or has internal injuries. Please, please help my Elder Brother," Xiahou Wu said as he pointed at Xiahou Shanhe.

Guo Huai didn\'t said a word but smiled. He extended his hand and placed his fingers on Xiahou Shanhe\'s wrist. He used his mind-reading skill on Xiahou Shanhe.

Stinking brat, I don\'t care who the hell is here in your Clinic of No Treatment. Since you so dare to kill my nephew, you must die! Regardless of whatever your strength is, after getting poisoned by my Yunchang Wood Poison, there\'s no way you could stay alive. Xiahou Shanhe\'s thought appeared in Guo Huai\'s mind.

Without any evidence whatsoever, you decided to come and kill me directly. Humph, if it weren\'t for me having mind-reading skills, perhaps I wouldn\'t even know how I might die today. Yunchang Wood Poison? It was developed by a genius of the House of Tang in Tang Dynasty, Li Yunchang. I did not expect that it was passed on till now. Huhu really sorry gais, I have pretty good relation with the second master of the House of Tang, Li Gui. So this poison is useless on me. Guo Huai thought to himself. After putting his fingers on Xiahou Shanhe\'s wrist for one minute, an odorless and colourless thing was adsorbed by him from Xiahou Shanhe\'s body. It was the Yunchang Wood Poison.

At the split second Guo Huai inhaled that Yunchang Wood Poison, he used his inner strength to directly seal the poison within a section of his meridians. Given his current strength now, he must be careful with it. Even though it wouldn\'t kill him, he had to spend some effort to force the poison out. He did not have the luxury of time to waste on such things.

"Owner Guo, how\'s my Elder Brother? If you have no ways to treat him, we will bring him to other places," Xiahou Cheng said softly. They actually talked over this previously. As soon as they successfully put poison in Guo Huai, they will leave immediately.

"If Clinic of No Treatment doesn\'t treat him, wherever you bring him will be futile," Guo Huai said smilingly. "This illness of your Elder Brother\'s, I can treat. However, the inner strength your Elder Brother gained from all these years of practice, I\'m afraid that he cannot keep it."

"No way. If he can\'t keep his inner strength, my Elder Brother will not agree. We shall not trouble Owner Guo any longer. We are leaving," Xiahou Wu said loudly, and lifted Xiahou Shange, ready to get out.

"Yunchang Wood Poison. I do not know the few of you, why do you want to poison me?" Guo Huai asked softly. Xiao Yuntian made a move and jumped, landing right before the four and blocking their way out. Wang Tianruo and Xie Yukun also stood up and surrounded the four.

"We don\'t know what you\'re talking about. We are not seeking treatment anymore, let us leave," Xiahou Wu said loudly.

Guo Huai stepped forward, and put his finger on Xiahou Shanhe\'s shoulder. Right after that, Xiahou Shanhe suddenly felt that his shoulder was burning hot, and the unbearable pain made him yell. Xiahou Shanhe, who originally emitted a weak presence, exploded mighty presence from all over his body. He was an Innate late stage cultivator. Reaching Innate late stage before fourty made Xiao Yuntian and a few other stared blankly. This guy in not simple man!

"You brat, we are from the House of Xiahou. My nephew Xiahou Tian was dead. You must pay with your life!" Xiahou Shanhe said loudly.

"There are countless people who die everyday, and your nephew didn\'t die in my clinic, so why should I pay with my life ah?" Guo Huai said to Xiahou Shanhe with squinted eyes. Nangong Lingmo looked at Guo Huai with a mischievous smile. Who else could be related to Xiahou Tian\'s death if not Big Bad Egg? Haha.

"You are trying to stall for time, waiting for Yunchang Wood Poison to flare up, correct?" Guo Huai said smilingly. "But sorry to disappoint you. I\'m a doctor, and that poison of yours have no effect on me."

"Impossible. Impossible! No one can remove the Yunchang Wood Poison. How can you be fine?" Xiahou Shanhe said to Guo Huai, "No need to lie to me. Even if I can\'t walk out of Clinic of No Treatment, you will still be dead!"

"Old Man Xiao, Old Man Wang, Old Man Xie, since they came to get me into trouble, then let me resolve this myself," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Since there are so many people here today, let me make this clear to everyone. If I die today, it will be me that brought it on myself. If they die, it is what they deserve. Such are the gratitude and drudges between cultivators," Guo Huai said softly. Xiao Yuntian and a few others knew that Guo Huai wasn\'t weak at cultivation. However, to fight against four person alone will not be an easy feat.

"Little Friend, their strength isn\'t weak, and you must not be careless. Why not hand it to us? We can take care of them," Xiao Yuntian said as he looked at Guo Huai. Guo Huai gently shook his head. So, Xiao Yuntian made the four experts from the House of Xiahou to come to the courtyard, and cleared the originally fully packed courtyard to be left with a big empty space.

"My Clinic of No Treatment have already treated ten people for the day. The opening ceremony could be considered as completed. Therefore, I\'d ask that everyone here to leave. Otherwise if anyone was accidentally injured, my Clinic of No Treatment wouldn\'t be responsible," Guo Huai said with squinted eyes. The crowd which was preparing to watch a bustling scene heard Guo Huai\'s advise and saw that certain men from Wucheng government officials left, they too hastily left the scene.

"Elder Sister Liu, please come to my Clinic of No Treatment tomorrow. Clinic of No Treatment will auction off five medicinal pellets every month. I will have to trouble Elder Sister for that," Guo Huai said smilingly. Liu Yan\'s eyes opened wide. The medicinal pellets from Clinic of No Treatment were sold for 4.5 million yuan. But if those were put on an actual auction, it could fetch prices up to tens of millions.

"Guys, let\'s go. We will go sit at the back for a while. Let\'s leave the childish things to themselves to resolve," Guo Liuyi said smilingly as he pulled the few old men to the back of the house. He knew of this own grandson\'s strength, and was aware that the Guo Huai now is no longer that scoundrel back in those years. He had absolute confidence in his grandson.

"House of Xiahou from the capital city, my clan of Sevenhurt Fists will remember that. Since you came to Wucheng to find troubles, then that means you are not giving us face. If Little Friend have gotten any kind of injuries, we will pay the House of Xiahou a visit," Xie Yukui said loudly, turned around, and left the courtyard. Xiao Yuntian and Wang Tianluo also said similar things to the four. They faces were ashened. If they really killed the brat, their house will really get into big troubles.

"Stop thinking. All four of you come at me at once. If you can really kill me, then that could be regarded as having served me right!" Guo Huai said smilingly. On the split second the four charged at him, Guo Huai made a move. Ever since banished to the human world, this was the first time he ever completely revealed his full strength. They were all in Innate-late stage. But as to how big the gap was, the results will be obvious in a second.

"This time it\'s four people. I would love to see how much more Innate experts the House of Xiahou had left to send to their deaths," Guo Huai said gently as he looked at the four person without a trace of life.

"Old Man Xiao, Little Friend would be alright, would he?" Wang Tianruo asked softly.

"I have no idea. Little Friend\'s strength should be in Innate-late stage. But as I have never seen Little Friend go full-out, I can\'t be sure if he could win," Xiao Yuntian said softly.

"What are you guys talking about? Anyway, I believe that honorable grandpas here are strongly suited in destroyed bodies and exterminating evidences. So, please take care of the aftermath, and don\'t frighten the students in Clinic of No Treatment."