Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 147

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TL: Hedonist

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"Thank you for coming here to support me today, Elder Brother Yishui. You look rather well, and I believe that you should be rather healthy. May I what business do you have here?" Guo Huai asked with squinted eyes.

"My younger cousin, my younger cousin doesn\'t feel quite well recently. I heart that Younger Brother opened a clinic, so I took advantage today of your clinic\'s first day of business, and brought my younger cousin for you to have a look," as he spoke, Han Yishui pull up that girl, the girl with her hair dyed red.

"Elder Sister Hong, enough with the lovey-dovey with your husband. Please ask him to come over for a while," Guo Huai said to Chu Hong. He was well aware that Chu Hong\'s husband is the deputy chief of Wucheng Public Security Bureau, in charge of maintaining the security of Xinglin Street.

When Chu Hong\'s husband, Qiao Dazhi heard Guo Huai calling for him, he immediately rushed from his seat. Other than Guo Huai giving his wife some free medicine, purely based on Guo Huai\'s relationship with Wucheng\'s House of Wang and House of Li, he need to be extremely nice to this youngster.

"Officer, have a look at this girl. I think you should be very clear of what\'s wrong with the girl," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"This is Qiao Dazhi. I\'m at Xinglin Street, number 388, Clinic of No Treatment. Correct, you all hurry over here. Get the narcotics team as well. Immediately!" Qiao Dazhi only needed one glance to knew what was with the girl. She had been taking drugs for a long time, otherwise she wouldn\'t look like that.

"This is the older cousin of the girl, later you can take him with you as well," Guo Huai said smilingly. "However, since this girl entered my Clinic of No Treatment, I believe that I must do something about her illness." Guo Huai used his mind-reading skills on the girl, and realized that she is just someone pitiful. Since she\'s already in my clinic, well, then, I will save her if I could.

"Younger Brother, you really don\'t have to pick up the troubles for yourself. She was like this because of long term drug use, and no regular medicine can control that. Perhaps you should just wait for a while and let me take her to the security station," Qiao Dazhi said softly.

"A doctor should have the heart of parents. Since this girl doesn\'t meet any of the conditions of our \'Six conditions of no treatments\', and she is here on Clinic of No Treatment, I have an obligation to help her. Brother-in-law, why not go back to your seat for a while. Your personnels will need a while to reach here, and I will treat her within that time. Then, when you brought her to your security office, you can get all the information you need from her," Guo Huai said smilingly.

When the girl heard the two\'s conversation, she slowly opened her eyes. She took a look at the youngster before him, and felt that he seemed somewhat familiar.

"I know that you can hear me. Let me tell you this, you don\'t have much time left." Guo Huai whispered to her ear. "But I cannot let you die in Clinic of No Treatment, because you shouldn\'t die like this." Guo Huai took out a pellet of medicinal pill, and the front row of Innate late-stage cultivators all stood up in unison.That is the Nine-coloured Pill from the legends! How could Guo Huai have that? What\'s his history?

Even with Guo Huai\'s current level of achievement, he still had no way of refining the Nine-coloured Pill. On earth, on man could refine such medicinal pill that defies the natural order. But the reason Guo Huai have such medicine was because of a gourd he owns - the Laojun Gourd.

Guo Huai couldn\'t care less of the facial expression of others, and he gently stuffed the medicinal pill into the girl\'s mouth. After a moment, her face began to glew in healthy red, and her lifeless body began to fill with energy. She carefully looked at the man who saved her up and down, and made kowtowed to Guo Huai in sincere appreciation. Suddenly, a puff of peculiar energy entered Guo Huai\'s body. So just one person could actually bring him so much merit.

"This, this is impossible. Brother Long said that she will die in Clinic of No Treatment. How could this happen?" Han Yishui took the greatest shock because he knew the exact condition the girl was in. In fact, right before she brought the girl over, he watched Hei Long giving her an injection. Han Yishui would get goosebumps whenever he recalled of that needle. He was even worried that the girl couldn\'t make it to Clinic of No Treatment. But now, the girl stood in front of him, staring at him with a gaze that frightened him,

"Younger Brother, the girl need to come with me now," Qiao Dazhi whispered beside Guo Huai.

"I\'m just a doctor in Clinic of No Treatment, so you don\'t need to inform me about that. However, I believe that the girl is innocent, and I hope that the Wucheng police will find out the truth, leave no bad person behind, and wrong no good person." Guo Huai said softly.

"Little Qiao, I want you to make the whole matter public, and let the whole Wucheng city be the supervisor of the case. Come find me directly if you were met with any resistance. The truth must come to light!" Suddenly Wang Yongjin, who had be silent all along shouted, "If you needed manpower, directly look for General Li Tiandou. I believe that by joining forces with the military, we can completely eradicate this malignant tumor of Wucheng City!" After Wang Yongjin spoken, Li Tiandou gently nodded his head. Then, a big round of applause followed. Han Yishui fell on his ass because he knew that it was all over. Hei Long was finished, and so with Wucheng Paradise.

After that minor incident, Guo Huai then helped a doctor who was also working in Xinglin Street to fix his distorted mouth, and made the doctor shed tears of gratitude. Guo Huai however, only gave a faint smile, because he could feel that the presence of those from House of Xiahou who had been constantly monitoring him, grew clearer and clearer. He knew that trouble is coming again.

"Owner Guo, I believe you could still recognize me right?" After Guo Huai fixed that doctor from Xinglin Street, Hu Bubai appeared before the crowd.

"Hu Bubai." Guo Huai said smilingly, "I know what you are up to, but I advise you to leave. Look at that carefully, you are among the \'Six conditions of no treatments\', so I will not give you medical treatment."

"Oh? You are afraid of not able to treat me right?" Hu Bubai started blankly before replying grimly.

"Incitements won\'t work on me," Guo Huai replied smilingly. This time, Hu Bubai then realize that his meticulous preparation for the past few days had been a waste, and Guo Huai doesn\'t even attach any importance to him. He felt the poison and antidote in his pocket, and left Clinic of No Treatment with a thoroughly red face.

"Doctor, I only came in here because I saw a lot of people here when I happen to pass by. My job is to sweep clean Xinglin Street. This back of mine hurts very much recently. Would you please help me?" An elderly dressing in public cleanliness uniform asked softly. The old man was clearly shocked by the huge hoo-ha.

Guo Huai looked at the elderly for a while, and gently nodded his head. He then felt the old man\'s back with his hand. His backache wasn\'t actually a big problem, it\'s just that he was injured when he was younger. Guo Huai prescribed him some medicine, and symbolically charged this elderly named Li Yu for one yuan. Guo Huai then gazed at the front door, thinking, Are the people from Xiahou Clan going to show themselves? If they are still not coming now, I\'m going to wrap up for the day.

NOTE: The translation of Urban Banished Immortal will be stopped at chapter 157. We have decided to drop this project due to increased workload and poor demand. We might pick it up again if there\'s increased demand and when we find more time in the future. Those who wish to support us for one last time may stay through the patreon pledge charging on 1st of June.