Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 146

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TL: Hedonist

The two tables of people ate until 3 in the afternoon. There were still a bit of food left on Guo Huai\'s table, but all the dishes on the old men\'s table were spotlessly clean. During the final cuisine, shark fin soup, Old Man Wang even licked his bowl, and justified his actions by saying it\'s his principle not to waste any food on the table. None of the other old men laughed at him because he won the last bowl of shark fin soup in a rock-paper-scissors match.

"So aromatic! What did you guys ate in here just now? Why does it felt as though your food is much better than what we had in Tianyang International?" Qin Long said softly.

"Maybe you can ask those old men who didn\'t left," Lin Changtian said softly. "They said that it will begin at 2:30pm, but it\'s almost 3pm now and they had only just finished eating. I reckon it\'ll past 3pm after they cleaned up."

"Old Man Wang, over here!" Lin Changtian yelled for Wang Yongjin when he saw the few old men walked out from Bubai Clinic.

"Hey Old Man Lin, what\'s up? Why haven\'t you went inside Clinic of No Treatment yet? There\'s still five people to treat in afternoon. I\'m going to ask my wife to come here. Something wasn\'t quite right with her leg recently. Perhaps that youngster Guo could fix it," Wang Yongjin said smilingly. His eyes was squinted because of his big smile. He seemed to be still enjoying the aftertaste of the lunch he had.

"I planned to drink with you few older brother in at noon, but the few of you didn\'t came over. So you guys had your lunch at Clinic of No Treatment. How was it? The food in Tianyang International was pretty good today," Lin Changtian said smilingly.

"Food in Tianyang International was pretty good? I\'ve tried stuffs from there before. Compared to the meal I had just then, that place is for beggars. That wrench Zhou Tianyang is right this time," Wang Yongjin replied softly. He couldn\'t help it but licked his lips again.

"Place for beggars? Tianyang International could be the best restaurant there is in this area. Old Man Wang, you must had drank too much," Lin Changtian said with his eyes wide open.

"I actually hoped I did drank more, but Guo Huai that stingy bastard didn\'t give up much wine. One million only got me half-full. But still it\'s very satisfying. Alright, enough talks. Let\'s go inside. Little Sheng should be here with my wife by now," Wang Sheng said and walked into the clinic, leaving behind Lin Changtian with a startled face.

"God damnit! I thought that I had a good meal just then, but in fact missed a great meal! No, this won\'t do. No matter what happens tonight I must stay in this clinic and eat here!" Lin Changtian murmured softly and then entered the clinic.

In the afternoon, the courtyard of Clinic of No Treatment was packed with people. There were around four hundred people who came in the morning. But in the afternoon, there were almost a thousand person there. Those who didn\'t gift red envelopes in the morning make up for it by delivering their red envelopes to Jia Yuan. This filthy rich Jia Yuan actually felt traces of enviousness in his heart. Wow! Fourth Brother made these money way too quickly! Even without counting the stuffs that were sold, he\'d make about two billion just from red envelopes!

"Little Huai, I don\'t care how many people you\'re going to treat in the afternoon, but I have lined up in advance just then, so you must examine my wife\'s leg first!" Wang Yongjin said half-drunkenly. When Grandma Wang pinched his waist and made a full turn, Wang Yongjin was completely shocked from the pain and immediately sobered up. Everyone in the room laughed when they saw what happened. Guo Huai sighed in his heart, Sigh, so it turns out that every woman knows this kung fu of waise pinching.

Guo Huai supported Grandma Wang to the center of the room while Wang Sheng hurriedly grabbed a stool over. Perhaps sometimes he could afford to not be concerned of his grandpa. But when it comes to his grandma, everything must be done correctly by 200%.

"Third Brother, why are you standing here? Shoo, you are blocking the lights," Guo Huai smilingly ousted Wang Sheng away.

"Fourth Brother, please be careful. You must take it easy when treating this leg soreness of my grannie," Wang Sheng said nervously. No matter how excellent Guo Huai\'s performance was today, or even say recently, when Wang Sheng recalled of Guo Huai\'s former unsavory track record, he almost wanted to ask his own grandma to leave Clinic of No Treatment.

"Third Brother, what do you mean by this? Do you want me to treat grandma\'s leg or do you want me not? Are you afraid that after I cured grandma\'s soreness on her leg, it won\'t be that easy for you to escape later on? And therefore hinting me to not fully treat her?" Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Fourth Brother, don\'t talk nonsense. You must cure her completely. You must treat her with all your strength." After he spoke, Wang Sheng saw that his grandpa was glaring at him, and so he shut his mouth up and foolishly sat on his stool.

"Grandma, are you going to take part in this year\'s Wucheng Marathon?" Guo Huai asked smilingly. For the recent days, television stations in Wucheng had been constantly broadcasting news about the Wucheng Marathon. There will be three more days until the marathon begins, and the Wucheng City was all hyped up for the event.

"You scoundrel, Little Sheng said that you changed a lot, but it seems to me that you didn\'t change at all. Even dare to make fun of this old grannie eh?" Grandpa Wang said smilingly. "Today that old man called me and said that he met a medical god. I didn\'t know he was talking about you. If I had knew it earlier, I wouldn\'t have came here."

"Hehe, grandma, maybe you can\'t make it to the Wucheng Marathon this year, but you definitely could participate in the marathon next year. At that time, I will ask my grandma to join as well. Let\'s see who will win the champion for the elderly category, hehe." as he spoke, 36 silver needles actually appeared on Grandma Wang\'s leg, but she did not felt it at all.

"Oh yes, about your grandma, I do have something to ask you. Sister Guo really do look very well recently. The last time I met her, she seemed to have grew more than ten years younger. She said that you gave her some medicine. Do you still have those? Give me a bit as well," Grandma Wang said smilingly.

"Grannie, go and rest for a while first. I will talk to you later. I still have four patients. After treating them, come to my house with my grandma. I guarantee that by then, you will suddenly grow years younger just like my grandma." Guo Huai had a good impression towards Grandma Wang. From the memories of the previous Guo Huai, he recalled that Grandma Wang had help clear up his mess a lot. Since she planted the seeds of good karma, she shall receive the fruits of good karma.

"Pei, even this old man lied to me, and say that my leg will be cured. Humph, I will go find sister Guo for a chat, ciao," as Grandma Wang spoke, she stood up and made a few steps towards the old Guo couples.

"My, my leg! It doesn\'t hurt anymore!" Grandma Wang suddenly discovered that her leg doesn\'t hurt anymore after talking a few steps, and exclaimed to Guo Huai with a disbelieved face.

"Grandma, find a seat and rest for a while. Little Mo, after ten minutes, remove the needles for grandma. After that, apply a herbal plaster with Seven Yang Paste. After around seven days, grannie\'s leg will fully recover," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Four people left!"

"Old pal Guo Huai, I, I need your help old pal." A familiar voice rang in Guo Huai\'s ears. This person looked exceedingly familiar, and so Guo Huai searched through the information about this person from his previous memory. Click! It\'s Han Yishui. A youngster he used to frequently met in Wucheng Paradise. He is the second shopkeeper of Wucheng Paradise. He gave another look at the girl beside her. Her breath was extremely weak. When Guo Huai\'s mind reading skills landed on Han Yishui, he immediately squinted his eyes.

Elder Brother Long wanted to cause me death! What the hell was this guy thinking, taking a drug addict who is dying soon to be treated here? It\'s their first day of business and you wanted to kill me issit?! Han Yishui thought inwardly.