Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 145

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"Pill of Youth? Younger Brother Huai, this Pill of Youth you said, could it be that this will have the same effects as those Pill of Youth in novels?" Liu Yan asked unbelievably. She even addressed him as \'Younger Brother Huai\' instead of \'Owner Guo\'.

"Haha, elder sister, you will know once you try it out. Well, I gotta go now. My fiance will get envious if I continue chatting with a beauty any longer," Guo Huai said smilingly when he saw Jade walking towards him.

"Big scoundrel, enough chatting with pretty ladies. Let\'s go, the few grandpas wouldn\'t leave and said they want to eat at Clinic of No Treatment," Jade said smilingly. Grandpa and grandma Guo, Li Yao, Jia Yuan, Wang Sheng, the three old grandpas, and the Innate-stage experts from the three great sects did not leave the clinic. Old Man Zhou almost couldn\'t bear it anymore.

"Honorable grandpas, uncles, I was kidding just then. I really have no ingredients left to make food anymore. They were all finished the other day. The wine are with Little Guo and I don\'t have it here. Why don\'t we go over to Tianyang? The food there is rather nice," Zhou TIanyang said smilingly. Tianyang International doesn\'t have a thing to do with him. A moment ago he blabbed that in comparison to Clinic of No Treatment, the food provided by Tianyang International is so bad that a beggar wouldn\'t eat it, and Jia Guyun so coincidentally heard it.

"You Brat, we came here today to cheer on you, therefore we must have our meals here. You must take care of our lunch!" Jia Guyun said smilingly when he saw Guo Huai approaching.

"Second Brother, collect one million from every single esteemed guests who wishes to have their meal in Clinic of No Treatment. For every share missing, you must pay ten times as compensation," Guo Huai said loudly to the fleeing Jia Yuan. "If you want to eat at Clinic of No Treatment, we can make meals for you, even though it\'s not that good."

"Meh, one million it is then. I want to taste for myself if the food Zhou Tianyang so praised is actually worth one million. If it\'s not, I will make you spit out the money you collected from me!" Jia Guyun said smilingly.

"Li Yu, Little Mo, Jade, come help out in the kitchen. Others, tidy up the table," Guo Huai instructed smilingly. He then made a phone call to Lin Changtian.

"Old Man Lin, I gotta trouble you abit about something. As you saw today, my Clinic of No Treatment is somewhat packed. Do you mind lending me that Bubai Clinic beside mine for one hundred and eighty years?" Guo Huai said.

"One hundred and eighty years. You brat is really outspoken. Wait for a while, I will ask someone to deliver the keys to you," Lin Changtian replied smilingly. And indeed, his efficient is very high. In less than five minutes, a driver delivered the keys.

Guo Huai instructed a few students to slightly tidy up the Bubai Clinic, and borrowed a few tables from the clinic. Otherwise there wouldn\'t be enough tables for so many people to eat.

"Owner, how about the few of us go and have lunch in Tianyang? There\'s quite a lot of people today, and there\'s not enough space in Clinic of No Treatment." Chen Jiadi said to Guo Huai after discussing with a few students.

"Jiadi, it seems that you have yet to think of yourself as one of ours. You are an employee of Clinic of No Treatment, and therefore one of us, and the host of Clinic of No Treatment. Have you ever seen the situation where guests came to one\'s house, but the host went outside to eat?" Guo Huai replied smilingly. "Later they will eat in Bubai Clinic, and we will still eat in our clinic."

With just a few simple words, Chen Jiadi and a few others\' hearts were steaming warm. Guo Huai\'s medical skills had won over them, and his personality was even more so.

"Little Huai, what is this meat? Just then I secretly tasted a small bit and it tastes real good! Better than any meat I ever had," Zhou Tianyang said softly.

"Uncle Zhou, would you believe if me if I told you this is dragon meat?" Guo Huai said.

"Sure! Of course! Only dragon meat could taste so good," Zhou Tianyang replied. "But Little Guo, you placed a lot of Chinese medicine that harms the vital energy. Medicinal cuisine should be replenishing, but why are you going against that?"

Guo Huai did not explain but revealed a smirk. He couldn\'t find a way to explain to him. If Guo Huai doesn\'t use those vital energy harming medicines to cancel out the energy in the dragon meat, after those old men consumed it, the energy will burst their body into pieces. By then, even an immoral couldn\'t help them.

After around an hour\'s time, the three dishing in his big wok were ready, and he yelled, "Get ready to serve the foods!" The old men were somewhat tired waiting but when they heard his yelling, they all got perked up.

"Fourth Brother, I have collected the money from everyone except your grandpa and grandma," Jia Yuan said smilingly.

"You brat, granny is only having one meal here. That fella claimed he\'s collected one million on your behalf. He even pretend to be Little Yuan Yuan!" Grandma Guo scolded smilingly.

"Grandma, I\'m really Jia Yuan. The genuine one. Why wouldn\'t you believe me?" Jia Yuan said with a droopy face. He actually explained to Grandma Guo countless times. She replied, "I know Jia Yuan ever since he\'s young, and he\'s always chubby, unlike you, you are as thin as bamboo stick."

"Haha, Grandma, you don\'t have to pay. I will just let Grandpa pay one million. He\'s got cash anyway," Guo Huai said smilingly. Guo Liuyi glared at him but he did pay one million yuan later.

After that, the old men and lady were invited to the Bubai Clinic located beside Clinic of No Treatment. Of course, a few of them had to nag about that. But when the first dish was served, the scent made everyone speechless.

"Old Man Guo, good, how kind of you! You have exotic delicacies to yourself everyday, but never thought of inviting us! Didn\'t you remember how we brothers treated you back then when you were banished to Wucheng? " Li Doutian complained loudly.

Guo Liuyi only replied after swallowing two pieces of meat. "This, this is also the first time I had such delicious food. That little scoundrel even charged me one million! But still, one million is really worth it!" as he spoke, Guo Liuyu stuffed another meat into his mouth.

"Old Man Guo, you already had three pieces, no more for you. There\'s only one dish of these. And you Old Man Wang, you also had three. You two wait for the next dish," Li Doutian said, and rushed to grab a piece with his chopsticks. It was fortunate for them that no one else was in the room with them. Otherwise if someone saw how these rich and prestigious old man ate, the spectators would had laughed their head off.

"Honorable old gentlemen, seniors, please eat slowly." As he spoke, Guo Huai placed eight bottles on the floor. "Sixteen people, eight bottles. There\'s only so much of wine. One million is not even enough to pay for my wine, so don\'t even think about asking for more." Guo Huai turned around and left right after that.

Soon enough, the old men got into a quarrel again. And in the end Guo Liuyi only gotten one small cup of wine just because his surname is also Guo. But when he thought about the huge changes his grandson has, Guo Liuyi can\'t help but smiled happily.

After all three dishes were served, the elderlies ate joyously, and so were those eating inside the Clinic of No Treatment. Grandma Guo were sitting beside Guo Huai. When she gazed at the Guo Huai\'s ladies, she felt that her grandson indeed has good taste. In fact, she gazed so much that the ladies had gotten shy.