Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 144

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"Elder Sister Niu, so, what do you think? We weren\'t bluffing were we? This Brother Guo is pretty amazing. The medicinal pellets he gave us back then was even more amazing than this. But with that said, this time it\'s still pretty amazing. It\'s all up to you now whether you could buy one," Chu Hong said with a complacent smile on her face, while the few women of similar ages beside her all nodded.

"May I know if any of our guests here have experience as an auctioneer? If there\'s one, please step forward and help out. Clinic of No Treatment will give one medicinal pellet as remuneration," Guo Huai announced smilingly.

"Fourth Brother, let your Second Brother handle this stuff. I can do it," Jia Yuan said. Guo Huai shook his head as he looked at Jia Yuan, and said, "If you are still chubby like you used to, then this would be very for you to handle. But now with your looks, it just feels like something is off."

"Owner Guo, I think I can do it," a twenty four or five woman said smilingly. "My name is Liu Yan. I\'m a auctioneer working at Wucheng Auction House. May I have the honor?"

"Alright. Then I\'ll have to trouble Elder Sister Liu," Guo Huai said smilingly. "This medicinal pellet is called \'Skin Whitening Pill\'. The price shall start at one hundred thousand. Thank you, Elder Sister."

"Humph! Big pervert. You immediately compromise when you see a beautiful woman," Jade complained, and the few other ladies nodded in agreement.

Guo Huai instructed a few students to move a yellow rosewood table to the center of the room, and even gave her a wooden hammer that was meant to be used for preparing medicine. That left Liu Yan between laughter and tears. In contrary, all the three hundred ladies in the room had a attitude like that of wolves and tigers.

"I\'m very happy to be make an appearance here at Clinic of No Treatment as a auctioneer. I hope that everyone here will help raise the price as high as possible, as to liven things up for the opening ceremony of Clinic of No Treatment, and the secondary reason is to give me a little bit of face. Let me say thank you to all of you in advance," Liu Yan said smilingly. "I believe that everyone here must had seen item for auction just then. Truthfully, I can\'t help but say that the starting price of one hundred thousand that Owner Guo set, is just way too low. In any auction sales, things like this will never start below one million. But well, since it\'s the price Clinic of No Treatment set, then without further ado, let\'s begin. One pellet of \'Skin Whitening Pill\', starts at one hundred thousand yuan. Each subsequent bid must be at least five thousand yuan. Ladies, don\'t miss the chance!"

It must be said that Liu Yan indeed are an expert in auctioneering. A few simple words could make the ladies under the stage to be excited again.

"One million. I agree with what sister Liu Yan said. I will pay one million yuan for this Skin Whitening Pill," the lady which Chu Hong called \'Elder Sister Niu\' said loudly. One million yuan isn\'t much for the house of Niu. When she recalled seeing Chu Hong and her husband being so affectionate with each other, and then thought of his own husband who spends most of his time in debauchery out there. She concluded that the reason for the difference must be because she doesn\'t look as good as she used to be, and therefore determined to buy it.

Sister Niu\'s bid of one million yuan indeed have shocked some people. Even though they saw that it has great results when demonstrated on Old Man Pang\'s wife, the one million yuan price tag made them cower.

"This sister bids one million yuan. Do we have any other sister who also want the pill? One million yuan in exchange for a few dozen years of good looks is truly a great deal. If I\'m not the auctioneer, I\'m going to fight for this as well. As women, we should spend the money we make. Otherwise, our men might use it to get a mistress," Liu Yan said smilingly. "Just kidding. One million yuan, first call."

"My apologies sister Niu, I\'d like to try this thing as well. One million and fifty thousand!" a forty something beautiful woman said smilingly. Given her age and looks, she don\'t really have the need for the item. But still, who doesn\'t want to look better and prettier?

"Sister Xu, please yield to this younger sister this one time. You look like you\'re still thirty something, and don\'t actually need it. 1.1 million!" Sister Niu said smilingly. She is acquainted with Xu Yawen. This woman is rather sophisticated. She runs her own company and is very good at doing businesses.

"1.5 million. I\'m sorry, sisters. I feel rather uncomfortable lately and would like to use this medicinal pill to help with my health." When the two was still chartering, a thirty something year old lady said smilingly. She is the daughter of secretary of Wucheng municipal committee, Chen Miao.

"1.5 million. Do we have a higher bidder?" Liu Yan asked smilingly.

"1.55 million. Sister Miao, you don\'t need this thing. Please let this younger brother take it. Little Hua isn\'t here today, but I intend to buy her something as a gift," Wang Sheng said with a mischievous smile. Chen Miao creased her brows and did not continue to bid.

<i>Eh? Third Brother\'s behaviour seemed quite unusual. Could it be that Third Brother have some grudges with the Chen family?</i> Guo Huai thought to himself. After that, he saw Gandpa Wang Yongjin nodded his head, which indicated that his guess was correct.

"1.55 million first call, 1.55 million second call. 1.55 million third and final call. Sold! Congratulating to our Director Wang, Wang Sheng! Please swipe your card later at the behind the stage, "Liu Yan said smilingly.

"Second Brother, swipe this card. I believe you know where I got these money from. It\'s those I made by giving you a hundred thousand to invest in last year." Wang Sheng said smilingly. Liu Yan have began selling the second medicinal pellet.

"1.55 million. I\'m getting that pill!" Chen Miao immediately yelled. This time no one bid against her, as the have to at least give some face for his father.

The third pill was bought by sister Niu at 1.7 million. Some people thought that she paid too much for it. However, the fourth pill was sold for 1.9 million, and the fifth pill was at 2.13 million.

"Sister Niu, quickly look at the mirror! The dark spots on your face all disappeared! And so with the wrinkles! All gone!" Sister Niu is an impetuous person. While the auction sale was still going on, she asked Guo Huai for the pill she bought, and consumed it with Guo Huai\'s instructions. Unexpectedly, the results could be seem immediately. The few ladies beside her were totally shocked.

"3 million! Do we have any higher bidder?" The seventh Skin Whitening Pill is at 3 million yuan, but the atmosphere in the room seemed even more anxious than ever. 3 million is not the final point.

"3.3 million. Our Western medicine association will bid for 3.3 million." After discussing with a few members of the association, Dong Kun bidded a high price of 3.3 million. They intend to buy one and use it for research. <i>Ha, I won\'t stop it if i get to make money. Go ahead and research it. Even if I were to tell you the ingredients, you won\'t be able to make one. Fire, the Samadhi True Fire. Do you have that?</i>

"Third and final call. Sold! The seventh Skin Whitening Pill will belong to the Western medicine association for 3.7 million," Liu Yan said smilingly.

The eighth and ninth pill were directly bought by an unknown female entrepreneur in Wucheng without any higher bidder at 4 million each. The tenth pill was sold for 4.5 million yuan. That made sister Niu felt that her purchase price of 1.7 million was indeed a great deal.

"Thank you everyone for your support, the auction sale is now over. Owner Guo would like to invite everyone here to have their lunch over at Tianyang International. The seats are ready for everyone. Please come if you want to, but if you don\'t, we will not insist," Liu Yan said smilingly. Guo Huai nodded lightly and walked to Liu Yan. He delivered a wooden box to her.

"Thank you Elder Sister. That Skin Whitening Pill will have no effect on you. This is a Pill of Youth. Take it as the salary for your help today," Guo Huai said smilingly.