Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 143

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"Little Nine needs to stay in Clinic of No Treatment for treatment," Guo Huai said softly after around ten minutes, during which he pricked nine silver needles on Little Nine.

"Ok, sure, no problem. Owner Guo, we will do whatever you want, and everything that you instructs," Little Nine\'s father said as he hurriedly nodded. "But may I know how much will be treatment costs? I will sell everything I have to pay for it no matter the cost."

"Haha, our Clinic of No Treatment will not treat those we don\'t want to treat, but we will treat those that we want to treat. Well, since you have such confidence in my Clinic of No Treatment, his medical treatment shall be free. However, after Little Nine have recovered, he must work in my clinic for ten years. I don\'t know if you\'d be willing to accept that," Guo Huai replied smilingly.

"As long as Little Nine will be cured, not just ten years, even if you want him to work here for the rest of his life, I will agree to that."

"Owner Guo, just say it directly if you can\'t treat this youth. No need to use such tactics of stalling," someone from the Western medicine association said.

"I have successfully treated Old Man Xiao. In accordance with your vice president\'s words just now, whenever you guys met my Clinic of No Treatment, you must yield and let us take the lead, in addition to bowing to us. I have already put up with you guys by not asking you all to bow. If you want to stay here, shut the fuck up. Otherwise, shoo. Soon I\'m going to pay you all a visit at you association building," Guo Huai said with gloomy face.

"You!" that person from the Western medicine association wanted to say something but was stopped by Dong Kun. Xiao Feiyang\'s poison indeed was under control after Guo Huai\'s treatment. So even if Dong Kun was stubborn, he couldn\'t say anything.

"We have treated five person this morning, and there remains five slot for afternoon. Clinic of No Treatment will only treat ten people everyday. But if you have some rather minor illness that requires medication, you can still come to Clinic of No Treatment. The eighteen doctors of our Clinic of No Treatment will serve you wholeheartedly," Guo Huai said loudly. The eighteen students nodded emotionally. It was much more comfortable to be in this clinic than in certain hospitals.

"Little Guo, Little Guo," Chu Hong, the women who always play mahjong with Jade, yelled for Guo Huai. "Little Guo, the few of us have brought all of our sisters here. Do you still have that medicine we ate the other day? Do you mind selling a few of those to us?"

A faint smile appeared on the corner of Guo Huai\'s lip. He had almost forgotten about that. He still have about a hundred Skin Whitening Pills, and about three hundred Toxic Cleansing Pills made with dregs of decoction. Might as well sell some of them, it\'s good for the reputation anyway.

"Thank you Elder Sister Hong, I\'d had forgotten about this if not for your reminder. However, I don\'t have those medicinal pellets I gave you the other day. All I have now are some other medicinal pellets. I shall ask everyone present if they would allow auction sale of ten pellets, as it\'s going to be lunchtime soon. I don\'t want to hold up everyone\'s lunch," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Owner Guo, if you have good stuffs, take it out. It\'s alright if we have to delay the meal. We could even eat our lunch in dinner, haha," a middle-aged man who came with his wife said smilingly.

"Ey you wretched brat, just show it to us if you have good stuffs. Today is the opening day, we old farts can held up alright if the meal is late. No need to mind us," Li Doutian, grandpa of Li Yao, said loudly.

"Since everyone approved of this, then our Clinic of No Treatment will auction off ten medicinal pellets. To prove the effectiveness of this medicinal pellet, I need a person to try it. Anyone here would like to volunteer?" Guo Huai said smilingly.

"My wife, let my wife try it," the man just then said loudly. From a distance, his wife actually looked quite fine. But when looked closely, one could see the freckles barely hidden under the cosmetic face powder.

"Old Man Pang, how could you offer your own wife like that! Without a thought!" someone standing beside the middle-aged man made fun of him. But what happened next made him realize that the foolish looking Old Man Pang actually did a very wise decision.

Guo Huai glanced at the wife of Old Man Pang and nodded. She then walked to Guo Huai.

"Elder Sister, please remove your makeup first. After this, you wouldn\'t need such thick makeup anymore," Guo Huai said smilingly. This wife of Old Man Pang is rather blunt, and straightforwardly ran outside to clean it. With Liu Yaoshi and Leng Shuang\'s help, in less than three minutes, the thick layer of powder was thoroughly removed. Her freckled face was presented bare in front of everyone.

"Old Man Pang, why is your face so red? Could it be that you think your wife is ugly now?" she said loudly as she looked at her husband.

"Darling, don\'t say so. That\'s not what I\'m thinking. If Owner Guo could handle those hard-to-treat diseases, this little freckles on your face must be very easy for him to fix," Old Man Pang replied smilingly.

"Don\'t worry, Elder Sister. Those things on your face that you don\'t want to have, I will clean them off all at once. You are actually making a huge profit this time, as Clinic of No Treatment doesn\'t charge you for testing medicine, haha," Guo Huai\'s words made the spectators laugh again.

Jia Xiaoxiao followed Guo Huai\'s instructions and took out a rather nice white jade box in front of the crowd. Guo Huai specifically instructed artisan to hurriedly produce it through the night.

When the jade box is opened, a medicinal pellet with three colours made everyone in the Clinic of No Treatment stood up.

"Oh my! This is the Tri-Coloured Pill, he actually use that to treat the freckles for that lady. That\'s some expensive stuff!" Xiao Feiyang remarked with amazement when he saw the pill.

Guo Huai doesn\'t care if it\'s Tri-coloured pill or whatever. It\'s just some stuff made with leftovers of decoction. He directly pinched it into pieces with his hand, and dissolved it in clear water. Dipped a clean cloth into the solution which adsorbed half of it, and wiped it on the face of Old Man Pang\'s wife. Everyone was shocked by what happened next. The countless spots of freckles, actually faded at a speed visible to naked eyes, with some disappearing right away.

"Elder Sister, drink this. Later I will write a prescription for you. After taking that medicine, I can guarantee that before you are 70, there won\'t be freckles on your face. "Old Man Pang, you can have your wife back now. Go and take a good look at her, haha."

"Lady, quickly thank Owner Guo!" as he speak, Old Man Pang pressed her wife\'s head with one hand and bowed towards Guo Huai with her. The crowd were at shock that the freckles actually disappeared. Simply unbelievable.

"Hubby, did the freckles on my face really disappeared?" Old Man Pang\'s wife asked softly. When she touched her face, it felt a lot smoother than before.

"It\'s gone darling. Totally gone!" Old Man Pang said loudly. Back then, he had to deal with the objections of his family to marry her, all because of the freckles on her face. But now, her wife turned into a beauty. So beautiful that he found it somewhat hard to accept.

"Owner Guo, do you still need to test any medicines? I will volunteer. No, I will pay to be tested on. Please, please Owner Guo!" At that moment, a thirty-plus year old woman said loudly.