Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 142

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"Guo Huai my young friend, this is my Junior, Xie Yulin. He\'s your trouble now." After Xiao Feiyang woke up, the sect master of Sevenhurt Fist, Xie Yukui pulled a gentleman around the same age as himself to Guo Huai.

"To harm others is to harm oneself. May I know, after I treated you, do you intend to continue practice boxing, or are you going to live a peaceful live for the few years you have left? Guo Huai said smilingly as he take Xie Yulin\'s pulse.

"Once you join the world of cultivation, you will never exit. And from that moment onwards there will be endless gratitude and grudges. Young Friend, I am a martial arts cultivator. I helped countless people, and I have also offended innumerable people. I know that I don\'t have much time left, but I\'m in so deep already. If Young Friend can treat me while leaving my kung fu intact, then please proceed. But if receiving your treatment means that I will not be able to practice boxing, then I shall not trouble Young Friend," Xie Yulin said smilingly.

"I have already taken the money, so it will be my trouble no matter what. Twenty years. I will add twenty years to your life. And after twenty years, come back to this Clinic of No Treatment of mine. How about that?" Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Haha. I\'m already 81 now. If I really can still live for another twenty years, then the days I have left will all be used to serve you," Xie Yulin said smilingly. But he never expected that he will actually be the guardian for Clinic of No Treatment for 23 years in the future.

"The injuries on your body is even more severe than Senior Yukui. Today I will first apply needle treatment for you. After seven days, come back here to look for me, and I will prescribe you a medicine. Then, after one month, the illness on your body will completely vanish. And later on, no matter if you actually practice Sevenhurt Fist or not, your fundamentals will not be injured. But in twenty years time you must come to my Clinic of No Treatment. Otherwise, if others don\'t look for you, I will," Guo Huai said with squinted eyes. Xie Yulin suddenly felt a slight chill travelled through his body, and he gently nodded his head.

This time, Guo Huai\'s applied the needles at a much slower pace. He even briefly explained for the students of Clinic of No Treatment before pricking each needle into the old man\'s body. After around an hour\'s time, Guo Huai pricked 13 needles on Xie Yulin\'s body.

"He Mo, no need to look at me like that. I indeed used the Ghost Sect 13 Needles, but like I told you before, Ghost Sect 13 Needles is not some secret to me. Also, you must remember my technique of applying needles. The root must be solid. All I did was to use the harmful aura of Ghost Sect 13 Needles against the harmful aura in Old Man Xie\'s body," Guo Huai said smilingly, and He Mo gently nodded.

"There\'s still time for one person before it\'s noon. Who\'d like to try next?" before Guo Huai finished his words, a middle-aged man carried a youngster to Guo Huai\'s side. He then kneel down.

"Little Brother, please save my son, I beg you, please," the middle-aged man begged as he cried. This person came with people from the Wucheng social welfare center. When Guo Huai\'s gaze landed on the youngster, a very uncomfortable feeling rushed into his heart.

"When did the symptoms first appeared on the child? Where did he went to recently?" Guo Huai asked softly. The youngster looks lifeless, lacks strength in all four of his limbs, but his meridians are fine. Guo Huai roughly had an idea what went wrong.

"He became like this after waking up seven days ago. He was still fine when he return home the day before that," the middle-aged man replied.

"His birthday is on the 9th of September?" Guo Huai asked.

"Owner Guo really is a amazing doctor! Little Nine is born on 9th of September, 9:09pm," the middle-aged man replied with a trace of excitement. He had visited quite a few hospitals for the last few day. The originally fairly well savings he had was almost all used up in the last few days because of his children\'s illness.

"Is there any guest here who was born in the year of the dragon, and in the month of September? Please step forward. This person also need to be a man," Guo Huai said loudly to the crowd. "Don\'t worry, I just need one or two drops of your free blood. It will be used as Medicine catalyst. As compensation, the Clinic of No Treatment will give you one pellet of our recently developed medicinal pellet."

"Grandpa Shi, I\'m born in the year of dragon, and in September. I don\'t know if I can do it or not," a youth standing beside Shi Yaomian said softly.

"Guo Huai my Young Friend, this young shop assistant of our Zhenzhong Pharmacy was born in the year of dragon and in September. Please see if he\'ll do," Shi Yaomian immediately yelled loudly. He was extremely happy in his heart. If he could obtain another medicinal pellet, he can plan his retirement ahead of time after passing it to the house master. "Little Zhao, what are you staring blankly for? Go ahead. No matter what medicinal pellet that Clinic of No Treatment give you, I Old Man Shi will buy it from you for one million yuan."

"Grandpa Shi, you better keep your promise!" Little Zhao cheerfully walked to Guo Huai. Guo Huai lightly nodded after he looked at him up and down for a while. He then immediately take out his silver needle, and let out two droplets of fresh blood from Little Zhao\'s palm. He stored the blood in a jade bottle, and have Jade deliver a Skin Whitening Pill to Little Zhao. Little Zhao couldn\'t hide his happiness and it was all revealed on his face, but Shi Yaomian looked even happier.

But no one paid attention to the two, their eyes were focused on Guo Huai, wanting to see for themselves how Guo Huai was going to treat this youngster. And especially so of those from Chinese medicine association, as a few of them had met Little Nine before. They couldn\'t found anything wrong through their diagnosis, and therefore could not treat him. All they did was prescribing a bunch of mind soothing medicine, and collected a ton of money for that.

"Da Zhu, go behind the artificial mountain, under a slab, scoop up a centipede alive and deliver it to me without delay." When Da Zhu heard Guo Huai\'s command, he immediately went to the back of the artificial mountain. He actually found a living centipede, and he put it into the jade bottle as Guo Huai instructed.

"Heyhey, Da Zhu, come, you too gotta set free a few drops of blood," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Big Boss Huai, Da Zhu don\'t feel like doing that. But perhaps a Pill of Youth might change my mind. You know, all the sister-in-laws have taken it, but my Birou have not. I want to give her one of that," Da Zhu said with a silly smile. Although he tried to said it softly, Shen Birou could hear all of it clearly. Her face turned red.

"Little Rou, your Da Zhu treats you pretty well, hehe. Why did you get so shy? I\'m going to do an inspection on you tonight, let\'s see if you\'re still a virgin," Sun Lingling made fun of Shen Birou beside her, and her face turned even redded.

"Ah Da Zhu, not bad, you learned how to negotiate with me now huh. I have no Pill of Youth left, but I still have some Skin Whitening Pills. I\'ll give one of it to you later," Guo Huai said as he pricked Da Zhu\'s finger. A drop of fresh blood fell into the jade bottle. Unexpectedly, the centipede in it actually played dead, as though it was being threatened.

"Old Man Lin, could you tell what illness that kid have gotten? And how Young Friend Guo Huai will treat him?" Zhang Tianzheng asked softly.

"I met that Little Nine before. That old fart from Chinese medicine association gave me a call about it. All the tests came out normal. No explanation for it. I had feel his pulse before. If I guessed correctly, it should be \'lost soul\' as recorded in the surviving chapters of chinese medicine scrolls. But we have never actually seen one before, so I dared not to assert that," Lin Changtian replied softly. Guo Huai seem to heard Lin Changtian\'s words and gently nodded at him. Although Guo Huai had not friendly battles with Lin Changtian, he give Guo Huai a pretty good impression.