Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 141

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TL: Hedonist

After around ten minutes, the people in the room began to feel uneasy and started to walk into the courtyard. Guo Huai was wearing a smiling expression as he rubbed his nails with a small sword. He doesn\'t seem to care if the person in the wooden barrel is alive or dead.

"Little Friend, how is my Senior doing?" Xiao Yuntian couldn\'t help but asked.

"I don\'t know. But why don\'t you ask him later when he wakes up?" Guo Huai replied smilingly. "Is there anyone else who\'d like to seek treatment? We have 50% promotion for our first day of business. Also the quota is set to 10 people. Hurry up, otherwise if you missed it, don\'t complain that our Clinic of No Treatment doesn\'t give treatment."

The guests all looked at each other without making a sound. No one dared to be his patient when they saw Guo Huai straightforwardly threw a person into the barrel, and moreover, it wasn\'t clear if the person is dead or alive.

"Owner Guo, I\'m suffering from frozen shoulders. I have undergo physiotherapy at Wucheng Hospital but it did not get better. Would you help take a look at it for me?" After around three or four minutes of silence, a middle-aged man stood up and said. This person is the vice bureau chief of Wucheng City Management Bureau, Zhang Dacheng. He has a rather good relationship with Wang Shengguan. Seeing that Wang Yongjin\'s grandpa was there, he decided to press his luck.

"Second Brother, collect three thousand yuan. I will treat his illness after the payment is made," Guo Huai said smilingly. Everyone in the room again turned into a shocked expression.

"Receiving medical treatment in this Clinic of No Treatment is really expensive huh," Dong Kun said with squinted eyes.

"It\'s not that expensive. Today is our first day of business, and we give 50% discount. Your treatment is 200 yuan per session. After going for the whole ten treatment sessions it will be 2000 yuan, but still it doesn\'t cure it. My treatment is only 3000, so it\'s really not expensive at all," Guo Huai replied smilingly.

"Owner Guo, I have this frozen shoulder for a couple years. If you really could cure it, not just three thousand, even if you want thirty thousand, I will pay you," Zhang Dacheng said loudly. "Do I need to remove my upper garments?"

"Haha, no need. No need to take off your clothes for your frozen shoulder. Later I will do some therapeutic massage for you and then apply a herbal plaster," Guo Huai said as he placed his hand on Zhang Dacheng\'s shoulder, and pinched a few times using a very unusual technique. While the few frow Western medicine association curled their lips, the five old man from Chinese medicine association were completely shocked.

"Heaven and Earth Dispersal Hand. Young friend, are you using Heaven and Earth Dispersal Hand?" Zhang Tianzheng asked loudly.

"Old Man Zhang, sit down, don\'t be so excited. Look at the results and you\'ll know if it\'s Heaven and Earth Dispersal Hand," Guo Huai replied smilingly. After about five minutes, Zhang Dacheng\'s expression begin to change.

\'Owner Guo, hot, my shoulder feels very hot!" Zhang Dacheng complained softly.

"It\'s alright, you have to endure it. If you want to recover completely, then persist on for a few more minutes," Guo Huai said smilingly. Zhang Dacheng lightly nodded.

"Su Tu, get the medicinal herbs according to the prescription I told you yesterday. Mix them with herbal plaster, warm it up, and deliver it to me," Guo Huai instructed smilingly. Su Tu ran towards the medicine storage room, and hastily retrieved the herbs as he recalled the prescriptions told him yesterday. After a short time, the medicinal herbs were grinded into powder, and soon after that the herbal plaster was ready.

"Pa!" Guo Huai\'s hand went under Zhang Dacheng\'s shirt and pasted the herbal plaster on him. "Owner Guo, that\'s all?" Zhang Dacheng asked softly.

"There\'s a bar over there. Go and exercise with it. No need to worry about your shoulder. If it still hurts, I will refund ten times the amount you paid," Guo Huai said smilingly.

Zhang Dacheng unconvincingly swung his arm, and noticed that it really doesn\'t hurt anymore. But still he dared not to get himself on the bar, because he was all too familiar with his ailment of his arm.

"Boldly pull yourself up. Certain people are waiting to see if Clinic of No Treatment is a joke. They will be disappointed if you don\'t get up there," Guo Huai said as he squinted his eyes. There\'s a few from Western medicine association that knew Zhang Dacheng and was aware of the situation of his frozen shoulder. They were ready to see the painful expression on his face.

Zhang Dacheng clenched his teeth, directly grabbed the bar, and bravely pulled. To his surprise, he actually pulled himself up, and his shoulder doesn\'t hurt anymore. This frozen shoulder of his that had tormented him for the last couple years really was cured. In a grateful face, he looked at Guo Huai and said, "Owner Guo, later I will send you some money, which won\'t be a lot. As today is the first day of business, I will give you ten thousand yuan."

"Brother Zhang, please, I\'m going to take offense if you say things like that. Doctors should have the heart of parents. Since I have already collected the money for your treatment, I will not take a penny more for it. Just now when I massage you I found out that there\'s also some problems with your knee. After the herbal plaster has been applied on your shoulder for three days, take it off and apply it on your knee for three days. The illness on your knee will then recover. Haha," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Owner Guo, I have been suffering from migraine for some time. Would you help me?" an elderly man said as he walked out from the crowd.

Guo Huai didn\'t say anything but placed his fingers on the wrist of the old man. After about ten seconds, Guo Huai nodded gently, and said, "Old Man, please pay 300 yuan over there. Xiao Mo, later you write him a prescription. Make three sets of medicines. Old Man, I must warn you that the prescription is suitable for you alone, so you must not share it with others. Otherwise if someone died, it\'s not on me."

"Young friend, are you sure you\'ll only charge 300 yuan?" the elderly man asked smilingly. "Even though I\'m not as rich as Old Man Jia, but I can still take out four or five million yuan."

"The prescriptions are just some simple chinese medicinal herbs, nothing costly. After taking the three medicines, and you didn\'t get well, use the money you saved to wreck my shop, haha," Guo Huai said smilingly. The old man then followed He Mo to collect his medicine. Perhaps this youngster could really cure the migraine of his.

"That\'s three. Seven spots left. Elder Xie of Sevenhurt Fist, how about the old man you brought here? Sigh, it seems that I gotta wake up Old Man Xiao," Guo Huai said smilingly. He extended his hand into the barrel and lifted Xiao Feiyang out from the barrel. To proceed, he rapidly removed all the silver needles on Xiao Feiyang\'s body. After a short moment, Xiao Feiyang opened his eyes.

"Senior, you\'ve woke up. How do you feel?" Xiao Yuntian hurriedly asked.

"Young Friend, I can\'t express enough of my gratitude towards you with mere words. If there\'s anything that you could use Xiao Feiyang for, please just tell me. I am eighty four this year. I don\'t know how many more years I could still live. But for the time I have left, if Young Friend need my help, I will be there for you," Xiao Feiyng said solemnly. That poison which tormented him for thirty years really vanished from his heart meridian. Although it still exist in other meridians, he believes that the young man in front of him could help him completely recover.

"Haha, Old Man Xiao, you must be joking. Eight-stage Collapse already paid the treatment fees of 20 million yuan, and so Guo Huai will naturally help to cure Old Man Xiao. Go inside and rest for a while, then in the afternoon let\'s drink some wine. I believe Old Man Xiao haven\'t had alcohols for quite a while, right?" Guo Huai said smilingly. After Guo Huai mentioned about alcohols, Xiao Feiyang seem to recalled about something. He again realize the harm of the poison on him, as he had not drank any alcohol for almost 20 years.