Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 140

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"Youngster, I will not engage in a debate with you. If you can really cure the poison on Old Man Xiao, In the future, whenever out Western medicine met your Clinic of No Treatment, we will move away from your path and let you walk first. In addition to performing salutation to you as our master," Dong Kun said lightly.

"Since so many people are present here, then everyone here shall be witnesses. I will show you all how my Clinic of No Treatment uses Chinese medicine to treat Old Man Xiao," Guo Huai said loudly after standing up. "Yaoshi, later I will prescribe a medicine. You will get the herbs in accordance to that prescription. Xiaoqian, Jiadi, there\'s a wooden barrel in the backyard. Carry it to the courtyard, and then ask Uncle Zhou to boil some hot water. Others, follow me. Today I will teach you what is clearing meridians with silver needles." As he spoke, a box appeared in Guo Huai\'s hand. After opening the box, all kinds of silver needles could be seen.

"Old Man Xiao, the poison on your body can\'t be purged all at once. This time I will only discharge the poison in your heart meridian. In the future when it rains, your pain won\'t hurt that much," Guo Huai said with a smile.

Xiao Feiyang had a cheerful look. This Guo Huai was really like what his junior described. Extremely probable that he was a doctor from a secret sect. It never ever crossed his mind that there in fact was someone who could treat him.

"Little Friend, if there\'s anything you need us to help, don\'t hesitate to tell us," the four vice-presidents of Chinese medicine association stood up and said.

"Four honorable seniors, today is the opening of Clinic of No Treatment, so no need to trouble you. But please keep an eye on the surrounding people, and make sure no one could sabotage," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Old Man Xiao, please remove your upper garments."

Xiao Feiyang didn\'t care how many people were there. There\'s no situation that he had never seen. He directly let his inner qi leak, and the cloth on his upper body instantly fragmented into pieces.

"Old Man Xiao is really an expert. Unexpectedly, even though your heart meridians were corroded by the poison, you could still maintain the peak strength of Innate late-stage. I\'m very impressed," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Next, I\'m going to use my needles. I need Old Man Xiao to cooperate with me a hundred percent. Otherwise, don\'t talk about detoxifying, it might possibly cause the poison to attack your heart, by then Old Man Xiao\'s life will stay in my Clinic of No Treatment, and my clinic\'s opening is done for."

"Don\'t worry my little friend, go ahead with your needles, I will fully cooperate with you," Xiao Feiyang said softly.

Guo Huai looked around and saw that everyone was silent. The grandpa and grandpa the house of Guo nodded at Guo Huai. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he pricked eighty one needles on Old Man Xiao\'s body with his quick hands. No one on the scene could clearly see what happened. Before they realize, the silver needles were all pricked on Xiao Feiyang\'s body.

"So it turns out that he held back somewhat when he applied needles on Old Man Qin that day. This is good for Chinese medicine!" Lin Changtian said excitedly. Perhaps among all those that were present, only he alone that could make out a thing or two of what Guo Huai just did. Actually, the eighty one needles just then had sealed every meridians other than the heart meridian on Xiao Feiyang\'s body. That made the poison in Xiao Feiyang\'s body to be unable to gather at the heart meridian.

"Old Man Xiao, how are you feeling?" Guo Huai asked smilingly.

"My meridians had been sealed. Now I\'m not some Innate expert, but some ruined old man waiting to die, haha," Xiao Feiyang said smilingly. His meridians had been sealed. Although he couldn\'t use the inner strength in his body, the poison in his body couldn\'t move around either. That made him feel extremely comfortable. At the very least, it was the most comfortable moment he had in thirty years.

"Old Man Xiao, it\'s going to be excruciating later. But if you can\'t endure it, just tell me and I will make you pass out. But if you can fight it till the end, China will have another Enlightenment stage expert. Haha, what choice would you make, it\'s all up to you now." After Guo Huai finished, a half-a-meter long needle appeared on his hand. While everyone was looking with a startled expression, he pierced it into Xiao Feiyang\'s body from his left arm.

"AH, AHH!" Xiao Feiyang\'s face suddenly turned into dark reddish purple in color, and blue veins could be seen throughout his body. The eighty one needles on his body actually began to tremble, so much so that traces of sounds could be heard coming from them.

"Old Man Xiao, feeling pretty good right? Isn\'t it more exciting that having the poison in your body?" Guo Huai said smilingly. Everyone looked at him like he was a pervert. In spite of Xiao Feiyang almost passing out, Guo Huai could still smile.

"Little Friend, the pupils of my senior was somewhat dilated. There isn\'t any problem, right?" Xiao Yuntian asked softly.

"Of course there\'s a problem. His pupils are dilated, so how could there be no problem?" Guo Huai said smilingly. "But all these are Old Man Xiao\'s own choices. If he want to breakthrough Innate stage, he must be prepared to die for it."

"Feiyang, nothing bad must happen to you! If you met with a mishap, I will have no face to return to the sect," Xiao Yuntian muttered.

"Honorable Master Xiao, please don\'t say so. Today is the opening of my clinic, what mishap will there be? Since you are worried, I will let Old Man Xiao wake up." As he spoke, another two long needles appeared on Guo Huai\'s hand, and he straightforwardly pricked them on Xiao Feiyang\'s head. Afterwards, Xiao Feiyang abruptly opened his eyes, and chi leaked all over his body. The few who sat on the front row clearly felt a burst of powerful pressure, with Jia Guyun even almost fell on the ground.

"I don\'t want to save one but harm a crowd. Grandpas, if anyone couldn\'t stand it, please step backwards," Gh said smilingly. After he waved his hand, the powerful pressure pressing on Jia Guyun\'s body instantly vanished.

"So it turns out that not only is Little Friend exceptional in art of healing, but also a cultivator in a stage distantly above us," Martial Medic Wu Shushan said as he shook his head. He himself had painstakingly cultivated for tens or so years, but in spite of that he can\'t compare with this small child.

"Jiadi, is the water outside ready?" Guo Huai asked loudly.

"It\'s ready!" Although Chen Jiadi had only followed Guo Huai around for two days, he had realize the powerfulness of Chinese medicine. Since Guo Huai asked him to prepare hot water, if the water isn\'t prepared, it could well affect the whole medical treatment process.

"Yaoshi, put those Chinese medicinal herbs into the barrel," Guo Huai instructed loudly. "Jade, go and cut me one or two pieces Tai Sui." As he spoke, Guo Huai raised Xiao Feiyang covered with needles and immediately threw him into the barrel.

The originally steaming barrel filled with water, within the split second Xiao Feiyang was tossed in, not a bit of heat was present. Chen Jiadi who was standing beside the barrel couldn\'t help me shuddered. When he looked at Xiao Feiyang who was in the barrel, he actually felt that the old man was frozen.

"Brother Huai, Tai Sui." The plate on Jade\'s hand which she delivered to Guo Huai contained a piece of flesh-like object.

"Old Man Xiao, this is the last step. Innate late-stage or Enlightenment stage, all up to you now. If you could breakthrough it, the poison left in your body can be removed just by taking medicine, and you can solve it yourself," Guo Huai said and tossed the Tai Sui in his hand into the wooden barrel. In turn, the water in the barrel that was without a bit of heat suddenly boiled again.

"Ah, AH, AHH!! This is so painful! I can\'t take it!" Xiao Feiyang roared. "Young Friend, save me, save me!" Right before Xiao Feiyang was about to lose his consciousness, Guo Huai pricked some silver needles on his body, and he passed out right away.

"Sigh, it seems that it\'s really not so easy to breakthrough the Innate stage," Guo Huai said as he shook his head.