Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 139

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TL: Hedonist

In the following hour, the Clinic of No Treatment really got bustling with noise and excitement. The after the three grandpas of the house of Li, house of Jia, and house of Wang arrived there, the Wucheng officialdom, Wucheng business community, and Wucheng military circles seemed to have heard rumours. Crowds of people, with or without relations to the Guo family, all gathered at the Clinic of No Treatment. Those from the Western medicine association, wanting to make troubles, to be taken aback. They did not expect that this Clinic of No Treatment had such powerful backers.

"If this Clinic of No Treatment doesn\'t have real skills, no matter who came here, they cannot extend their arms to bother with matters in our medical world," Dong Kun said softly.

"Owner, a few students came here, and they claimed to be your classmates," Chen Jiadi said smilingly after he ran into the clinic. The battle array of Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening ceremony made the eighteen students in the Clinic of No Treatment to be dumbfounded of the owner who is younger than themselves.

"Haha, I didn\'t expect that they will come here. Da Zhu, go say hello to them," Guo Huai instructed smilingly and Da Zhu ran outside.

"Could it be that this Guo Huai really is the owner of this clinic? I have no idea who is the chief of doctors, but to be so valued by Chinese medical school and all society groups, he certainly isn\'t someone ordinary," Bai Musheng said softly.

"Little Bai, this chief of doctors of this clinic is Guo Huai. You will see very soon that this Guo Huai is nothing simple. You two are both on Xinglin Street, so I hope that you two will have more interactions and communications, and make Chinese medicine great again," Lin Changtian said softly. This time Bai Musheng was completely shocked. The chief of doctors, to his surprise, was also that youngster. It seems that he will be taking a good look. There better be some patients for today\'s opening, otherwise this opening ceremony will be a big joke.

"Guo Huai my Little Friend, the people are almost all here. You said that you will treat ten people for the clinic\'s opening. We have been waiting in line you know," said Xiao Yuntian, the sect master of Eight-stage Collapse. He brought over that elderly man, also his senior. He had been secretly poisoned thirty years ago when he was exchanging martial arts at R country. The poison constantly plagued him for all thirty years. He was hoping that Guo Huai could cure him.

"May I know who is the person from Eight-stage Collapse that required medical treatment? We Western medicine association wish to assess the patient before the Clinic of No Treatment treats the person," Dong Kun said smilingly. He knew that this was the most important part of the show. You guys came here with great fanfare, most likely just to cheer on Clinic of No Treatment. Meh, all you\'re gonna do is get someone with slight aliment for them to treat, as to promote them.

"You are Dong Kun, the vice-president of Western medical association. I\'ve met you the last time I went to the association. I believe that my illness cannot to be treated by you. Back then, even Liu Xiongfeng couldn\'t do a damn thing, so you won\'t be able to do shit after your assessment." An elderly man sitting beside Xiao Yuntian slowly stood up. An enormous mighty pressure suddenly enveloped the whole room, and made Dong Kun somewhat hard to breath. At that moment, he realize that he indeed had met with that old man.

"Xiao Feiyang of Eight-stage Collapse, no wonder you seem familiar. So you are martial arts master, Old Man Xiao," Li Doutian said smilingly. "Back in those years, Old Man Xiao beat up seven martial arts experts of R country, and spread the mighty name of China. I still remember those years."

"Brother Li must be joking. I did recognize Brother Li just then. We shall have a good chat later after the opening ceremony," Xiao Feiyang said smilingly.

"Turns out to be senior in Eight-stage Collapse. There\'s no harm in letting those people from Western medical association to assess you. We all know what they meant. Our Chinese medicine is no fraud. Senior, you are not a fraud either. Let\'s make them accept their defeat wholeheartedly," Guo Huai said loudly before the crowd.

"Alright. I\'ll do it since I have an ignorant grandson. I believe many people in Wucheng are blind. Haha," Xiao Feiyang said smilingly. "Dong Kun, since you want to examine this old man again, then go ahead."

Dong Kun clenched his teeth. Very well then. I want to see for myself what\'s so ill about him that our Western medicine association can\'t cure.

The Western medicine association came here with preparations. They brought a complete set of instruments. After around fifteen minutes, the faces of Dong Kun and the group of people from the association all changed completely.

"Old Man Xiao, your body, your body……." Dong Kun didn\'t know what to say. He never imagined that with injuries so severe, he could actually still stand before him, instead of having tubes all over his body as he waits for his ensured death.

"Around half of the meridians in my body were all ruptured. The poison had entered the heart artery. If not for me using my inner strength to protect my heart artery, perhaps I\'d had died long ago," Xiao Feiyang said smilingly. "With your western medicine, this is incurable."

"Old Man Xiao, we really cannot treat this illness of yours," Dong Kun said softly. This really is untreatable. There\'s no medicine that can fix such large necrosis in his meridians.

"Now it\'s Guo Huai\'s turn to examine me," Xiao Feiyang said smilingly. After all these years of being poisoned, he doesn\'t carry much hope. Everytime when it rains, he will be in so much pain that he wish he is dead. But some days before, he found out that his junior, Xiao Yuntian\'s unmentionable disease was cured. That caused him a great shock, and restored some hopes for himself. Even if it wasn\'t completely cured, but his pain could be lessened and extends his life for a few more years, he\'d be satisfied.

Guo Huai stepped forwards and extended his right hand. Three fingers landed on Xiao Feiyang\'s wrist, and his face turned grave. He did not expect that this old man before him, with his meridians damaged to this degree, could endure such tortures for so long. This guy is really tough.

"Little Friend, what do you think? No need to force it, I know the state of my body, and I don\'t carry much hope anyway," Xiao Feiyang said softly after he saw Guo Huai\'s expression turned graver and graver.

"The poison have entered your bone marrow. Every organ in your body have been corroded by the poison. Like a wood that is soaked in alcohol, the wood itself is thoroughly filled with alcohol. With just ordinary medicine, there\'s no way to force those poison out," Guo Huai replied softly. "Honorable Old Man Xiao, I have nothing but admiration for you that you could endure the pain all these years."

"What for do you talk so much? Just tell us if you have a way to treat him. Little Guo the owner really have his stakes high! He actually let Old Man Xiao of Eight-stage Collapse to appear personally. Haha. Chinese medicine is really powerful," Dong Kun said loudly.

"Dong Kun issit? Chinese medicine is really powerful. That illness of Old Man Xiao, I can cure it. So what did you get so excited for?" Guo Huai replied smilingly while looking at Dong Kun and his seven member gang with squinted eyes.

"If you can remove the poison on Old Man Xiao\'s body, I will accept you as my master, and study Chinese medicine from you from now on," Dong Kun said loudly. He couldn\'t believe that a sixteen or seventeen year old youngster could cure Xiao Feiyang of his poison. That poison have entered his bone marrows. So don\'t tell me you can wash his bone marrows?

"No need for that, I have my principles on taking apprentices. Look at her, this girl is my disciple. No matter from what angle she\'d look pleasing to the eye, unlike you," Guo Huai said smilingly as he pointed at He Mo.