Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 138

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"Brother Huai, teacher is here," Murong Weiwei said softly to Guo Huai after entering the clinic. Guo Huai faintly smiled at the corner of his mouth, held Murong Weiwei\'s hand and went to the entrance to welcome Master Yu Feng.

"Sorry that this old man came to the opening ceremony of Little Friend\'s clinic without invitation," Master Yu Feng said after exiting from a car. Followed beside him was a middle aged man, square face and have an impressive appearance. Guo Huai did not know him but Murong Weiwei does. It was her senior, Gu Aobei.

"Master Yu Feng, you are welcomed. Please come inside," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Weiwei, Master prefers a quiet place. Bring Master to the back garden. I reckon that today will be a busy day. Master, please forgive me If you find that the reception is not up to your satisfaction."

"Don\'t worry, you may get on with your work. I came here today not to see the doctor, but to look at the calligraphy. \'不医馆\', Clinic of No Treatment, these three words were written by you, right? So you didn\'t give all-out when writing calligraphy at my house that day! Haha," Master Yu Feng said and walking inside while laughing.

"Master, this person here must be my junior?" Gu Aobei asked while looking at Murong Weiwei.

"Greetings, Senior Gu," Murong Weiwei said smilingly to Gu Aobei. "Can we not discuss about calligraphy for today? It\'s not easy to take part in Brother Huai\'s clinic opening ceremony. Let\'s not talk about calligraphy today."

"Haha, alright. Today we\'ll do as Weiwei says," Master Yu Feng said smilingly. "Aobei, go to the gifts room later and deliver the red envelope. Today, we shall experience the profoundness and deepness of Chinese medicine. I also know that Weiwei\'s little boyfriend has some medical expertise. Haha."

Master Yu Feng\'s words made Murong Weiwei blushed deep red, but her heart was filled with sweetness.

"I, Shi Yaomian, came here without being invited, I hope Young Friend will not take offense." When Guo Huai just walked to the entrance, the boss of the store which he purchased a one hundred years old ginseng from, entered. "For Little Friend\'s business opening, Zhenzhong Pharmacy hereby give some ginseng and lingzhi as presents. These are just a little token to show my respects. I hope that Little Friend will accept these."

As he spoke, behind him, two men carried a medicinal box and placed it before Guo Huai. Guo Huai gently inhaled, and thought, This Shi Yaomian is really generous. Three shoots of hundred years old ginseng, and three of hundred years old lingzhi. It seems that the medicinal pellet I gave you at that time really had a great effect.

"Thank you, Mr. Shi. I will accept your gifts. Please come inside. I still have a few medicinal pellets. Perhaps later, I will give some to Mr. Shi. I hope by that time Mr. Shi will not decline," Guo Huai said smilingly. Shi Yaomian\'s heart was bursting with joy. Decline? One must had their brain kicked by a donkey to decline that.

"Then I shall thank Little Friend in advance," Shi Yaomian said with a smile. After that, he gave a call to the master of the Shi clan. On the phone, the master of the Shi family clan emotionally yelled, "We must make friends with this Young Friend. Whatever he needs, and as long that our pharmacy have it, provide it all to him free of charge."

Li Xunyu, Ren Xuance and a few others arrived at the entrance of Clinic of No Treatment by car. "Guo Huai, how come you didn\'t even give me a call about such big business? Not a word about the opening of this clinic! Could it be that you planned on not getting in touch with me after leaving the subhigh?" Li Xunyu said loudly.

"Honorable Grandpa, it\'s not like that. I\'m only opening a clinic, nothing very special, therefore I did not want to disturb Grandpa. Please come in, please come in. Grandpa Ren too, please come inside," Guo Huai said smilingly. Li Xunyu, Ren Xuance, and the few others handed over red envelopes to Jia Yuan, which he happily accepted. For the opening of this clinic belonging to his Fourth Brother, he really did received quite a lot of red envelopes.

"Brother Huai, Gong Xi Fa Cai." Murong Fei and Murong Long walked over from across the Xinglin Street, and delivered a big red envelope. Guo Huai accepted it with a smile and then tossed it to Jia Yuan.

"Little Fei, brother-in-law, please come inside," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Your father in law is behind us, so we mustn\'t go inside before him," Murong Long replied smilingly. Murong Weiwei seemed to have received Murong Gu\'s phone call and came to the courtyard to meet them. A smile appeared on her face when she saw Murong Fei and Murong Long.

"Fourth Brother, quickly come out. My grandpa is here," Li Yao said loudly to Guo Huai as he ran outside the building.

"You told you grandpa about this?" Guo Huai blanked for a while before asking softly.

"No I didn\'t. Perhaps your clinic\'s opening is quite a big fucking deal, and so he somehow came here," Li Yao said smilingly. "Let\'s go and welcome him."

Guo Huai nodded with a smile. It seems that the opening of Clinic of No Treatment being in the limelight was something unavoidable now.

"Big Brother, Fourth Brother, where are you going? My grandpa is here, let\'s go greet him," Wang Sheng said loudly as he walked from the inside. That\'s right, Wang Yongjin came here as well.

"What?? Grandpa, why didn\'t you inform me earlier? Where are you now?" Jia Yuan said loudly to his phone. "Fine fine, alright, I\'ll get there immediately." After Jia Yuan hung up his phone, he ran to Guo Huai and said, "Where you guys going? Tell you something, I don\'t know\'s wrong with his brain, but that old antique from my house arrived at Xinglin Street. I\'m going to welcome him." Before Jia Yuan even finished his words, a dozen or more bodyguards surrounding three old men could be seen walking towards the Clinic of No Treatment.

"Fourth Brother, quite a reputation you have eh? All three grandpas are here," Jia Yuan said softly.

"I didn\'t contact them, but perhaps my grandpa did," Guo Huai replied smilingly. "Quick, welcome them into the clinic."

"Scoundrel, after all these years, you finally did something that could be considered a proper business. But brat, let me tell you something. If you have no skills, get out of here right away. If a medical accident happens, we old men won\'t be clearing up your mess," Li Doutian said loudly.

"Grandpa Li, why would you say so. It\'s the opening of my clinic, I will be unhappy if you say such words. Red envelope, give me your red envelope first. Otherwise there will be no meal for you in the afternoon," Guo Huai said smilingly. He doesn\'t feel terrified of the old men before him like his Second Brother does. They can jest all they want.

"Old Man Jia, you said that you will be preparing the red envelopes for us. Don\'t screw up at such crucial moment," Wang Yongjin said loudly.

"I have not become senile. Look carefully, red envelopes, I\'m holding them." As he spoke, three thick red envelopes were delivered to Guo Huai. "Brat, we will be having our meal at your place. That fine wine of yours, it better be served."

"Haha, three grandpas please come inside. My grandpa is at the second floor. Please sit down for a moment. I will guarantee that you could drink all you want," Gh replied smilingly.

"Dafuq, there\'s only so little cash in the red envelopes and you want to cadge a meal," Jia Yuan muttered softly after he opened the red envelopes and took a look. Unexpectedly, Jia Guyun heard that, and the three old men actually beat up the Innate stage Jia Yuan. That caused a few person to had a belly laugh.

"Father-in-law, you look rather good recently. Big brother-in-law didn\'t comprehend much of the old Tai Chi scriptures, but unexpectedly you did comprehend quite a lot of it. Haha," Guo Huai said smilingly to Murong Gu who was entering the courtyard.

"Youngster, be careful today. There are some who want to make troubles for you. I hope you can resolve them yourself," Murong Gu said smilingly and tossed a red envelope to Guo Huai.

"Father-in-law, please come inside. I can handle whatever that happens today. Wait and see. Go to the second floor. Master Yu Feng, Weiwei, and my grandpa are all at the second floor." Guo Huai replied smilingly.